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Dearest Mir Bhaijaan, Thanks so much for giving me the link to this awesome Website. Am from India.. I have always wondered how there can ever be any room for hostility when people to people contact between India and Pakistan is so good and so amicable. I am very confident that these are all good signs and am sure there is going to be Prosperity, Peace and Happiness in both the countries. Lets prove to the world that we are the friendliest neighbours. My dream is to visit Pakistan and be with the lovely people. I hope you will help me in doing that. By the way your ancestral tradition is quite similar to that of us.. We come under the Maratha Dynasty, if you wd have heard. I wish you and every person who has developed this Gem of a Website all the very best. Take care and wishing you all the success !!!!

Post by : Appu on [ 2004-04-17 18:50:17 ]

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Respected Saiprasad,
A pleasure and honour it is to see your message posted on our Website.
It really is surprising that there is animosity between the ruling classes while there is so much Good Will and Friendship between the people of our two countries.Hopefully the will of people will prevail and there will be lasting Peace betwwen our countries.Only Peace can bring Prosperity and Happiness in this region.
You´ll be a welcome guest here at our humble abode if you ever happen to visit us.Friendship always transcends the obstacles and barriers that the vested interests put up.May the Friendship between our people prosper and flourish.
Yes,The Baluch people too like the Marathas are a cultured and martial race.We could learn a lot from each other.
This Website is Labour of Love.Our Sweetest Friend Allysha is to be given all the credit for designing what you call Gem of a Website.Please keep visiting our Website.
I thank you once again for your sentiments and thoughts.
Good Wishes for you all from the Talpur Family.
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Reply by : Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on [ 18 April 2004 04:35:03 ]

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