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Impressed and happy

Dear Talpur family members,

I am associated with a technology organization, that is working with government of Sindh on some IT projects. I was researching the heritage, industries, academics, arts, recreation and other aspects of the Sindh province. And I must say I am quite delighted to see your website. It is extremely informative, well-organized, the artwork is well done and the content is written quite nicely.

I was quite frankly not aware that there were families like yours in Sindh, who have done a great job like this to bring culture together with modern-day technology for the world to see and learn about your family and Sindh.

We will be sure to mention you and this website in our works. :-)

Usamah Siddiqi
Chief Architect

Post by : Muhammad Usamah Siddiqi on [ 2003-11-24 07:37:49 ]

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Respected Siddiqi Sahib
We are thankfull for your kind words and your recognition.We hope to keep this site updated and We are aware that there is still a lot to be done..I thank you on behalf of my family.Keep Visiting and Do spread the WORD around Thanx a million.

Reply by : Sulaiman Talpuir on [ Sun Nov 24 16:44:03 ]

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