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wonderful work

this site has truly a wonderful graphics and it is full of information ,i like it ,it is really a best way to represent the history of talpurs ,me and my family appreciate its work ,,,

Post by : bilal saeed talpur on [ 2003-03-16 06:56:55 ]

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Respected Bilal Talpur Sahib
Thank you very much for your very encouraging and kind words.We are trying our level best for TRUE representation of Talpur Dynasty.Misconceptions that people have against us should be and will be Replaced by true understanding of the services that Talpurs have done to this region.May GOD give us strength and will to be on the right path.Amen.
If you or your family want to contribute to this site we will be highly obliged and thank full to you all.One more thing KEEP VISITING we will be updating our site on regular basis. Thank you once again.

Reply by : Mir Suleman Talpur on [ Sun Mar 16 19:50:53 ]

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