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Talpur/Baloch Histry

Dear Friends;
Its good that you have started this website, that provides reasonable knowledge of historical aspects of Tapur famliy and dynasty. In addition it will be appropriate if you include th einformation on those tribes who contributed towards Talpur ruling era. Also an ccount of other baloch tribes will be agood idea.
It will also not be out of place to remind you that you need to include the factual information on the downfall of talpur dynasity step by step. whether it was only the external factors that were responsible for fall or the internal factors, conspiracie, or negative trends of lethargy, pleasure. lust or the lack of required knowledge to keep pace with the changing environmet and sociopolitical changes around were repoonsible for down fall.
In my humble opinion you need to highlight these aspects becaouse in the modern rea we sea the talpure influnce as well as contribution in sociopolitical aspect has shrinked very fast. Talpur seems to be in the deep slumber and they need to be shaked about the realities of life.
I wonder if all Talpurs know about this very useful site.
If no what arrangements could be taken to publicise this website.
Kind Regards

Post by : Nizamuddin Nizamani on [ 2006-05-05 07:26:59 ]

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Kay Door bi-wejha Supireen
Kay wejhaa-ee Door
Some, even though far away, are in fact Near, my beloveds
Others, even though near, are still far away.
Tando Soomro is so far away from Auckland, but I am with all of you in spirit.
With regards
Muhammad Umar Chand
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Or [email protected]
Telephone 64-9-2767825
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Reply by : Muhammad Umar Chand on [ 21 May 2007 22:42:24 ]

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