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Profound respects and thanks to our ustad.

Dear Ustad thanks to create such marvelous and fact full site for our great Baloch community of Sindh we have no words to express our self, although we all know about the greatness of our Talpur brothers but this site gives us in-depth knowledge about the past and present situation and hopes for future not only about Baloch in Sindh but Baloch all over the world, because we believe that if one brother is wise and strong ultimately he will help his other brothers to come up with their problems.
As it is pure fact that among all Baloch in world only our Talpur brothers are most educated one.
we wish you success in this noble path of research still there is lots of work ahead as we know you are not the one to stop in middle of the running rivers of course you will cross them all.
Your history page is in Baloch unities history page also for broader view.
Sincerely yours
Baloch Unity.

Post by : Baloch unity on [ 2003-11-16 14:00:38 ]

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Respected Friends of Baloch Unity,
Thanks for your kind sentiments.The Balochs are indivisible,the clans are there just for identification and recognition.The Struggle and
Purpose of Balochs remains the same regardless of the region or residence or clan.
You are doing a great service yourself by maintaining a Wonderful Website at it is a commenedable
effort and we all wish you success.
With Very Best Wishes and Regards
Mir Mohammad Ali

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Sat Nov 29 17:27:11 ]

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