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just wanna let you know that youve done a very good job..i envy you for coming up w/such ideas...keep up the good work..its sooo cool!!its so interesting that you can still remember their history and the old documents and stuff like that are still intact!

Post by : sare mae espino on [ 2003-10-17 05:25:18 ]

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Respected Sare Mae Espino,
Sincere thanks
for your very kind words.
We are extremely lucky to have had illustrious
forefathers who were not only the part of the History and involved in making it but also were diligent enough to preserve it.The old letters and manuscripts were saved by them and handed over to us.We owe them a lot .
This Website is labour of love from all those involved in its making and its devopment.The Talpur Family is indebted to Allysha who has
made this Website so Wonderfully.
Please keep visiting it as it is regularly updated and show it to your respected family and friends.
Sincere Thanks
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Fri Oct 17 05:28:00 ]

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