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best wishes

hi ,
i am mir ghulam abbas talpur from mehrabpur .
having best wishes for this great website .
thankx .

Post by : mir ghulam abbas talpur on [ 2003-12-23 10:10:59 ]

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Respected Mir Ghulam Abbas Sahib,
thanks for your Best Wishes.This Website is for all Talpurs and does need contribution of all
the Talpurs in matters related to historical Documents and Artefacts.Scans of important material would be very Welcome.We hope all
our Talpur Brothers will help in this Regard.All material sent will be duly acknowledged.
Best Wishes for all our Respected Talpur
Families residing in Mehrabpur.
With Best Regards
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Mon Dec 29 16:35:41 ]

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