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Lost of Sindh

Dear Web Master,
Just wana clear my self that what i did say in my message is right, there is no any chance of errors in my verdict and as a member of talpur family i think it is my right to criticise what our precistors did wrong and also i appreciate and feel proud what talpur family had been done for Sindh and Sindhi people..
It is a fact and true that some of our rulers are not much of that level to rule, then why should not we regret, we entertain what is good about our history but we people just not believing what wrong deeds about us.
I think we should accept the reality n just avoid "beating about bush"..
It is only my suggestion to add negative aspects about us..but u r the right person to decide about the site, and about ur situatio & position.
Thanks..Take care..

Post by : Mir Tony, MHR on [ 2005-11-25 03:49:10 ]

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its goood thing for us .the readers r reply fedback.

Reply by : maqbool on [ 24 December 2005 14:04:17 ]

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