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 Flash cemetery
Jane Britcliffe195.93.21.67Mail to creater
Flash cemetery 2008-09-22 08:09:00

I didn't have time to look at the cemetery records yesterday and would like to locate a few more family graves. Any chance of getting a copy of the booklet which was on Margaret's Flash table? Many thanks.

Margaret Tunnicliff84.68.167.84Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 26 September 2008 10:09:40

To Jane I got my copy from Elizebeth Bass I can send you her address but that was afew years ago when I spoke to her she didn;t have many left then.If you know what names you are after I will have a look in my copy for you .

Jane Britcliffe195.93.21.67Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 09 October 2008 10:10:55

Thanks Margaret. I managed to get a copy.

Tom Weston148.79.162.144Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 22 October 2008 11:10:18

Hi Are there any Westons in the Flash cemetery record? Tom

Jane Britcliffe195.93.21.67Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 30 October 2008 13:10:05

There are no Westons in the index.

Tom Weston84.71.57.198Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 04 November 2008 20:11:14

Jane thank you for looking. Tom

Patricia84.92.112.44Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 31 January 2009 21:01:09

Hello, Looking for names. Rogers,Heapy,Pointon, Nixon,Kidd and Malkin. The first lot lived near and on Mount Pleasant Farm, Quarnford. Help much appreciated. Thank you.

Stephen Tunnicliff84.71.20.173Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 14 February 2009 21:02:21

We have had a look in the flash cemetry booklet and the only Rogers listed is Martha daughter of Philip and Anna of Upper Hulme, February 24th 1853 aged 50. There are 7 Heapy's depending which ones you are looking for, there are no Kidds mentioned but we know there are some as we have some in our family tree, there is nothing listed for Pointen, Nixon or Malkin, but this doesnt mean they are not there as we have found out through our research. There is a Malkin listed in the Longnor roll of honour, R. Malkin 1939-1945.

Victoria86.155.63.23Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 16 February 2009 17:02:23

Hello Which Kidds are you looking for and what date?

Maureen Morris81.151.76.39Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 19 February 2009 10:02:35

Hello, Please could anyone let me know where I could get a copy of Flash cemetery records? I am looking for the Salt family. Regards

John Robinson80.47.152.135Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 24 February 2009 18:02:02

Hi i bleieve that some of my Steel family are buried in Flash cemetery-could anyone help

Stephen Tunnicliff84.69.181.34Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 27 February 2009 23:02:03

Hi John, I have just looked in the Flash cemetery booklet written by Elizabeth Bass, and their is a Thomas & Elizabeth Steel, James & Mary, Ann daughter of Mary, Abraham, Mabala wife of Abraham, Elizabeth & Isaac.

John Robinson80.47.195.75Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 02 March 2009 19:03:15

hi Stephen , thanks for that James Steel and his wife Mary(nee Oliver) are my greatx3 grandparents--are there any details in the booklet, i suspect the others are James's brothers or uncles

Margaret Tunnicliff84.69.52.200Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 03 March 2009 19:03:20

To John It readsSacred/to the memory of James Steel/of Quarnford who departed /this life February 22nd 1840/aged64 years/Also his wife /who departed this life February/16th 1843/Aged 67 years

Sonia Jordi212.230.62.137Mail to creater
Re: Flash cemetery 05 August 2013 11:08:15

Hi I am wondering if there are any Wood or Beswick families buried in Flash Cemetary please? Thank you x

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