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Respected Noor Mohammad Talpur Sahib, Sincere thanks for your kind appreciation of our efort to highlight Talpur History. We agree with you that a lot more needs to done in practical terms to save, protect and promote Talpur legacy, history and heritage. This will require a joint and constant effort on part of all Talpurs. Sadly not many Talpurs are interested in their History. We have highlighted the issue of the Talpur monuments in the local journal monthly 'Reporter' a couple of years back. The media is unwilling to back us up. The Pucca Qilla is the glaring example but other sites like Tombs in Hirabad, Hala, Shahpur Chakar and other places are also in a pathetic state. We will continue our efforts. With Very Best Regards Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Post by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 2009-01-23 06:01:34 ]

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