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I would like to offer the cheapest and latest software for technical analysis
of stocks/commodities/futures markets:


[email protected]

Set I
1.Nebadown Trend Line Market Scanner v5.0 (
2.Cynthia Kase Statware Systems for Tradestation2000i (
3.Octane System v2.15 (
4.Index Point 2003 (
5.KWIK*POP for Metastock v8.0 (
6.Focal Point for Tradestation2000i (
7.Visual Trader (http://www/
8.I-Master (
9.Essex Option Pro v4.0 (
10.MTPredictor (
11.Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6 (
12.Investor RT v6.2.3 (Esignal,BMI,DialData,DTN,InterQuote, Editions)
13.Advanced Get EOD v7.6 build 205 (including manual)
14.Advanced GET Real-Time for Tradestation2000 v1.2 Build 308 - the latest!
15.AIR Software´s "Financial Trader for Windows"
16.ASCTrend Pro v3.03 (the latest! - 27/07/02)
17.BestChoice Software v4.20
18.Biocomp Profit 2003 Professional
19.Drummond Indicators manual
20.Dynamic Trader Education Series
21.Dynamic Trader Trading Examples
22.Dynamic Trader v3.0 build 63 (user´s guide included)
23.Dynamic Trader v4.0 build 78 EOD and RT for (the latest!)
24.Elliott Wave v7.0
25.Elliott Wave Analyser III v3.0.42 - the latest!
26.ErlangerQuote v2.16
27.Insight Strategic Investment Trader manual
30.Investor´s Dream v1.97.5 - the latest! (unlimited license, real-time enabled)
31.Jurik Research Tools (JMA,CFB,DDR,VEL,WAV) for Excel
32.Jurik Research Tools (JMA,CFB,DDR,VEL,WAV) for TS2000
33.Kasanjian Research Pattern Smasher v2.08b
34.LifeStyle Trader v1.2.0
35.Little Big Horn system
36.MarketWarrior v2.2 Build 57 (the latest!)
37.Mesa2002 v6.0 (incl. articles, seminars, tutorial)
38.Metastock plug-ins (more than 20mb - request detailed list)
39.MurreyMath v1.7678
40.NATT 2000 Collection
41.Neuroshell Trader v3.7 (NEW!)
42.Omnicom v5.01
43.Open Interest v3.1.2
44.OptionSimulator RT v3.0
45.Precision Trader v3.0
46.Professional Trade Advisor 4
47.Profiles Professional v6.5
48.Qcollector for Qcharts v2.5.2
49.QCollector Pro for eSignal v1.0.1
50.RavenQuote v1.42
51.Rina Dynamic Zones
52.Rina Performance Suite 2000
53.Rina Portfolio Tracker Pro
54.Roy Kelly´s Floor Traders Toolkit V 7.0
55.Roy Kelly´s Floor Trend Pro v6.0
56.Roy Kelly´s Money Maker
57.Safir-X Assistant for Expert Traders v3.4.0.1 (the latest!)
58.Smart Downloader Plus v5.0
59.SunSpot Professional v1.0
60.The Collective v2.2.3 (all systems enabled) (the latest!)
61.The Woods Indicators
62.Trading Solutions v2.10 build 031105 - the latest!
63.Walter Bressert´s ProfitTrader v7.0 (including manual)
64.WinWaves v1.3.25 (the latest!)
65.Wyckoff VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) v7.7.8
66. Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75 (
(including manual)
67. AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.0
68. Cd with ´Technical analysis of stocks and commodities´ v4.0
69. DeepInsight v2001 RT
70. Metastock Professional 8.0 Real Time
71. Omega Research ProSuite2000i SP5
(build 822) Platinum Edition good forever password
72. Omnitrader 2003 (Real-Time)


