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Invitation for Yaum e Mir Biradran On 1st of March

We Cordially invite all those who visit our Website to "Yaum e Mir Biradran"to be observed on the Ist of March 2003 at Mir Ground,Tando Mir Mahmood,Hyderabad.
This day is an annual event held to Honour and Cherish the Memory and Selfless Service of Mir Ali Ahmed Khan Talpur and Mir Rasool Baksh Khan Talpur.
They Served the People regardless of their Creed,Colour or Status.
Thanking you
Mir Sulaiman Talpur

Post by : Mir Biradran Memorial Foundation on [ 2003-02-23 09:59:41 ]

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I wish I could have been there personally and watched the proceedings myself ,well I cherish their great memories and pray and thank you for the good job you are doing, may God help you all, mona

Reply by : mona mir on [ Thu Mar 6 08:55:01 ]

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