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John Mills91.105.155.108Mail to creater
Hollinsclough Ancestors 2008-04-08 06:04:41

As I cannot access posts to my previous message, I thought I would try again. Many of my ancestors originated from Hollinsclough, and I would like to hear from anyone researching the following names :- Wood, Lomas & Tunnicliffe.

Lynda88.109.244.208Mail to creater
Re: Hollinsclough Ancestors 14 April 2008 11:04:23

Hello John, I'm sorry about the problems with the message board but it seems to be ok now. I can't see the posts you received either just who they were from. Margaret & Stephen Tunnicliff had posted replies and are extremely knowledgeable about the Tunnicliffs. My own house was built by John Tunnicliffe about 1760.

John Mills91.105.164.99Mail to creater
Re: Hollinsclough Ancestors 26 April 2008 07:04:11

Hi Lynda, My 3x great grandmother was Parthaniah Tunnicliffe born 1791, father John Tunnicliffe.She married William Wood 1816 at Longnor.I have no other information on her and wondered if anyone could enlighten me?

Lynda88.110.212.120Mail to creater
Re: Hollinsclough Ancestors 28 April 2008 11:04:02

Hi, I'm sending you an email in reply

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