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 Great Site + Lomas query
Gail Critchlow86.148.224.119Mail to creater
Great Site + Lomas query 2008-06-03 12:06:21

Just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful site ....each time I visit is an adventure into the past ! I am tracing my Lomas ancestry (originally from Tideswell and Peak Forest in Derbyshire) and have reached a stumbling block. I have a Richard Lomas born 1762 but I cannot find a birth or baptism for him anywhere. His marriage to Sarah Longden in Peak Forest 1792, says he is from Tideswell. I have found Richard Lomas marriage to Sophia Gillam in 1755 at Tideswell but nothing else. I am now wondering whether my Lomas family came from over the border in Staffordshire. Out of curiosity, are the family of John Lomas the pedlar (his siblings and half siblings etc) recorded anywhere? Once again ...... a brilliant site......keep up the good work! cheers for now G.C.

Lynda Bricklebank88.110.142.50Mail to creater
Re: Great Site + Lomas query 03 June 2008 20:06:34

Dear Gail, Thank you for the great message. It made our day! I have lots of entries from the Longnor parish registers that I haven't put on the website yet which cover the period you're interested in. I'll get back to you tomorrow when I've had chance to look through them. I don't know a great deal about John Lomas but this site is interesting and also John Lomas's letter to Sir George Crewe which is on the website. Lynda

Lynda Bricklebank79.71.160.74Mail to creater
Re: Great Site + Lomas query 04 June 2008 21:06:32

Hello Gail, I've had chance to look through my notes & I can't find Richard Lomas, unfortunately. I know the Longnor registers at that period are in poor condition, though. Quarnford church is a possibility too as lots of people from the top end of the parish went there rather than Longnor but I have very few entries from there, so far. Sorry we can't be more help but will look out for any info for you, Lynda

Gail Critchlow86.148.224.119Mail to creater
Re: Great Site + Lomas query 12 June 2008 22:06:45

Hi Lynda, Thank you for both replies to my query - it was very kind of you to look through your notes for my missing Richard. I know of a Richard Lomas farmer of Tideswell who died 1807 and the only burial registered for that year is one at Alstonefield. I have visited the site you mentioned...thank you for that. Your site is amazing... I have vowed to make a personal visit to the village one day soon. Once again many thanks, Gail

Victoria86.157.72.64Mail to creater
Re: Great Site + Lomas query 09 October 2008 18:10:54

Hello Gail I have just read an article in the High Peak News dated Sat May 27 1922 about the Golden Wedding anniversary of Joseph (71) and Annie (69) Lomas. Address Western Bank, Tideswell. Married by Canon Andrews in 1872. Joseph came from Peak Forest. Annie nee Hill from Tideswell. Annie d of the late Wm Hill, butcher. More info available re children, grand & gt grandchildren. Also nice photo of the 2 of them.

Gail Critchlow81.155.141.146Mail to creater
Re: Great Site + Lomas query 22 December 2008 23:12:16

Thanks for your message Victoria. However my direct Lomas family had ventured away from Tideswell/Peak Forest area in the early 1800's. I am still looking for a possible connection with Hollinsclough and surrounding areas prior to this. Once again thanks for your reply.

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