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 Moss Family of Hollinsclough and area
Hazel Moss86.160.59.37Mail to creater
Moss Family of Hollinsclough and area 2009-01-13 11:01:44

I'm trying to find the parents of George Moss born 1806. His birthplace on censuses is Flash or Hollinsclough. His wife was Sarah, and he had children born at Flash in 1830's before moving to Macclesfield. He and his sons were shoemakers. I've found lots about Mosses on your site but can't quite tie him in, although the first names which crop up in his family are the same as those on your site. One of his sons (John) lived at Burbage near Buxton, and the other sons ended up back in Buxton and Longnor. Can anyone give me any more info? I have found your site really interesting.

Lynda88.111.189.199Mail to creater
Re: Moss Family of Hollinsclough and area 13 January 2009 22:01:56

Hi Hazel, I think you might find George's baptism in the Quarnford parish records as the Mosses seemed to live at the top end of Hollinsclough parish & Quarnford Church would be nearer. I've transcribed some of the records but not that period, unfortunately. I can look him up next time I'm at Lichfield or Stafford but it will be a while yet before I go, Lynda

Hazel Moss86.160.59.37Mail to creater
Re: Moss Family of Hollinsclough and area 14 January 2009 11:01:11

Thanks Linda. I'd be grateful if you could do that some time, as it's unlikely that I'll be able to. Hazel.

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