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The site is indeed magnificent. It not only delights the reader with its wonderful many information, but illustrates messages with pictures, maps and an easy storytelling-like writing. I heartfully thank mister Mir Mohammad ali Talpur, who kindly bestowed me the address to this webpage. May all the several Talpur-family branches rejoice in a healthy and all-benign union.

Happy New Year everyone. Best wishes from far-off Brazil. :-)

Post by : Haggen Kennedy on [ 2003-01-19 17:05:14 ]

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Respected Haggen Kennedy,
Sincere Thanks
for your very kind words.It really pleases us to see our Website appreciated by friends from other countries and your being a Brazilian who studies in Athens makes it even better.
This Website is Unique in the sense that though it is about History of a part of Sub-Continent,it has been made by our Wonderful friend Allysha and is seen and appreciated by people world over.This is the beginning of a new internationalism.
May you,your family and country prosper.
With Very Best Wishes.
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Tue Jan 20 17:18:43 ]

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