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Post on : 12 April 2016 08:04:11[ ]

Detail : Fantastic set at Folkestone Jive 8 - well worth the long drive down from Anglesey.....

Post by : Anglesey Rock n Roll Club

Post on : 04 April 2016 02:04:54[ ]

Detail : Hello Kingcats! Hope you can come and play in Sweden soon!

Post by : Einar Wallberg

Post on : 14 February 2016 23:02:51[ ]

Detail : Saw the Kingcats in Australia at Ballarat Beat, you guys are awesome, loved every song, please come back and do some more shows. 😊😊😊

Post by : Andrew Walker

Post on : 13 February 2016 20:02:08[ ]
Homepage : http://cfhrt

Detail : Looking forward to seeing you in Folkestone jive weekender

Post by : David Cragg

Post on : 23 January 2016 03:01:25[ ]

Detail : Playing you now, see you in Australia soon

Post by : Jim Bisson

Post on : 27 November 2015 08:11:28[ ]
Homepage : http://7F33T

Detail : Hi

I have just passed my Grade 1 Drum exam and i am looking to get into a Rock n Roll band in the future I was wondering if you would require a stand in drummer I live in Bristol and have always loved Rock n Roll music I am a singer and entertainer myself with my wife. Hope to hear from you soon



Post on : 27 July 2015 15:07:22[ ]

Detail : Thanks for another great night in Chingford be in Dorset for the next one

Post by : Phill

Post on : 09 January 2015 19:01:28[ ]
Homepage : http://Google

Detail : just discovered your music via youtube. the head singer has a lot of charisma---excellent singing voice and the choreography is great too. I can imagine doing my own solo on the Staten Island Ferry----our free ferry here in NYC---tourist attraction.


Post on : 06 December 2014 11:12:55[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : hi, call me asap reg a pos gig in sweden.

Post by : micke finell

Post on : 08 September 2014 08:09:50[ ]

Detail : Hi, Love your music would love to see you come down under (Australia)

Post by : Kazz

Post on : 10 May 2014 14:05:43[ ]

Detail : Bill thanks for 2 great nights entertainment in Benidorm
Bet MK tries to learn Drums now lol
Rusty looks Amazing ,great to see him Playing & Singing
its been years since he has been so Active
See you Sat @ Rolls Royce
Big Col aka,Colin the Ted

Post by : BIG COL

Post on : 20 April 2014 11:04:18[ ]

Detail : just like to say what a brilliant show you guys put on at the engine shed last night.. brilliant as always x

Post by : moira

Post on : 17 February 2014 20:02:49[ ]

Detail : Hi i wood love to see you in Montral Canada

Post by : Danny Sguin

Post on : 30 December 2013 09:12:42[ ]

Detail : Having seen you many times in 2013. every performance superb and the standard never drops, as at the Festival Nottingham on Friday 27th. You must be the best band in the country. Looking forward to seeing you in 2014. Happy New Year to you all.

Post by : Heather & Rod

Post on : 06 December 2013 14:12:45[ ]

Detail : Come to San Diego Ca!!!!

Post by : Cameron

Post on : 03 November 2013 12:11:56[ ]

Detail : Hi Bill thanks for a great night at the Trouville Hotel what a finish to a great weekender you and the boys were fabulous top draw hope to see you at the Heathlands Hotel Bournemouth at the end of the month keep on rockin.

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 28 October 2013 20:10:08[ ]
Homepage : http://YR6y7

Detail : I and my missis injoiyed the king cats at Victoria club coulsdon it was fantastic thank you

Post by : Allan cooper

Post on : 17 September 2013 12:09:35[ ]
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Post by : rabota448

Post on : 05 September 2013 17:09:03[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great gig at Hemsby, you never disappoint and are our favourite band by far. Keyboards, James was fantastic, wonderful.
We have seen you 3 times in the last month, just gets better and better. Thanks again.

Post by : JOHN and LINDA

Post on : 06 August 2013 10:08:50[ ]

Detail : Great night at brounston looking forward to seeing you soon..

Post by : Kingcatken

Post on : 07 January 2013 17:01:59[ ]
Homepage : http://Sweden

Detail : Are you playing i sweden at 2013?

