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helow ..

1 more msg from me !! just to tell u that the site iz gr88!!!!

Post by : Naila Talpur on [ 2003-07-08 11:46:45 ]

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Respected Naila Talpur,
Once again I thank you for your very kind words about our humble efforts.Appreciation makes the efforts worthwhile.
Thanks also for visiting the Website so often and taking the trouble to leave a message too.
Thank you.
With Very Best Wishes
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Wed Jul 9 05:57:28 ]

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I visit this website and i proude of you.You will safe the history of SINDH.

Reply by : javaid hussain banbhan on [ Sun Oct 12 09:39:02 ]

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you r great

Reply by : mir javed on [ Tue Oct 14 07:20:29 ]

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Really it is amazing cuz it is good job that some body make easy knowledge for new generation.
Congratulations to all.

Reply by : Ahsan Talpur on [ 03 May 2004 16:10:15 ]

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I Suppose i havet found the website address.
I m crazy to see your sponsor, your guidence would bring a million help.

thank you

Reply by : MIR KASHIF RAZA on [ 09 June 2004 05:40:32 ]

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Hay Naila Talpur i guess you are daughter of MIR GHULAM ALI TALPUR , arn´t you.
Convey my Salams to the faimly.

So long.

Reply by : Mir Kashif Raza on [ 09 June 2004 05:44:11 ]

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site is very nice and beaudifull,
i have msg for miss deeba can you tell me what is your email id i want to friendship with u don`t think about that friendship wrong way i just wan`t a good friendship with u if you like to friendship with me then replay me on this website ! regard Usmi

Reply by : Usmi on [ 16 September 2004 22:24:33 ]

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This is great web site .. but thr is some missed data from talpur of shahdadpur. thr is only one mir photo. wht the reason of that ..
My name is suhail talpur and my father name is Mir Muhammad Malook Talpur. I am from Shahdadpur
If you are intrested to load our photoes and want any help in this web site i m a web Engineer, thr is lot of technical mistake are thr.
if u want to contect me then Dial my cell # 03009379202.

Reply by : MIr Suhail Talpur on [ 17 September 2004 12:34:27 ]

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Reply by : Waseem on [ 03 December 2004 17:35:17 ]

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I am mir Bahadur Khan Talpur belong to Shahdadpur
And doing MCS from University of Sindh Jamshoro
i want to do some thing for our communite.. so i want to add some thing new in this site if administrator of this site is agree wid me then reply me at my email " [email protected] "
Mir Bahadur Khan Talpur
(Wasem Raja)

Reply by : Mir Bahadur Khan on [ 25 July 2005 07:41:26 ]

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