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Eid/Umrah Mubarak

Our heartiest greetings to Giddu Mama for Umrah,and eid mubarak to all our cyber guests,
the continious updating of "THE WEBSIUM" is remarkable apart from the extreame responsibilities and busy life of Mir Muhammad Ali.
The Chitori Section of the Manakani(Talpur)´s and ShahAbdul Latif Bhittai is a wonderful addition to this esteemed site ,we pray for Maama that "May Allah Bless him with evrything best in life (esp health) and for the smile he is always carrying on his face .(Aameen)

Post by : Talpur Schehzor on [ 2003-11-26 01:47:36 ]

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Very Respected and Dearest Schehzor,
Thank You for your kind felicitations.It is an Honour to be of any Service to Honourable
Talpur Family of Past and Present.
"The Webseum" is Labour of Love and there has been immense Help from many quarters.TheEncouragement and Kind Sentiments like those of yours have provided the needed motivation.
Special thanks are for our Very Respected Allysha,without her help this Website would not have seen the light of day.
Mir Sulaiman Kako too has contributed without
reservation and his efforts need to be acknowledged.
I thank You for Your Very Kind Words regarding me.I hope I am as Nice as your
kind Sentiments make me appear .
With Love and Best Regards.
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Sat Nov 29 18:04:43 ]

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