Post by : Stefan Ottosson

Post on : 17 December 2012 14:12:47[ ]

Detail : Fantastic performance at Newton Abbot Jive club,Devon, with encores worth the ticket price on its own

Post by : cliff cocker

Post on : 15 December 2012 13:12:35[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Sorry to hear you are losing Rusty, Thanks Rusty for the fantastic nights you have provided with the guys at the Bedrock Club in Heath and Reach. We will miss you

Post by : Steve

Post on : 03 December 2012 21:12:58[ ]

Detail : Great CD Kevin......thanks very much!

Post by : Lucy woods

Post on : 26 November 2012 20:11:33[ ]
Homepage : http://Bournemouth

Detail : Saw you guys at the do on Friday last at The Heathlands... 1st time in about 4 years... One of the very best R& R bands in the land ..... All of you totally top rate musicians

Post by : Mick Tedman

Post on : 03 November 2012 14:11:43[ ]

Detail : Fantastic night at Birdwell 2/11/ boys are the best (i was the screaming woman at the front old enough to know better).So glad to get your new CD Loving You just brilliant.Come back up North again soon x


Post on : 03 October 2012 20:10:43[ ]
Homepage : http://YAA7y

Detail : Hey guys just brought ur new cd \"Loving You\" fantanstic bill Loving You great song one of ur best
See u guys @ Beauwaters Dec 9th

Post by : Mark

Post on : 20 August 2012 18:08:05[ ]

Detail : Not one off the best.......its the best............
Wonderfull various style of rock and roll, ballads and rockabilly.

When will they visit Holland????

Post by : Sjouke

Post on : 13 August 2012 21:08:31[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Message to Eric & Bridge. I have sent you an email but you have not replied, so I am assuming you have not received it, if that is so then please indicate through this medium. Thank you.

Post by : Bert for The Kingcats

Post on : 11 August 2012 13:08:38[ ]

Detail : Hi guys!

We would love to order your Lovin You CD but it is impossible to email our order using this link [email protected] (the link on your website ).

It would be great if you could let us know how else we could order this CD. You could email us at [email protected]

Thanks : )
Eric & Bridge (a couple from Quebec in Canada)

Keep on guys you are great
By the way, are you guys planning on coming to Quebec city soon?

Post by : Eric and Bridge

Post on : 14 June 2012 23:06:09[ ]

Detail : Just heard you have been in Hospital Bill
hope you are ok
see you soon

Post by : BIG COL

Post on : 28 April 2012 22:04:11[ ]
Homepage : http://rodnanne

Detail : great

Post by : rodnanne

Post on : 03 April 2012 17:04:38[ ]
Homepage : http://TS ONLY ROCK NROLL


Post by : EDNA LING

Post on : 10 March 2012 13:03:01[ ]

Detail : Looking forwards to seeing you tonight at the Ritz.

Post by : Derek Heath

Post on : 12 February 2012 08:02:04[ ]

Detail : Fantastic gig at Parkhouse Centre Bude last night. Hope you all got home safely

Post by : sue griffin

Post on : 26 December 2011 10:12:32[ ]

Detail : Came and see you on Xmas eve at Bagster House.
Best rockabilly group ive seen since crazy caven and the rhythm rockers in 1979 when i was 15.
Excellent - and Abbey Marie was excellent also. Amazing voice
Thanks for a great night
Dave and Helen

Post by : Dave

Post on : 07 December 2011 17:12:22[ ]

Detail : Ik weet zeker dat ik een grote fan ben, vooral van de drummer ;-)

Groetjes uit Enschede

Post by : Evelien

Post on : 12 November 2011 11:11:08[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a fantastic night at Birdwell you are undisputably the best band on the rocknroll circuit and lovely people too.Hope you are back in Yorkshire again soon we love you up here x


Post on : 22 September 2011 19:09:06[ ]
Homepage : http://66sph

Detail : One of the best bands out there,looking forward to dec when you play our club again

Post by : lincoln rock n roll club

Post on : 09 September 2011 19:09:38[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Nice and interesting website. thanks!

