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Eid Mubarik to all Talpur and comments on website

Hi Folks,
This is just to wish Eid Mubarik to all of you. May Almighty Allah help us with all of his blessings. Regarding website, it is a very good effort to prevent ,and to display the bright and dynamic history of Talpurs to our youth and other friends.No doubt we own a great history owing to the good deeds of our elders and by remembering our past we should always uphold the spirit and strengthen the foundations of well doings of our elders.

Post by : Engr.Mir Sohail Talpur on [ 2005-11-08 08:03:13 ]

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Respected Mir Sohail Talpur Sahib,
Sincere thanks for your kind Eid message and your kind comments regarding the Website.
Our ancestors have a glorious history and we owe it to them to try to present it in its true perspective because, unfortunately, it has always been presented in incorrectly and in bad light.
It is hoped that all Talpurs who can contribute historical material will kindly do so and if that is displayed on the website it will be duly acknowledged.
Those who can investigate different aspects of Talpur History should do it and have it published either in Press or book form.
We all owe it to our ancestors.
With Very Best Wishes
Mir Mohammad ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 09 November 2005 03:59:57 ]

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