Set II
1.Market Trader Platinum Edition Cycle timer v1.1.3 (
2.Aztec TradeSystem for Tradestation2000i ((
3.Walter Bressert Stochastic Indicators for Tradestation2000i
4.Midas Touch v1.0.5 (
5.Sunny Harris Indicators (
6.TESS Trader v2.025 (
7.Alpha Omega 4.4 for Metastock v8.0 (
8.Drummond Lessons 1-30 (
9.Drummond Seminars and Papers (
10.Neurosolutions v4.22 ( - the latest!
11.Essex Futures Pro v3.0 Y2K (
12.Chart Pattern Finder v2.01 (
13.Wave59 RT v1.27 (
14.Investor 3000 (
15.Minimax II v2 (
16.Advanced Get for v1.3 Build 300 (the latest!)
17.Advanced GET Real-Time for Tradestation2000 v1.2 Build 200
18.Advanced Get v7.5 build 205 EOD (the latest!)
19.ASCTrend v3.51 for Tradestation Pro (the latest - 27/07/02)
20.AztekTrading Forecaster 1.0 (
21.Candlestick Forecaster Samurai 2000
22.Captool v1.68g Professional Level1-4/Fund Administrator (the latest!)
23.Commando-II Trading System manual
24.Dennis Meyers´ Advanced Short-Term Systems and Indicators
25.Dennis Meyers´ Basic Short-Term Systems and Indicators (
26.Dennis Meyers´ End-Point Fast Fourier Transform System
27.Dennis Meyers´ Super Walk Forward Optimizer
28.DynaStore Light for v3.0 build 1113
29.eASCTrend v1.09
30.eVantage v1.0.2 (
31.EXPO BasketTrader II
32.EXPO Econometrics
33.EXPO Monte Carlo Simulation
34.EXPO v4.0 Build 8 (including Options Analytics,Portfolios,Risk)
35.Fibonacci Galactic Trader v3.11 Release 68
36.Fibonacci Symmetrical Trader v3.11
37.Fibonacci Trader v4.00R6 ( - the latest!
38.Gann Trader 3
39.HistoryCentre (
40.HurstChannelFour (
41.Kwik*POP for TradeStation 2000i (
42.Little Big Horn system (
43.MetaServer RT Pro v2.0 (
44.Metastock plug-ins (more than 20mb - request detailed list)
45.Metastock Professional 8.0 Real Time (the latest!)
46.Metastock Prosfessional for Qcharts v7.2 (
47.MicroPredictor v1.5.24 (the latest!)
48.NeuroGenetic Optimizer v2.6 build 142 (the latest!)
49.Neuroshell DayTrader v3.8 (NEW!)
50.NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS2000i (
51.Omega Research ProSuite2000i SP5 (build 822) Platinum Edition (good forever password)
52.Option Vue v1.591 (
53.PolyAnalyst Pro v4.5 (
54.Professional Trade Advisor 4 (
55.Rina Optilogix (
56.Rina Portfolio Stream 2000
57.Rina Selector Pro Toolbox (
58.SAFIR-X v3.4.0 The Assistant for Expert Traders
59.Simplicity 2000 (
60.SmartEtrades indicators (
61.The Daytrader´s Talking ToolBox (
62.TimeTrader II (
63.TradeSim v2.4.1 build 530 Standard/Professional/Enterprise
64.TrendChannel Pro (
65.WizetradePro 6.0 ( (the latest!)
66.Advanced GET Real-Time For eSignal v1.2 b225
67.Elliott Wave v6.2 RT
68.ETS DynaTrend-V3
69.Indigo for Mutual Funds v4.50.0077 (CD)
70.Indigo for Stocks 2001 v5.2
71.Keltner confirmation Collection manual
72.Omnitrader 2003 Real-Time/Stocks/Futures (CD)
73.Precision Trader 4.0 Pro RT build 540
74.Professional TradeAdvisor 4