Post by : Avto

Post on : 30 August 2011 18:08:21[ ]

Detail : hi boys see ya in spain

Post by : the bobcats

Post on : 26 August 2011 18:08:51[ ]
Homepage : http://3999j

Detail : Dear Bill and the Kingcats, just a quick note to say a huge thank you for performing at our wedding on August the 11th. You guys were brilliant!!! fabulous, professional and brilliant music. The entertainment made our wedding. Every single guest from my 6month old nephew to my 91 year old Grandad had a brilliant time. Thank you so much and we look forward to coming to see your next gig!. I would highly reccommend the band for all occasions.

Post by : Bethan Chapman

Post on : 18 July 2011 17:07:39[ ]

Detail : Saw you at Blackburn Hall on Saturday excellent as ever your vocals are awesome Bill!!

Post by : Helen Hoyland

Post on : 04 July 2011 14:07:44[ ]
Homepage : http://dn9aa

Detail : just come back from wildcat rock n roll weekend seen the boys for the first time great got the cds and te-shirt see you next at americana

Post by : steve

Post on : 13 June 2011 15:06:15[ ]

Detail : Saw you last night @ Beauwaters for the first time - you guys are class !!!!
A massive fan already - will def be spreading the Cats word !!! x

Post by : Shine_82

Post on : 06 April 2011 15:04:57[ ]

Detail : There is no better band around, absolutely fantastic. Never miss a gig if they are down this way.
Kathy Honeybun

Post by : MR AAR

Post on : 12 March 2011 16:03:19[ ]

Detail : Best band on the scene

Post by : brant road rock n roll club

Post on : 10 March 2011 18:03:34[ ]

Detail : Hi Rusty, been a long time since we heard you play, sounding good, sorry we did not catch up while in UK

Post by : Roders&Gerry Albers

Post on : 03 March 2011 20:03:57[ ]
Homepage : http://44tpp

Detail : I seen them for the first time in Birmingham Feb 25.. They were awesome. You gotta see em!
Keep Rockin Boys

Post by : Del

Post on : 14 February 2011 04:02:29[ ]

Detail : many thanks for an exceptional evening friday 11th for jamies 21st have to admit you are brilliant. cant wait to see you again

Post by : Allison warner

Post on : 02 February 2011 07:02:01[ ]

Detail : Hi guys not heard any of your music before but after listening to your samples i shall be buying some in the very near future. Kepp on a rockin and a rollin as your credit to yourselves and rock n roll as a whole. I wish you all the very best for your up and coming gigs. Are lads are going to the Ilfracombe weekender are you playing there by any chance?

All the best
Colin Jewell and the Rockers of Plymouth.

Post by : Colin Jewell

Post on : 31 January 2011 01:01:30[ ]

Detail : message for rusty. been watching a jools holland show where by mark knoffler playing with band and jools. is that you on the key boards. if its not then you got a double. can you setlle an argument cos i said it had to be you. dont mstake you anywhere.

Post by : NTMHK

Post on : 16 January 2011 19:01:04[ ]
Homepage : http://new year speacial

Detail : thanks guy for one can only call your performance as outstanding and very proffessional thanks for makin our weekender one that everyones talkin about you have made us very well known on the circiut thankin you paul n marie down new year speacial 2 1 2011 uplowman tiverton devon

Post by : paul marie

Post on : 10 January 2011 13:01:23[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : hello! Happy new years, you website is good, thank you for posting Message

Post by : directoryphone

Post on : 10 January 2011 02:01:23[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Your website is good . Thank you very much. see you again from.

Post by : computerdesktop

Post on : 07 January 2011 10:01:31[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great rockabilly evening in Uddevalla Sweden, by the way thanks for the drumstick =)

best regards Daniel & Dorothea

Post by : Daniel & Dorothea

Post on : 28 December 2010 16:12:49[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys,Wishing you a great and successful New Year

Post by : Dave&Shirley

Post on : 23 December 2010 08:12:53[ ]

Detail : To bill and the lads,keep doing what you do,you do it so well,see you xmax eve at walton

Post by : Paul,(quinn)

Post on : 10 December 2010 21:12:23[ ]

Detail : you guys are so cool

Post by : raymond mathews

Post on : 17 September 2010 19:09:50[ ]
Homepage : http://derby

Detail : saw you at hemsby you was awesome .!! bought the cds played all the time since got home keep on rockin boys

Post by : wendy barlow

Post on : 13 September 2010 18:09:33[ ]

Detail : you guys gotta come to sweden and play!
you are fuckin awsome!

