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Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur

I would like to know how H.H. Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur (The Mir of Khairpur) is related to the family and where I can find pictures of him from the 60´s with people such as ZAB, the Shah of Iran etc. Thanks.

Post by : M.J. Abbasi on [ 2003-03-13 22:27:42 ]

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Respected M.J.Abbasi Sahib,
H.H.Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur(born 1814AD) whose picture is posted on our website was son Mir Sohrab Khan and brother of Mir Rustam Khan.The latter was ousted by Charles Napier and this injustice was one of the reasons of Battle of Miani of 1843 A.D.
Our illustrious ancestor Mir Mahmood Khan Talpur s/o Mir Bahram Khan Talpur ,was also a nephew of Mir Chakar Khan.Mir Chakar Khan was the forebearer of the Talpurs of Khairpur.He was the grandfather of Mir Rustam Khan and Mir Ali Murad Khan.
Moreover Mir Mahmood Khan was married to a daughter of Mir Chakar Khan,i.e the aunt of H.H.Mir Ali Murad Khan.
The personage whose picture is posted on our website died circa1906AD.So he can´t be the Mirsahib whose pictures you mention.The H.H.Mir Ali Murad Khan whose pictures you need was a later one and you possibly could get his pictures from Mir Mehdi Raza of Khairpur.Unfortunately I am not in contact with him .Anyway I´ll try to see if your request can possibly be fulfilled.
Thank you for visiting our Website.Please do keep visiting it.
We are indebted to our Most Respected Friend Alicia for making our History available for the people of the World,by beautifully designing our Website..
Yours Sincerely
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohhammad Ali Talpur on [ Fri Mar 14 04:41:38 ]

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