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Wish U people good luck

It was realy nice to see such a nice site ........realy u poeple are doing wonderful...
Please be innovative, make new changes in your site keep stander it is now.........

Post by : Kaleem Khushk on [ 2003-08-09 22:12:51 ]

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Respected Kaleem Khushk Sahib,
Sincere thanks your kind appreciation and friendly advise.We will try our
very best to maintain the high standard that you mention.
We have been very fortunate to have a wonderful person,very talented too,as a friend
and Designer of this Website.We can expect the standard to rise rather than fall.
Please do keep visiting the Site and kindly introduce it to friends.
Thanking you
Mir Mohammad Ali

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Sun Aug 10 04:29:03 ]

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Salamz.....sorry Mir Sahib,I know i am bit late to reply .....necver the less...u people are doing fantastic job.........what are u r new plans about future ,,,,
Be happpy

Reply by : Kaleem Khushk on [ 04 September 2004 12:47:04 ]

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