Post by : Anders Uppsala Sweden

Post on : 29 August 2010 21:08:33[ ]

Detail : Shit Hot down The Cricketers from cousin Jason. Thanks for the CD mate. Keep in touch.

Post by : Jaso Crittenden

Post on : 14 August 2010 08:08:06[ ]

Detail : Last night Fantastic mate
You lads just get Better n Better
Very impressed with Abbie Marie
Very talented just like her Dad
Take care Guys
See you soon

Post by : Big Col

Post on : 02 July 2010 19:07:37[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great night at Bournemouth R n R club plenty of jiving to a really great beat hope to see you again very soon all the best Angie & Del.

Post by : Del Pollard

Post on : 15 June 2010 15:06:59[ ]
Homepage : http://43HCR

Detail : Looking forward to seeing you again at the Rockola Club Canvey Island this Friday 18th June all the best Phill

Post by : Phill

Post on : 12 June 2010 19:06:52[ ]

Detail : brilliant show

Post by : Max Hixon

Post on : 03 May 2010 21:05:20[ ]

Detail : Thanks guys for a great gig at the Bailey in Enniscorthy
Ireland on Saturday night last. The joint was jumpin and u rocked it. Cheers guys , Keep Rockin

Post by : Sean Foley

Post on : 28 April 2010 23:04:37[ ]

Detail : Saw you at Ladram and you rocked

Post by : markymarc

Post on : 05 April 2010 11:04:51[ ]
Homepage : http://KFFDO

Detail : best band on the circuit by far !

Post by : king cat ken (birmingham)

Post on : 26 March 2010 01:03:56[ ]

Detail : wot a grate night had by all at the it stop thank you for play grat songs like you always do keep rockin

Post by : stuart dring

Post on : 22 March 2010 14:03:01[ ]
Homepage : http://E6JAE

Detail : Hi Guys, Great set at Shake Rattle & Roll on Sunday, all the best Dave & Shirley

Post by : Dave & Shirley

Post on : 16 January 2010 14:01:54[ ]

Detail : love the king cats. you got an tee shirts for sale?

Post by : faith hendry

Post on : 06 January 2010 11:01:37[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great night at Paul and Maries at Bampton this New Year. 3 great sets, also a fantastic night at the Bawa Bristol, well worth travelling to.

Post by : kathy honeybun

Post on : 05 January 2010 13:01:35[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great night at Wickham Bill you and the lads + Abbie were fantastic a real joy to see the new year in see you at eastbourne keep on rockin.

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 05 January 2010 11:01:54[ ]

Detail : we are big fans, when are you coming to spain?

Post by : mike and kathy durrant

Post on : 04 January 2010 14:01:29[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys.All the best for 2010 hope its a great one for the band.Dave & Shirley

Post by : dc3on

Post on : 31 December 2009 23:12:24[ ]

Detail : Happy new Year Rusty

Post by : mick axton

Post on : 29 December 2009 01:12:33[ ]

Detail : Bill and the lads and lass what a brill nite at the pitstop you just get better and better


Post on : 19 December 2009 18:12:26[ ]

Detail : G A thanks for all your musical help and encouragement in the past year, and to Bill and the rest of the finest Rock n Roll band in the UK - keep rockin!

Post by : Steve Richards

Post on : 04 December 2009 03:12:59[ ]

Detail : HI BILL

Post by : BIG COL

Post on : 19 November 2009 09:11:50[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys.Glad to here Rusty is out and about again.Hope he is feeling a lot better.Dave&Shirley

Post by : Dave&Shirley

Post on : 18 November 2009 14:11:24[ ]

Detail : Hi guys
Real sorry to hear about Rusty - please send him our love and best wishes for speedy recovery. Looking forwad to seeing you all again real soon.

