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nice work but need improvement

i just want to say that u made the nice site but u have to improve ur site and also update it. and u have to write about the other talpurs also u dont you think u made that site for ur own family. any way nice work

Post by : MIR IFTAKHAR RAZA TALPUR on [ 2004-09-16 20:49:45 ]

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Respected Mir Iftakhar Raza Talpur,
Sincere thanks for your kind message and kind appreciation of the effort.
The Website would have material about other Talpurs too if such had been provided by them.We have repeartedly asked for contribution of Historical materials for the Website but none has been forthcoming.
As far as the Website having more to do with our family is concerned,we have the material availabe and therefore use it but saying that it is solely for our family is not right.There is a section on the Manikani Talpurs´Tombs at Chitori.There is a section on Shah Latif Bhitai,as a part of Sindh Heritage.
We try to regularly update the Website and hope to do it soon.Updates for update sake would be pointless,we try to make valuable updates and that takes time.
If you could contribute with Historical material we would certainly post it on the Website with due acknowledgement.
With Sincere Regards
Mir Mohammad Ali TAlpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 18 September 2004 04:49:21 ]

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