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origin of talpurs

Aslam u alakum Mir mohamad ali khan i belong to sohrabani branch of talpurs and i know that you are related to me through mir chakar khan of shahpur chakar (Mir shahdad named his residence after his beloved son ) than mir aali khan of khairpur (mir jan mohamad's father in law) and then mir shah mohamad khan of khairpur . i have a geneological table on an old cloth which is about same as mentioned by you and other talpur family branches,but one thing different from others is that salaiman khan kako was married to one mari lady d/o haji khan s/o nabidad khan mehkani mari and one from his own family i 'e Bagrani .we all know that Bagrani is one old clan of rind tribe . Mir sahab, i know about 20 genealogical tables which are in possession of talpur families here at khairpur .Non of these are in proper match to others. All are same up to Mir Bijar khan talpur . Beyond this the genealogies look to me manipulated ,fabricated. i know through your web that you have been frequently visiting bhurgrah and have frequent contacts with talpurs there.the domkies,mazaries and legharies and other tribes all know that talpur is a rind clan .the shambani bugti,the mazari and leghari tribes all rinds claim to have talbur clan in their tribes. talpurs here say that mir ghullam husain s/o mir ismail khan hooth got married in talbur clan of choti bala and mir bijar khan talpur was his descendant . Before rule talpurs were called rind balochs here in sind as most of the old people say . i would like to know your views in this respect and then i will proceed.

Post by : dr mir ghullam asghar talpur on [ 2012-09-28 18:09:28 ]

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Dear Dr. Mir Ghulam Asghar Talpur Sahib, My apologies for a delayed reply. You are right about Mir Sulaiman Kako's marriage to a Marri lady of Mehkani sept. About the Bagranis, I want to make a few comments. The Bagranis like the Bhurgaris, Nizamanis, Kapris are septs of the larger Talpur tribe. A writer says that Talpurs apart from Gazini, Bijarani and Loharani sections were the fourth section of the Marri tribe and I think that he is not off the mark. The Talpurs at Bhurgara, where Mir Sulaiman Kako's eartly remains are interred, neighbour the Marri area, speak the same dialect and live the way the Marris in the mountains do. I am sharing with you a Shujra which was on a leaf of a book. I certainly doubt the reference to Quraish and Amir Hamza because that was probably done to satisfy egos. The history of Talpurs or the Baloch are by themselves glorious enough to not to need those crutches. Do kindly reply at [email protected] here.

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 12 December 2012 06:12:12 ]

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