Ken & Ivana

Post by : Ivana & Ken

Post on : 01 September 2009 20:09:05[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys,
Saw you for the first time at twinwood on saturday you blew us both away ,got your back on track album top stuff.
Keep rockin
Jim and mary

Post by : jim and mary

Post on : 07 July 2009 08:07:18[ ]
Homepage : http://amo7l

Detail : Brilliant set at Pakefield

Post by : dave+shirley

Post on : 07 June 2009 16:06:01[ ]
Homepage : http://3L7PD

Detail : Bill thanks for a great night at bournemouth R&R club it is great to see you and the lads give another great performance hope to see you soon keep on rockin.

Post by : Del Pollard

Post on : 20 May 2009 10:05:50[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Love the site dudes. keep rockin!
Best Regards Greggi G

Post by : GREGGI G

Post on : 01 May 2009 16:05:12[ ]

Detail : Looking forward to seeing you guys again on 1/5/09 at Tonge Ward

Post by : Richard & Diane Kendal

Post on : 02 March 2009 15:03:00[ ]
Homepage : http://e7myn

Detail : Please could you contact me regarding a possible booking. Den Welland 07831-652934

Post by : Dennis Welland

Post on : 02 March 2009 07:03:23[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi Guys Just to say thanks for a fantastic night on Saturday at the Bedrock club,you guys rock and Abbie - Marie what a talent. Keep roxckin and we hope to see you soon

Post by : Steve

Post on : 09 December 2008 17:12:39[ ]
Homepage : http://fnd74

Detail : loved your set at jingle bell rock,first time we have seen you. think you should have been top of the bill. looking forwards to catching you again ! ! ! Geoff & Alison Kilbourne from Derbyshire

Post by : geoffrey james kilbourne fnd74

Post on : 04 December 2008 21:12:49[ ]

Detail : Superb night at the Thorngate, hope to see you again soon, looking foward to the DVD.

Regards Lee

Post by : Lee

Post on : 22 November 2008 19:11:15[ ]

Detail : hi bill gang and abbie
iam realy p****d off ihad my heart set on bein with you guys tonight at thorngate but its not to be was rushed back to hospital yesterday cant wait tosee you guys new years eve at our gig only death will stop me from bein there and if that happens ive told marie to hold of on funeral and take me there in a box have its will be the best party this year see ya soon paul n marie

Post by : paul russell gorge down

Post on : 09 November 2008 15:11:17[ ]
Homepage : http://K3EES

Detail : I.O. W. You were absolutely brilliant

Post by : dave and shirley

Post on : 23 October 2008 21:10:32[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : hey bill do ya mind if i link ya to our site bud only the good uns are gettin asked need about ten so you are around the third act ive asked you ok about that ho ho

Post by : johnny menphis

Post on : 16 October 2008 21:10:14[ ]

Detail : just purchased cd back on track,havent got to track 2 yet because i cannot stop singing lucky night,best bloody rockabilly number that i have heard in ages,even my neighbours are getting to know it,fantastic,seen you guys at beaconsfield,basingstoke etc,great live performance,

Post by : pete cronin

Post on : 04 October 2008 17:10:30[ ]

Detail : Bill thanks to you and the lads for a great night at Bournemouth rock n roll club that has got to be the best night at the club this year a mark of one of the best bands on the circuit today hope to see you soon at thorngate halls keep on rockin

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 23 September 2008 18:09:58[ ]

Detail : you boys sound good.........just discovered ya........
try and play ipswich

Post by : filthy

Post on : 22 August 2008 22:08:24[ ]
Homepage : http://yjy6j

Detail : my fav band you always do abrill show ,enjoyed d jing with you bill at the winning post and many thanks for the c ds ive been playing them lots we all had a great night.

Post by : stompln steve

Post on : 06 August 2008 12:08:38[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys! Like the web site, lots of usefull info-ideal!

Post by : Percy Tones

Post on : 21 July 2008 17:07:48[ ]

Detail : Hi king cats how are you all doing just like to say that you are a very good band sarah and russ

Post by : sarah

Post on : 08 July 2008 07:07:02[ ]
Homepage : http://-

Detail : hey all,

i really enjoy your music.

i hope you will come to germany for some gigs.


