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We have need of it for our new generation.

This is very nice and well done effort to introduce talpur history and era, I was looking for that nice site since long, as being member of Talpur community and student of university of Sindh, I was always desperated by my friends while discussion over Talpur rule in past and its implications, cause having no such a sufficient knowledge regarding my elders, who sacrificed their lives over homeland, although I appreciate your work, but still I am not satisfy, this is not at all, we have to do more. Whenever I cross nearby old pakka fort in Hyderbad, I couldnt stop my sorrows to see the weak situation of that heritage, which are not only the property Talpur family but also sindhs. Likewise there are several other Talpur heritages that are disappeared or now near to

Post by : Noor Muhammad Talpur on [ 2009-01-18 10:01:23 ]

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