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Patronize and Show you Care.

Respected Parveen Talpur has written a book about "Talpur Rule in Sindh" . It is also the title of the Book.As an obligation we all Should Buy this book.Its our duty to patronize projects which keep our history alive.
I request all my Dear Friends and Talpurs to buy this book to show you care.
The misconceptions that people have against the rule of talpurs will be clear by such projects .We should show The True Picture of Talpurs Rule in Sindh.Historically we were Biasly presented by Britishers to show themselves as liberators as is the case even today.Everybody who is against their intrests was and still is a Tyrant.
We as sons of Sindh should work for better of our people and help those who try to do so.Plz convey this message to all your friends and Our Talpurs.
Im obliged and I thank you in Anticipation.

Post by : Mir Suleman Talpur on [ 2003-03-20 05:31:38 ]

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I am interested in purchasing this book because I am always on the look out for books dealing with the British Raj. I have read of the Talpurs in other texts...

Tell me where i can get a text...


Reply by : Asif Khan on [ Sun Mar 23 19:24:23 ]

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i am trying to get in touch with parveen talpur and her husband suleman lakhani

Reply by : shirinshah on [ 14 October 2006 14:46:33 ]

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