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Genealogical research

I want to refute a thesis by Late Maamoor Yusfani in which he discussed that Punhoon was a Samaat and not a Baluch . It is interesting to note that the above- mentioned paper was read in Bhambhore Conference in 1986 and not even Dr. N.A Baluch commented on it. I want specific help about the arrival of Baluchs in Makran and Dera GhaziKhan and genealogical trees of various Talpur families . Can anybody help me accomplish this monumental work? My e-mail is [email protected], thanks.

Post by : Asghar Talpur on [ 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ]

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Respected Asghar Talpur Sahib,
Sincere thanks for your message on our website. I can give you the geneological tree of some Talpurs branches. Ours ie Mahmoodani´s geneological table is already there. We can get in touch to exchange others that I have.
This claim must have not come to notice of Dr.N.A. Baloch Sahib otherwise he would have certainly answered him.
With Very Best Regards
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 24 October 2006 18:47:22 ]

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Sir, thanx for replying . Kindly give me your contact no.for arranging avisit to you, thanx.

Reply by : Asghar Talpur on [ 06 November 2006 13:21:53 ]

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