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hi mr mir muhamad ali!

hi, nice to know that ur family was a big family in pakistan. at least ur not lied to me about this.ok, so until now ur not remember me?we´ve been chat at MiRC !!
i´m so impress with all of what u´ve said!!
ok, nice to know u.......
happy iedul fitri!! wassalamualaikum

Post by : anggi fajar ayu on [ 2003-11-10 00:59:10 ]

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Respected Anggi Fajar Ayu,
Sincere thanks for finding time to visit our website and leaving a message here.
I do remember chatting with you and asking you to see our website.It never helps to decieve people.Being honest pays in the long run though lies may seem attractive for their very shallow and temporary benefits.
I thank you once again.
With Best Wishes
Mir Mohammad Ali

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Mon Nov 10 04:20:42 ]

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