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great Efforts

before i write anything about the web site i´d like 2 introduce myself that i belong to the tribe Khoso which were a part of Talpurs Army.History is 1 of my hot favourite & i ever thought 2 visit the tombs & battle fields of Mir´s regime & i am thankful that i got that opportunity 2 see everything on a small screen without visting physically.I ever felt in my heart immense affection,respect & proud for Mirs 2 b the rulers of Mehran & if i add something more Mir Fateh Ali Khan is 1 of my favourite personlities that being a mere 18 years old that young man conquered Sindh & after Muhammed Bin Qasim he was the younger conqueror May Allah rest his soul in peace. God bless u all

Post by : Anees-ur- Rehman Khoso on [ 2005-04-10 16:34:14 ]

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Respected Anees-ur Rehman Khoso Sahib,
Sincere thanks for your kind appreciation of the efforts to make the Talpur History accessible to all.
The Talpurs were supported and helped by most of the Baluch tribes in giving Sindh a Sovereign status.The Talpurs then always acknowledged the support given by the Baluchs.We too thank all once again.
Our ancestors were truly great personages and we need to project them in their true image.
We do hope to keep adding material to our website so kindly keep visiting it and kindly do let your friends know about the website .
Yours Sincerely
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 12 April 2005 03:42:36 ]

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dear sir ,
salam again...i have a suggestion if you may kindly consider.The time Sindh was conquered by Mir Fateh Ali, the division of Sindh was made in 3 parts between Mir Fateh Ali, Mir Tharo Khan & Mir Sohrab Khan.I suggest if you kindly be able to give the detailed genealogical tree of their descendants if possioble otherwise as much as you can because in the pictures galleries i found pictures of Talpur generations without knowing from which of Mir´s they belong, with lots of best wishes & anticipation

Reply by : anees khoso on [ 03 July 2005 05:41:00 ]

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