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We Hail the Just,Resolute and Brave Struggle of the Iraqi people against the Juggernaunt of US Imperialism and its Unholy Alliance.
All those who have dared to stand up against
the Biggest Bully of the Modern Era deserve our Thanks and Respect .They fight not for themselves alone but wage a struggle for all those who stand for Justice,Honour Equality.
We should strive to defeat the Imperialism and Injustice in any form it rears its head.We cannot give in to defeatism of any sort.
I Disagree Completely and Fully with the IDEAS and VIEWS expressed in the Reply number 7 to our Message condemning the Illegal,Unjust and Immoral war Imposed by the US &UK on the People of Iraq. These arguments or for that matter any argument cannot be accepted as a basis for surrendering our inalienable right to resist all forms of Injustice and Imperialism.
We Salute The Brave People of Iraq and are
With Them in Their Just Struggle against Imperialism.

Post by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 2003-03-26 09:14:36 ]

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LEND ME YOUR EARS, what one sows so shall he reap, this is a law of nature; have you forgotten the Iran and Iraq war which took continuously eight years and the graveyard of Bahesht-ezahra was filled with the graves with the teen agers . Both the countries were buying arms and ammunition from the usa ; they spent their energies and money .Could not they spend their money in opening the I,T university and educate their people and make their country powerful? Where was the so-called muslim umma at that time. Where was rhe muslim umma when you brought the catastrophe over east pakistan and did the massacre there?ANd you were waiting for the u .s challenger is approaching .And now you are only crying like women to condemn their action while they will do their job and would never stop without their attaining the objectives, it is because they know the muslims very well ; they know muslims are cowards. have malice with each others, are uneducated, are unorganized, undisciplined and are like parasites ,living upon the loan of I.M.F or the saudi alms and as far as saudis are conc erned they are selfish they have crafted the regime ´s rules some from quran and some from their tradition and think themselves as the wali-e-hermain sharifain. I n the whole world there are so many muslim countries but they are like mice and sometimes they gather in arab league meeting only to solve the problem ,who is going to bell the cat and as soon as the mouse comes they all hide themselves in the holes,What can you gain by agitation, stikes and all these tactics , nothing, so long as you do not educate your-self and bring the rule of kitabALLAH in the real sense of the term you cannot make a name in the comity of nations. You know very well what halaku did with Baghdad and also very well you know even mahsi sudani could not do any thing. Now after all this massacre in Iraq, and soon to come in Iran and syria and pakistan and in the end in saudi arabia the cream will come out and there will emerge a real muslim umma like quren-e-wusta and then all will be well.

Reply by : mona mir on [ Wed Mar 26 12:09:50 ]

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Respected Mona Mir Sahiba,I did nothing undemocratic.I specifically mentioned reply number 7 so that anyone who reads my reply will certainly see the message I am referring to.
If the Leaders of Iraq and Iran choose to fight a wasteful war and not build Universities that certainly doesn´t mean that the US aggression stands Justified.If the Saudi Rulers are Selfish and Rotten to the Core that doesn´t give anyone grounds for Supporting the US agression.If East Pakistan was lost due to the follies of the Elite here that doesn´t mean that all the People living in Pakistan be penalized by subjugation to USA or some other Colonial Power.
I was certainly not referring to the Muslim Ummah that you keep referring to.I talk about Humanity as a Whole.I am worried about the Fate of Humanity.
I would like to clarify another point too,I certainly do not Look Forward to The Muslim Ummah of Quroon-e-Wusta that you consider as the Cure of all Ills afflicting world.
I certainly never spent my time crying like either a man or a woman.I did what was within my means to fight against Injustices and Oppression.
If the Leaders of Muslim Nations are Cowardly
and Pusillanimous it doesn´t deduct an iota from the Courage being shown by the Iraqis resisting the US aggression.
I consider resisting US aggression and all forms of Injustices as a Moral Obligation for Myself.I consider it as a Debt of Humanity Towards me that Demands Redemption.
I would welcome comments on the above letters.

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Thu Mar 27 18:45:23 ]

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my very dear son,I do not mean you when I talk of ´you´ ,I mean the whole muslim nation of the world including my humble self; well I am happy to read thatyou have oppened a discussion for all and we must listen to others too, see what they say. there must be an introspection so that we may know where we are ,as a nation stand. Now coming to the matter, you say this is not humanitarian act of the allies to use these atrocities but was it an act of humanity to bomb the hiroshima and nagasaki ,was it an act of humanity to wage a war in vietnam and it was not the just act also to create the united nations. Because this is the same united nations they have torn tinto fragments and now each and every country is shouting its name but of no use. They only make a thing for carrying out their own means and ends and after achieving their goals it is of no use for them Did not ALLAH say in quran to the believers that they should not make friends to yahud-o-nasara. The quran has been telling you since fourteen years but who is going to listen, it is enwrapped in hundred cloths and is only being used for ´taveeze´. The morality, the humanity and all the virtues are only in the books of the philosophers of Greece and they have made us cowards, our biggest mistake is that we have made them friends while they can never be our friends the other thing is that we as muslims are not one.

