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I´m glad that I have found a new best friend in Pakistan

My name is Gabriel Paun and I´m from Romania, and I´m very impressed whit what I have found in this site, and in general about your tribe, and your history.
I haven´t had time to visit it all(the site), but in the next days I´ll finish visiting the site.
I´m very interested about the culture of your country, about your history and in general about your life, and I hope to find more informations about this in the next days.


Post by : Gabi on [ 2003-09-14 09:00:28 ]

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Respected Gabriel,
Sincere thanks for your very kind words.It is most satisfying to recieve messages from people of different regions.The
purpose of this Website has been to promote understanding between different cultures by presenting the different aspects of of our life here.
I am honoured to be called your friend,I too look at you as a respected friend.
Please do keep visiting the Website.Our Respected friend Allysha,to whom this Website owes a lot,will be updating it regularly.
With Best Wishes
Mir Mohammad Ali

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali on [ Mon Sep 15 03:12:29 ]

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