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Dear Respected

Mir Sahib
IT is really wonderful to watch and see the historical site the golden era of TALPUR FAMILY" we must be grateful for ur hard work and ur interest in collecting the important historical picture,s ,I will see personally if i can help by sending u some good pictures from our Tando Mohd Khan Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur picture ,s collection. Once again thank u for providing us valuable knowledge.... MIR MASHOOQ ALI TALPUR TANDO .MOHD.KHAN

Post by : MIR SAHIB on [ 2003-07-27 07:10:34 ]

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Respected Mir Mashooq Sahib
Many thanx for your kind and encouraging words.We look forward to contributions from our dear bretheren,yours will be wellcomed with open heart and arms.Keep watching as there will be many new and exciting Updates and Additions to this site.Hope to hear from you soon. Sulaiman Talpur

Reply by : Mir Suleman Talpur on [ Tue Jul 29 14:21:23 ]

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I saw ure site.... its cool....
i ´ve neva saw such nice site... specially about Mirs...
Nice work... truly nice work....Kee it up..

on this.... which was new for me....
QAISAR is Talur.......Yo...that was new man.....
Over all... nice goin son....
Be cool n chill out....

Reply by : King Neon on [ Wed Dec 3 03:14:44 ]

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