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Talpurs from Bhurgarah(D.G.Khan)

Today i visited our web site which is indeed is a fantastic site for we talpur people of D.G.khan particularly to know about ourself ,our forefathers and about our history particularly in Sind. i appreciate the efforts to all my talpur brothers who did so well to make such a uniqe site by collecting wonderfull information along with elaborating pictures that definitely make this site as a Heritage Of Talpurs

with regards

Khalid Ali Khan Talpur
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The Bank of Punjab Rajanpur

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Post by : Khalid Ali Khan Talpur on [ 2004-06-13 04:51:16 ]

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Respected Mir Khalid Ali Khan Talpur,
Sincere thanks for your very kind appreciation of our efforts to put the talpur History in its proper Perspective.
We had the Honour of visiting our Talpur brothers in Bhurgrah and offering Fathea on the grave of our Glorious Ancestor Mir Sulaiman Khan Kako.It was a wonderful experience being at the place where we originally come from.It was Mir Hotak Khan son of Mir Sulaiman Khan who came here at the end of 17th century.It was his son Mir Shahdad Khan who secured pre-emminence in Sindh and his grandsons started the Talpur reign here in Sindh.
We are thankful to Sardar Saifuddien Khosa Sahib and Mir Mirza Khan Talpur for their very kind Hospitality.Bhurgrah and Dera Ghazi Khan were as homely as Hyderabad is due to their Hospitality.
We will ,hopefully ,be updating the Website soon with pictures from our trip including the wonderful Havelies of Imtiaz Ahmed Khan and Iqbal Leghari Sahib.They had graciously invited us to tea there.
Hopefully with time this Website will become more representative of the Talpurs all over the world.
With Very Best Wishes and Regards
Yours Sincerely
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 14 June 2004 04:42:19 ]

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Respected Mir Mohammad Ali Khan Talpur !
I thank you for your early response of my mail . You visited our Bhurgarah and offered fateah on the the grave of Mir Suleman Khan kako i came to know when i returned from Lahore after completing my official training . i feel my self unlucky that i could not get the opportunity to meet with you because it is my dream since very long time to meet the talpur of Sind becuase you are our proud.i hope that you will be coming very soon again to us inshallah .
Mir Sahib ! could you please give us your telephone number & address please?
my phone No. 0641-567913 which was wrongly written (0461) in first mail
with regad.

Khalid Ali Khan Talpur

Reply by : Khalid ali Khan Talpur on [ 16 June 2004 15:53:49 ]

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