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Word of gratitude

It is indeed a matter of honor to see such a site which refelects our glorious history and the effort done by mir suleman is need to apprecaited
adeel pathan
daily the nation
[email protected]

Post by : Adeel Pathan on [ 2003-06-16 13:43:57 ]

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Respected Adeel Sahib
I appreciate your very kind and encouraging words for our effort.I thank you again for your time.This effort is and simply cannot be tributed to Anyone This has been and will always be a joint effort in which we all play our part.
Those who contributed to this site are Mir Mohammad Ali and our dear and respected friend Alicia without the efforts and trouble of these 2 persons this site would have been just like many site on the net.They have been Guiding Angles for this effort and are truly GodFather and GodMother of this site.
I would love to see if you as promised can do anything for the launching and telling people about this site.I will await your answer.

Reply by : Mir Sulaiman Talpur on [ Sat Jun 21 15:03:56 ]

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