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talpur sahab though i m not talpur

assalam o alikum
mr talpur i m glad to be introduced to your web site.
i got this introduction from your side when i visited you on mirc
i want to keep in touch with you hope you will hoour my request
your sincerely
salman farooq

Post by : salman faooq on [ 2003-11-30 06:43:35 ]

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Dear Salman
Assalam Alaikum
delighted and surprised to see your remarks
i didnt knew you were fond of culture and traditional history
for every one who dont know salman i want to introduce him to you
salman is one of the most intelligent and upcoming lawyer of pakistan, currently he is doing LLB in Shariah from International Islamic Univeersity Islamabad, a v good freind of mine and was member of his university team for IHL moot and certificate course in lahore which was held in oct- nov 2003
he literally outplayed us( the team from hyd law college)
salman remian in touch and keep giving suggestions for our site

Reply by : Mir Zamin Talpur on [ Tue Dec 10 18:25:20 ]

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