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Post by : Balisht on [ 2003-01-02 16:33:11 ]

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This seems to be working.

Reply by : Mir mohammad ali on [ Sun Jan 6 04:44:30 ]

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I found this web of yours very descriptive and useful for those too who have never been to that part of sind but there must be some demonstration of some old weapons such as olden swords of that time or guns, well on the whole it is a nice elaboration, mona mir

Reply by : mona mir on [ Thu Feb 13 19:53:57 ]

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Assalam Alekum
I came across this websit. Its excellent. I am a Baloch but not a Talpur. One of our relatives was married into a Talpur family, so we are related to the Talpurs. She was a daugher of a waliuallah at that.
Please put some more pictures of old Sind.

Reply by : Surrayya on [ Wed Aug 6 20:47:59 ]

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u know i like ur place its so nice & veyr unique!!!! how i wish i can visite ur place!!!!!

Reply by : bea on [ Fri Mar 26 04:34:18 ]

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