1.Aztec TradeSystem for Tradestation2000i (
2.Walter Bressert Stochastic Indicators for Tradestation2000i
3.Midas Touch v1.0.5 (
4.Wealth Lab Developer v3.0 ( (NEW!)
5.Advanced GET Real-Time For eSignal v1.2 b225 - the latest!
6.DeepInsight v2001 RT (
7.Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75 (
8.Dennis Meyers´ Advanced Short-Term Systems and Indicators
9.Dennis Meyers´ Basic Short-Term Systems and Indicators
10.Dennis Meyers´ End-Point Fast Fourier Transform System
11.Dennis Meyers´ Super Walk Forward Optimizer
12.DynaLoader for QFeed v1.1 build 20607
13.Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6 (
14.DynaStore Plus for v4.2 build20706
15.Elliott Wave v6.2 (
16.ETS DynaTrend-V3 (
17.eVantage v1.0.2 (
18.HurstChannelFour (
19.Indigo for Stocks 2001 v5.2 (CD)
20.Investor RT v6.1.5 (Esignal,BMI,DialData,DTN,InterQuote, Editions)
21.Kasanjian Research Pattern Smasher v2.08b (
22.Keltner confirmation Collection manual (
23.Metastock Professional 8.0 Real Time
24.Metastock Prosfessional for Qcharts v7.2
25.Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Net Indicators
26.Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Turboprop2
27.Neuroshell Daytrader Advanced Indicator Set 1
28.Neuroshell Daytrader DataXchange API
29.Neuroshell Daytrader Neural Indicators
30.Omnitrader 2002 Real-Time/Stocks/Futures
31.PolyAnalyst Pro v4.2 (
32.Precision Trader 4.0 Pro RT build 540
33.Professional TradeAdvisor 4
34.Rina Dynamic Zones (
31.Roy Kelly´s Money Maker )
32.Three Bears Software (by Michael S Johnson)
33.WizetradePro 6.0 (
Metastock plug-ins:
34.Dynamic support & resistance trendlines
35.Equis - Support & Resistance (For MS)
36.ERSA - Relative Strength Analyser (For MS)
37.Fractal Finance For MS
38.Fractal Finance For MS(2)
39.Investor´s Dream for MS & TS Manuals
40.Investor´s Dream for MS & TS Manuals(2)
41.John murphy´s chart pattern recognition
42.Metalib V[1].3.0 for Metastock ,full
43.Metastock cahen ind
44.Metastock candle add-on
45.Metastock Developers Kit
46.Metastock diff-neu indi add-on
47.Metastock dynamic trading tools add-on
48.Metastock Experts
49.Metastock fractal finance add-on
50.Metastock hilbert indicators
51.Metastock market sys add-on
52.Metastock msst add-on
53.Metastock overseer data ending utility add-on
54.Metastock pattern recognition Murphy Morris
55.Metastock Performance Systems Plus
56.Metastock profit testing system add-on
57.Metastock profit testing systems
58.Metastock quote list add-on
59.Metastock rainbow add-on
60.Metastock spk cleanup v1
61.Metastock spk misc system add-on
62.Metastock strategies
63.Metastock Systems Tester Collection
64.Metastock Systems Tester Collection(2)
65.Metastock time-ind add-on
66.Metastock vol & preis add-on
67.Metastock walter bressert indicator add-on(2)
68.Metastock wilson´s balance trent point add-on
69.MS Trading Systems Vol 1 2 3 4
Books (pdf, doc format):
70.Adam Smith - The Money Game
71.Alan Farley - Master Swing Trader
72.Alan Farley - Swing Trading Examples
73.Ari Kiev - Trading to Win
74.Ari Kiev - Trading in the Zone
75.Art Simpson - Ghost of exchange
76.Ayn Rand - The Virtue of Selfishness. A New Concept of Egoism
77.Barry Rudd - Stock Patterns for Day Trading and Swing Trading.
78.Boucher & Connors - Market & Mutual Fund Timing Trading Course
79.Bryce Gilmore - Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends
80.Bryce Gilmore - Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends
81.C. J. Satchwell - Forecasting, Theory And Practice
82.Charlie Wright - Trading As A Business
83.Chris Tyler - Trading Triangels
84.Chris Tyler - Trading Breakouts
85.Christopher A Farrel - Day Trade Online
86.D.Singleton Co. - Range Trading (Commodities Trading Simiplified)
87.Dave Landry - On Swing Trading
88.David Dreman - The New Contrarian Investing Strategies
89.David C. Stendahl - Money Management Strategies For Serious Traders
90.Dennis Meyers - Publications A_B
91.Dr. Edward O. Thorp - The mathematics of gambling
92.Dr. Edward O. Thorp - The mathematics of gambling
93.E-mini S&P DayTrading Manual
94.Edwin Lefevre - Reminiscences of the Stock Operator
95.Emini2000 Trading Strategy
96.For the New Intellectual. The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
97.Gann Papers
98.Gann Lessons Solar Matrix
99.Gann W.D. - Method For Forecasting The Stock Market
100.Gregory L Morris - Candlestick charting explained
101.Harry Roberts - Stock-Market Patterns and Financial Analysis
102.Herbert N Casson - Twelve tips on finance
103.J.Peter Steidlmayer - A new approach to trading
104.J.?.??tz, D.L.?a?C?rmi?k - ?h? ?n???l?p?di? ?f ?r?ding Str?t?gi?s
105.Jan Arps Swing Trader´s Toolkit
106.Jan Arps - Swing Trader´s Toolkit
107.Jea Yu - The Guide to Electronic Trading
108.Jeffrey Owen - The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies
