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Map of Sindh Dated 1840 is wrong.

Map of Sindh Dated 1840 is wrong. To point out just 4 errors 1). it shows Shahgarh, Gohtaru as part of Jaiselmeer when it was part of Upper Sindh (Khairpur) It was gifted to the rajput by the british after 1843. 2) it shows Hyderabad (Lower Sindh) bordering Khairpur (Upper Sindh) east of the Indus when all historic sources confirm the entire southern border of khairpur, east of the indus was bordered by Mirpurkhas only. Thus showing a much smaller Mirpur Khas state. 3) Subzulkot in bahawalpur and adjoinig areas east of indus were not lost to the british and then bahawalpur untill after 1843. in 1838 british had only the towns of sukker, rohri and Fort bukkher only. 4) Shikarpur was under joint adminitration of the Talpur confederacy, of Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas,and khairpur with Khairpur receiving 3/7 share. 5) areas of northern sindh were a continuous body of land and it not shown.

Post by : Arsalan Kazi on [ 2010-07-12 01:07:10 ]

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