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A Great Achievement

This is great and appreciable work that will hopefully bring a unique difference in coalition and unity of Talpur family in near future. The time is not beyond when we will have regime and control over sindh agian to reflourish and reshape sindh for its people who deserve its fruit only.
with best regards
Ashfaque Talpur

Post by : Mir Ashfaque Ahmed Talpur on [ 2004-09-02 00:03:30 ]

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Respected Mir Ashfaque Ahmed Talpur Sahib,
Sincere thanks for your very kind appreciation of our humble effort.We do hope that this Website does help bring the Talpurs in Sindh and around the world together.The purpose of this Website is to present Talpur History in its true perspective.
"Power grows through the barrel of the gun".We are a long way off from even thinking of return of regime here.We can however serve the people as Selflessly as our Respected ancestors did.It is to their credit that we still survive with respectability.This Website is a Tribute to them.
With Very Best Wishes and Regards
Yours Sincerely
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 02 September 2004 04:35:30 ]

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Qibla Mir Saeen
Let alone return of regime.Today Talpurs are fragmented and scattered.Diffrences of opinion exist every where but do u see any true Great Talpur emerging soon?It will take us centuries once again to be a FORCE.My request to all is´to be that force we need to be united´.It is hightime that we unite.
Thank you
Mir Sulaiman Talpur

Reply by : Mir Sulaiman Talpur on [ 07 September 2004 15:21:36 ]

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