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respected organizers ,
h r u, i hope allsz well with u...i m so happy to see this site,.........being a baloch i m proud of u my brothers, other tribes are balochistan u have also a rich culture,tradition and history....
i visit ur site,i saw so many informations...........but i request to u,we want so many other informations,in,dresses,weapons,paintngs,sculptures,portraits,anteeqs,and scenes of fort.
thanking u.
jamil baloch

Post by : jamil baloch on [ 2003-09-21 14:09:37 ]

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Respected Friend
Thank you for your very appreciative and kind words.Keep visiting this site as this is one of ways to keep our heritage and Services preserved in a Time Capsule in the shape of WEBSITE. We are most gratefull to our dear friend Allysha For such beautifull design and Layout of this site.I thank you once again and Please Do spread the Word around.
Thank you

Reply by : Mir Sulaiman Talpur on [ Wed Sep 24 16:08:18 ]

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Reply by : greece on [ Thu Sep 25 12:53:55 ]

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