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Criticim on Mirs

i have faced immense criticism on "MIRS OF SINDH" with respect to their kingdom period..loyalty toward Sindh and their bravery..people dnt think as it is written above,..mostly the people who have criticized on talpur ruling period are non other than SIndhi Balochs,,two persons i have argued with on face was CHANDIO,,and other was BIJARANI,,or BURDI...they really criticized talpur era,,,by giving many references of the sindhi books..i have defended talpur era as much as i could..,bt u know people of sindh,,or sindhis,,experts in back biting and degrading others,,,i dont know wht will happen to SINDH and Sindhis,,my personal opinions towards balochs of sindh are changed now..when i have observed their illusive criticim on MIRS OF SINDH...shares these views as u may know,,tht what people are thinking about we mirs...thanks...

Post by : Mir Aftab Hussain talpur on [ 2012-04-28 15:04:56 ]

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