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Great Work...Keep It Up.

Well , i must appreaciate this effort of bringing info abt Royal Talpur family on this site... but this still need more info abt Talpur Family.
Imran Qureshi,

Post by : Imran Qureshi on [ 2003-06-28 09:48:30 ]

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Respected Imran Qureshi Sahib,Sincere thanks for your kind appreciation of our humble effort to put Talpur History in its proper perspective on the INTERNET for the people of the World to see.
The Website is still in process of being developed and may probably be in this state eternally as there will always be something to add to it.We thank our Respected Friend Alicia for all the painstaking work that she has done in desiging this Website and continues to do by regularly updating it.Without her help this Website would have not seen the light of day.
We appreciate all the valuable suggestions from the kind vistors of our Website,if you do have any please do let us know.Thank you.
We Hope that you will kindly keep visiting our Website and will also inform your friends about the Site.
With Very Best Wishes
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali on [ Tue Jul 1 04:59:57 ]

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