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A Presentable Addition

a presentable addition is plausible please expand it: The Talented M IGRANTS Of LEGHARI Tuman namely. 1.TheTALPURS 2.TheLEGHARIS 3TheBIJARANIS 4.TheJAMALIS.of.BALUCHISTAN Their history may also be included too

Post by : Aftab Leghari on [ 2004-06-15 17:21:20 ]

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Respected Aftab Sahib
Thank you for your visit to this website and your valued advice.
We are trying to update our section where we went to see our place of descent at DG khan and Most sombering of all was the place where our ancestor Mir Sulaiman Khan Kako rests.The person who sent his sons to Sindh and without his vision the modern history would have been different.
The hospitalities of Sardar Saif khoso and Ligharies and Talpurs Of Sakhi Sarwar,Bhurgra and Choti made this trip remembering for a thousand years.
We will try our best to Accomodate all your requests but I cannot promise you anything.If somebody requires anything in Material for research We at will be more then willing to Help.
I thank you once agin and request you to spread the Word among friends and family.

Reply by : Mir Sulaiman Talpur on [ 20 June 2004 08:00:14 ]

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