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It is very nice to see website of talpurs, still it needs alot of work to do i think atlest history of Talpurs(CHOWYARI) should be available at the site. You have became limited to your family only, you can have alot of literature along with photographs available every where. I hope you can manage it easily.

Post by : Mir Irshad Hussain Talpur on [ 2003-04-17 19:40:45 ]

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Respected Mir Irshad Hussain Talpur Sahib,
The Website certainly needs a lot of work and we are trying to include all relevant and
authentic historic material.The intention never has been to restrict it to our family branch alone.
The photographs available are of poor quality.We post pictures which are of good quality.If you could help in this regard we would be thankful.
Please do keep visiting the Website and continue giving your valuable suggestions.
Thank you

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Sun Apr 20 02:55:24 ]

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i appriciates the message of mir irshad hussain talpur ,so i also request u to include the photos and liturature of other royal family related mir sahibs,and also please include the names and pictures of late mir moula bux talpur ,mir ghulam mustafa khan talpur,mir ghulam abbas khan talpur .
i will be grate ful to you

Reply by : mir mohsin raza talpur on [ Thu Dec 25 13:16:37 ]

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I humbly appriciate the suggestions of Mir Irshad Hussain Talpur and Mir Mohsin Raza Talpur, besides all of these we may also think of having our whole faimly directory online so that we may become aware to whom we are directed.

Thank you fellows

Reply by : MIR KASHIF RAZA TALPUR on [ 09 June 2004 06:18:09 ]

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