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 Brindleys of hollinsclough
Brian Bennett86.154.117.126Mail to creater
Brindleys of hollinsclough 2009-02-08 20:02:53

Our interest in Hollinsclough and the surrounding area lies with my wifes side of the family her maiden name being "Brindley" Her ancestors moved from Hollinsclough to Stockport 1802c. Over the years we have been trying to find out as much as possible about the Brindley's of Hollinsclough and the surrounding area. We know that my wife is directly related to Joseph Brindley who settled in Stockport,his father Joseph Brindley born 1st. July 1773 of Ryecroft, married Mary Wardle 9th.April 1795 at Hollinsclough. Any information that might assist our search for more information about parents etc. would be most helpful.

Victoria86.155.63.23Mail to creater
Re: Brindleys of hollinsclough 09 February 2009 20:02:38

Hello Brian I think that 'Ryecroft' is 'Pyeclough' which is in Heathylee Parish. In the Chapman v Brindley case (on this web site) I think that I said that the Brindley's appeared to have left Hollinsclough by the end of the 1700'salthough they had been here since the early 1600's. I wondered if Joseph was related to one of the twins called Joseph in the bmd (1743) on this site. Think that they were down as Brunly (or similar).

Brian Bennett86.160.185.164Mail to creater
Re: Brindleys of hollinsclough 11 February 2009 10:02:26

Thanks Victoria I think the link to the two twins Joseph/Thomas Brunly is well worth looking into.The Ryecroft mentioned I think could be the Ryecroft at Elkstone,as quite a few Brindley's lived over that way Brindley Croft for one.

Elaine Turner86.7.88.33Mail to creater
Re: Brindleys of hollinsclough 18 February 2014 10:02:43

Hi Brian, I am also descended from the Brindley's of Hollilnsclough. .My 3 x great grandmother was Sarah Brindley who married Peter Jackson of Stockport in 1842. Sarah's father Joseph was a butcher and the shop was on Churchgate, Stockport on the 1841 cencus. Joseph's parents were Joseph Brindley and Mary Wardle. Mary died shortly after the birth of her youngest child Joshua Wardle Brindley, he in 1809 and she in 1810. Please get in touch if you have any other info or I can help. Elaine

Brian Bennett80.189.42.60Mail to creater
Re: Brindleys of hollinsclough 15 October 2014 18:10:59

Hi Elaine, Sorry about the delay in answering your reply to my posting on the message board. I've only just started my family history again! It's only by chance that I picked up on looking at the old message board. Recent facts that have come to light which need to be confirmed suggest that Joshua Wardle Brindley bap. 2/2/1800 son of Sarah/John Brindley lived until 1845 and died at Stockport. Joseph/Mary Brindley of Hollinsclough also had a son Joshua Wardle Brindley who died 18 days old buried 6/8/1802. John Brindley who's Sarah died 1802 bur. June 12th.remarried Mary Maydew of Sutton at Prestbury 27/7/1802 by lic.. They had 2- children Chapman bap. 31/3/1805 and George ( alias Francis) bap.4/1/1807 both born Hollinsclough. The 1861 census at Stockport shows Joseph+Johns mother Mary Brindley ( nee Wardle) still to be alive age 81- widow- head of household also son Joseph age 65 widower- butcher. It would be nice to hear from you.

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