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Pathetic state of Talpur Tombs

Respected Mir Muzaffar Ali Khan Talpur Sahib, all Talpurs and those people of Sindh who care for History of Sindh are concerned about the state of Talpur Tombs and other historical places like Makli. We had a special issue about the Talpur Tombs in the monthly journal "The Reporter" some time back. It seems the government is not bothered about any thing that is not related to Mughal History which they think is Pakistan History. The work of maintenance is beyond the scope of individuals. Sadly when Mir Sahibans have been Ministers then too they have not cared about their History. We all are to blame. At least you and Bilal Saeed Talpur have felt the need to raise the issue; I truly appreciate your concern. With Very Best Regards Yours Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Post by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 2007-09-05 04:09:00 ]

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