109.Joe Ross - Trading by Minute
110.Joe Ross - Trading by the Book
111.Joe Ross - Trading The Ross Hook
112.Joe Ross - Trading Spreads and Seasonals
113.Joe Krutsinger - $36,000 Worth Of Trading Systems
114.Joe Duffy - Key Point´ (The Key to Tomorrow´s Market Prices... Today!)
115.Joe Ross, Mark Cherlin. Electronic Trading TNT I - Gorilla Trading Stuff
116.Joe Ross, Mark Cherlin. Electronic Trading TNT II - How-To-Win Trading Stuff
117.John Murphy Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets
118.John Murphy - Chart Pattern Recognition For Metastock And Metastock Pro 7.0 and
119.Josh Murakami - Trading System Design: The L/S Model
120.Kaufman - Trading Systems & Methods
121.Kaufman - Trading Systems & Methods
122.Kaufman, Perry J. - Smarter Trading Denzil
123.Kaufman Perry J. - Smarter Trading Improving Performance in Changing Markets
124.Ken Wolff - Momentum Investing (Complete Guide To Daytrading High Percentage,
Volatile Momentum Stocks
125.Kevin Hagerty - Day Trading Course
126.Kevin Haggerty - Day Trading Course
127.Kevin Haggerty - Day Trading Course
128.Kevin Haggerty - How I Trade Major First-Hour Reversals
129.Larry Swing - A Practical Guide to Swing Trading
130.Larry Williams - The Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate and Substantial Gains
131.Laurence A. Connors, Linda Bradford Raschke - Street Smarts
132.Le Beau & D W Lucas - Day Trading - Systems & methods
133.Lewis Borsellino - Trading S&P, NASDAQ 100 & E-mini Futures
134.Ludwig von Mises - The Theory of Money and Credit
135.Mark Douglas - Disciplined Trader
136.Mark Douglas - Trading in the Zone
137.Mark Conway - Professional Stock Trading
138.Marisch, Gerald - The W.D. Gann Method of Trading Denzil
139.Mark Boucher and Larry Connors - Market Timing Trading Course
140.Mark Jurik - Computerized Trading Maximizing Day Trading and Overnight Profits
141.Mel Raiman - Guide to Effective Daytrading
142.Michael M.Mermer - High Five Trading
143.Michael P. Turner - Day Trading Into The Millenium
144.Michael J. Parsons - Balance Magic (Understanding the Language of the Markets)
145.Michael J. Parsons - Channel Surfing´ (Riding the Waves of Channels to Profitable
146.Money Management Strategies By Joe Balsara
147.Money Management Strategies for Futures Traders
148.Naive Trading Rules in Financial Markets and Wiener-Kolmogorov
149.Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Fooled by Randomness
150.Nauzer J. - Money Management Strategies for Futures Traders
151.Nicholas Leeson - Rouge Trader, The. If possible.
152.Options Trading Course
153.Paul Levine - MIDAS Method of Technical Analysis
154.Paul Levine - MIDAS Method of Technical Analysis
155.Pesavento Larry Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition
156.Peter Bernstein - Against the gods
157.Poul Katz - The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies
158.Reversal Magic, Balance Magic and Channel Surfing (
159.Richard D Wyckoff - Day Traders Bible
160.Richard Arms - Trading With EquiVolume
161.Robert Koppell - Online trading
162.Robert Krausz - W.D. Gann Treasure Discovered
163.Robert Deel - The Strategic Electronic Day Trader
164.Ross Hook - Performance trading
165.Sam Weinstein - Secrets for profiting in bull and bear markets
166.Schwager - Technical Analysis
167.Schwager - Technical Analysis
168.Schwager - Stock market wizards
169.Schwager - Stock Market Wizards
170.Scott M. Carney - The Harmonic Trader
171.Steven Shreve - Stochastic Calculus and Finance
172.Stephen A. Pierce - Rapid Fire Swing Trading (By )
173.Steve Nison - Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
174.Taleb - Dynamic hedging
175.Technical Analysis from A to Z
176.The Greatest Bull Market In History
177.The Floor Trader System´ (The Floor Trader Method)
178.The Lazy Trader System (
179.Thomas N. Bulkowski - Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns
180.Toby Crabel - Day Trading With Short Term Price Pattern
181.Tom Joseph - Applying Technical Analysis
182.Turtle Trading Rules
183.Tushar S. Chande - Beyond Technical Analysis
184.V.Niederhoffer - Market Making and Reversal on the Stock Exchange
185.W.B. Canoles - An Analysis of the Profiles and Motivations of Habitual Commodity
186.Welles Wilder - The Delta Phenomenon
187.Welles Wilder - The Delta Phenomenon
188.William F. - Sharpe Investments
189.William J O´Neil - How to make money in stocks
190.William Goeltzman - An Introduction to Investment Theory

[email protected]

all titles with passwords/unlimited licences
shipping by express mail, airmail to any part of the world!
no zero length/infected filez!
more than 100 titles of leading stock trading software.
any orders welcome: 100% reliable customization of your
software, removal of time limitations etc.

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