Reply by : mona mir on [ Fri Mar 28 04:42:27 ]

Reply no: 4

Respected Mona Mir Sahiba,Thank you for your reply.
I do not think that what I wrote would in anyway imply that I thought that the dropping of the A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the Vietnam war or the Korean war was humanitarian or justified.Like this war they were aggression pure and simple.
As far as the UNO is concerned it is and always has been an instrument of the US.I have
not being supporting it nor do I intend to.
I cannot subscribe to a belief system or world
view that prejudges people on basis of colour,creed and caste or race, religion and region.Recently Rachel Corrie a 23 year old Peace Activist ,an American,was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer as she stood to save a Palestinian home from being demolished.She Deserves the Thanks of all Humanity for her noble act.I would find it impossible to not to do so just because she was a Christian.For me all Humans are equal.
Morality and all Human Virtues lie within us.It is from the within that the Greek Philosophers
discovered them.We do not have to go far to discover them.We can discover them only when we are humble and not too full of ourselves.

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Sat Mar 29 04:47:35 ]

Reply no: 5

Yes my dear I also feel the same sentiments as you have ansd as far as any humanatirian person is concerned he will also possess the same but my ideology is a little different as I read between the lines and I am dejected at the muslims on the whole because they do not understand the designs of these global powers.These wars,conflicts,acts of brutal terrorism, slaughter and acts of genocide that are going on in the world today are work of antichrist, the principle devilish power in the run-up to the last day. The main aim of that system is to turn people away from their religious belief, proper morality, spiritual depth, love and all human values and to turn them into uncompassionate and aggressive creatures that take pleasure in savagery and violence and thus turn the whole world into a battle ground. In order to maintain their influence and to exploit the cheap supply of much needed resources both super powers patronised regimes and leaders in these developing countries that abused and surpassed their own people in savage and unbelievable inhumane ways. These puppets´ regimes and tiny dictators batantly flaunted and violated iternational human rights under the protection and patronage of the two super powers. This was the pay-off for their influence and exploitation. The super powers remained untouched and unharmed by the localised tensions and hostelities they created around the world in their efforts to exert their domination, provided they did not directly get involved and instead maintained their position as agents provocateurs. Unwilling to confront each other directly out of a real and genuine fear of complete annihiliation of every one on the face of the earth; these two super powers played out their confrontations on the battle lines drawn up in the countries of the developing world.This was done by supporting and funding socialism in one country by the soviets and supporting and funding by the americans in the next. The result was famine, strife, dissention and war for all those countries caught on the front line of the global power game. The war in korea, angola,vietnam, yemen,salvador and afghanistan and now in Iraq are all examples of how the super powers struggle was played . In the terminologies developed to identify the ´good guys´ and the ´bad guy´ in the struggle to establish soviet socialism or american capitalism were the turms´rebels´ and ´freedom fighters´; whether one was a
or ´freedom fighter ´ depended very much of course on whose sides you were. For the americans if you were fghting the aggressive regime in salvador, south america, backed by america you were ,of course , a´communist rebel´ but if you wree fighting in afghanistan,in central asia, backed by rhe soviets you were ,of course, a ´freedom fighter.
Before the demise of the former soviet union, now russia, marxism socialism or communism was globally propagated, supported by the soviets. The dominance of world socialism acted against and as an alternative to global capitalism which was and still is globally supported and funded by the united states. These two opposing political views vied with each other for world domination Each believing that their political philosophy was the best for the global population. These two so called ´super powers´ effectively kept each other in check not just trying to counter the effects that each had on the rest of the world but by threatening each other with the proliferation of ´weapons of mass destruction´. By creating the ability to annihiliate each other and the rest of the world by use of their ´weapons of destruction´ the soviets and the americans locked the world into their power game. Sadam and osama are being of no use for them now, they should go back to the pavalion. There is some thing more and it is being haerd every now and then that thewar with the muslims is given a name of ´armageddon´, well this is another issue we will talk over it sometime in future.

Reply by : mona mir on [ Sat Mar 29 09:02:42 ]

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