Post by : Jessie

Post on : 15 June 2008 07:06:48[ ]

Detail : Fab night at hedsor Bill thank you to you and your band and thanks for the dance.Best wishes and keep on rocking Josie x

Post by : Josie

Post on : 22 May 2008 18:05:01[ ]
Homepage : http://[email protected]

Detail : Hi kingcats i just like to say that you are a very good band and your cd is very good.see you morrow night at darby ward take care sarah and russ

Post by : sarah cambray

Post on : 29 April 2008 19:04:19[ ]

Detail : Hya Guys. I last saw u at the Southport weekender, you put on another great show. Cant wait to see you Rockin again. Keep up the good work.

Post by : Laura

Post on : 20 April 2008 21:04:54[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hello Guys,
We saw you at the Shake Rattle and Roll weekender in Great Yarmouth.
We have enjoyed it very much, we have made pictures of the whole weekend. You can see them on our site
Greetings Peter and Antonet from The Netherlands

Post by : Peter and Antonet

Post on : 30 March 2008 16:03:46[ ]

Detail : Hya. I saw you at Sale a few month ago and saw you Friday at tonge ward they where both really good night. Your a great band and play very well.

Thanks for a \"Rockin Night\"

Post by : Laura

Post on : 17 March 2008 10:14:16[ ]

Detail : Brilliant Group one of the BEST ive seen keep Rockin xxxxx

Post by : jo

Post on : 03 March 2008 19:37:25[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Do you still remember the time of the 50s and 60s? Petticoat, Brilliantine and Rock n Roll? Or the 30s the big time of records and the swing? For one weekend we like to bring you back these years! Experience the way of life of nearly 50 years of contemporary history from the 30s to the 70s.
We like to welcome you on April, 12th and 13th 2008 in Munich/ Germany!
The "One More Time" is an exhibition of jukeboxes and machines of all kinds. Besides jukeboxes, oldtimers, pinball machines as well as slot machines and historical utensils and design objects from the 30s to the 70s will be displayed.
more information: www. onemoretime. de
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
Erinnert ihr euch noch an die Zeit der 50er und 60er Jahre?
Petticoat, Brilliantine und Rockn Roll? Oder an die 30er
die groe Zeit der Schellackplatten und des Swings?
Am 12. und 13. April 2008 findet in Muenchen die einzige
sueddeutsche Musikboxen- und Automatenboerse statt.
Fuer ein Wochenende erlebt ihr Lebensart von etwa
50 Jahren Zeitgeschichte von den 30ern bis zu den 70er Jahren.
Zu sehen und tw. zu erwerben sind unter anderem:
- Musikboxen aller Art
- Spielautomaten, Flipper, historische Muenzautomaten
- Bekleidung, Objekte und Dekostuecke
- Oldtimerfahrzeuge
Darueber hinaus gibt es Live-Musik, Tanzeinlagen, spannende
Darbietungen, Verlosungen,...- lasst euch ueberraschen.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung unter:
www. onemoretime. de

Post by : Ernst

Post on : 17 February 2008 20:56:43[ ]

Detail : Bill thanks for a terrific night at the trouville hotel you and the lads were great the best rock n roll band on the circuit by far hope to see you again very soon cheers mate.

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 21 January 2008 21:35:32[ ]
Homepage : http://gXgpH

Detail : Just been listening to you guy´s and can´t wait for saturday
at the masonic hall in sale.
Hope your C Ds will be on sale at the gig.
All the best . Dave

Post by : Dave Hodgkinson

Post on : 20 January 2008 12:20:35[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys,
What a great night at reading on friday, best night for years
keep up the good work, see you all soon
Jim and june

Post by :

Post on : 23 December 2007 13:22:11[ ]
Homepage : http://www,

Detail : Hi Guy´s

Had a great time at Carshallton, you get better and better.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year, also they go out to Gabriel´s family I wish them all well

See you all soon

Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 28 November 2007 14:31:32[ ]

Detail : Really enjoyed your music at Stafford White Eagle Club last Sunday Are you near this area soon?

