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Interesting site.Were the Talpurs locals or did they emigrate from Turkey/other countries like Mughal nobility?In addition how has the Independence and partition affected the family fortunes?In India ,most of the erstwhile Royal families are in dire straits,financially I mean.
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Post by : Ranjit on [ 2003-02-22 05:11:29 ]

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Respected Ranjit,Thank you for your kind interest.The Talpurs were local in the sense that they were from Dera Ghazi Khan in Baluchistan(now Punjab)and had lived there(in Baluchistan)for nearly a millenium.The Independence brought its benefits and its disadavtages.It would suffice to say that we did not suffer the fate of the erstwhile Royality in India not because of any favours by the new rulers.The Talpurs had served the people of Sindh and had strong ties with them, due to that they were spared the agonies suffered by other royals over ages.In the final analysis it is the People who really matter.

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ Sat Feb 22 05:35:36 ]

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