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Lost of Sindh

No doubt Mirs specially from Hyderabad and Mir Pur Khas had fought like true men and no one can forget their devotions.
Site should include the Apple Polishing Of KHAIRPURI MIRS,what they really acted like cowards in Middle of Seventeenth Century when they give up before British Forces.
I really regret and condemn them. What they did is a shame for all of us(MIRS).

Post by : Mir Tony MHR. on [ 2005-09-27 03:05:47 ]

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Respected Mir Tony MHR,
It is inadvisable to use strong language against anybody especially if they happen to be of the family.One can´t condemn those of today for what was done by those of yesterday.Your message could have been deleted but we refrained from doing so as we respect the right to freedom of expression..
It is hoped that respected viewers and visitors of this website will observe the decorum which is worthy of this website.
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 28 September 2005 02:40:37 ]

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Qibla Mir Saeen
Please Do not Criticise others for siding with English.If you do Please I request you to Change your name from Tony Atleast.

Reply by : Mir Sulaiman Talpur on [ 04 October 2005 14:42:27 ]

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Dear Mir Mohammad Ali Khan Talpur, I really see eye to eye with you, I am not discussing about pro or con but any way we have to keep up the ethics as we are the follower of the super man e.g. the last prophet Rahmatul-lii -Alameen who was surrounded by the then jahilleen and whose character was at its ebb at that time but even then he did not leave his best teachings and talked to them in a well-behaved manner. Well this is one thing and the other is that what the mir saheban would have done when they had no technology nor any kind of resources to continue the fight while all the other places of the indo-pakistan were subjugated and there was no thought of their winning the war because sind was the last to be captured. I always say that Allah is the RUBBUL-ALAMEEN and not rubbul-muslimeen and just as there is fixed a certain time of age for the people ,in the same way there is fixed a certain type of time for the nations and countries ; there was the time when muslims were the torch-bearers and when by following the "taoos-o-rabab akhir" they were deprived by God´s bounty and given to some other nation which in the eyes of God were better, they were better than muslims ; they did not cheat their own brothers ,they learned and did miracles and no doubt there were many many good people such as thomas carlyle, sir william muir , lamartine and unnumerable good ,whose actions and deeds were much better than we the muslims for they were honest to their country and people; while we muslims have been taught by our magnifiscient prophet"do good to your brother as you do with with your own self", is there any muslim who is following this golden advice. So long as we are thinking ourselves as the favourite of God we will be doomed to nothing. ALLAH the ALMIGHTY is the sustainer of the whole world.

Reply by : MONA MIR on [ 13 October 2005 03:52:10 ]

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well u all respectable people plz refrain from criticism.i know 1 thing tht Talpur era was the brightest era of sindh n it was there strategy to tackle the situation by giving up in front of the brutal british battallions.I m "TIFL-E-MAKTAB" even though u can talk with me on that topic,thanks.

Reply by : Abid on [ 10 November 2005 14:04:00 ]

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I am sorry to go through this forum very late as there were certain things which I could not avoid and some time I was not at my station too. Well ,it is not the matter of criticism; infact cricism for thr sake of criticism is not good but criticism for the sake of good is always welcome. As far as my scanty knowledge is concerned I may say that the best rule was of the kalhora dynasty, if you really watch the history and be not prejudiced , please do not blow your own trumpet every time.

Reply by : mona mir on [ 13 January 2006 05:35:27 ]

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