Post by : Laurence Chapman

Post on : 23 November 2007 13:00:13[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hello Kingcats,

could your drummer Kevin Bulford be the one I used to play with back in the Netherlands, in Enschede? The guy up in the back looks a bit like him, but I see moustaches.....?

After a failed telehponecall I completely lost contact and that has never been my intention....

Post by : Jelle van Buuren

Post on : 20 November 2007 19:04:54[ ]

Detail : Hi Guy´s..... Just wanted to say Thanks for making my 50th Birthday at Carshalton Ex a great night, you were excellent as alway´s.

Post by : Shirley & Dave

Post on : 17 November 2007 19:02:09[ ]

Detail : rusty waiting for the album fish

Post by :

Post on : 13 November 2007 19:28:43[ ]
Homepage : http://3MbkA

Detail : A truly brilliant night at Hamble the atmosphere was great the best rock n roll group on the circuit a special thanks bill to abbie marie although not feeling very well still managed to get on stage and do 3 songs a true mark of a professional artist hope to be seeing you again very soon.

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 11 November 2007 08:58:45[ ]



Post by : JOHNNY

Post on : 08 November 2007 11:09:18[ ]

Detail : Hi Guy´s, great show at brean, cant belive it you just keep getting better all the time, best band of the weekend.
Keep it up, see you soon
Ian and sue

Post by : ian and sue

Post on : 06 November 2007 15:07:15[ ]
Homepage : http://bill

Detail : That video of you and the band singing A MESS OF BLUES is great


Post by : donna

Post on : 21 October 2007 20:18:53[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi Guys
Actually it´s Kevin I know. Nice one, mate! We haven´t yet got to see you guys but the songs you´ve recorded are fantastic. When next you´re near Bracknell or the Comrades Club in Hersham we will definitely be there to see you.
All the very best from The Silver Shadows!

Post by : Chris Kenward

Post on : 14 October 2007 16:27:55[ ]

Detail : hey just thought i would leave a comment, me and dad think you are fantstic!!! we love seein u! and lookin forward to seein u at breane sands in november!!!

thanxs luv lizzie and graham xxx

Post by : Lizzie walker

Post on : 08 October 2007 20:43:36[ ]
Homepage : http://PJaI3

Detail : Bill thanks for a great night at Bournemouth rock n roll club you and the lads were fantastic a brilliant atmosphere everyone enjoyed themselves hope to see you again shortly.

Post by : Del Pollard PJaI3

Post on : 24 September 2007 18:43:10[ ]
Homepage : http://sxYcD

Detail : Saw you last night at skeggy, wow you kicked some rock n roll butt, good to see rusty again. best band all weekend.
Keep rockin

Post by : jimmy

Post on : 22 August 2007 17:55:27[ ]

Detail : What a fabulous night at Hanworth, what a shame so many missed it ! The piano player added a new dimension, a real rock n roll contribution. Jerry Lee, eat your heart out. Thanks guys, let´s have some more like that. Awesome.

Post by : Joe

Post on : 08 August 2007 13:28:52[ ]

Detail : bill
i have been on you wed sit and your sound great but you sing the kings songs better

Post by : Molly

Post on : 11 July 2007 20:17:29[ ]

Detail : Hi!
I have heard a couple of your songs and I think you sound great!!!
I live in Sweden and I wonder how and where I can buy your records? I would really like to be able to listen to all of your songs :)
All the best to you all

Post by : Anna

Post on : 23 June 2007 23:50:05[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi cats!,
what a great band you are!!!
My name is "Bat-Mario" Fernandez; I´m from Argentina; and I play in a rockabilly trio called "Los Salvajes rockabilly".
I´ve got your album "Double 50´s" and I like a lot your style!!.
All the songs are great! ("Teenage Heaven"...what an excellent version!!!).
I love your band, guys!!!
Keep on rockin´

Post by : Bat-Mario

Post on : 01 June 2007 19:34:29[ ]

Detail : hy guys i hope to have you at our club next im booked up for this yr. the club is ´mid devon r n r club´ at uffculmbe, mike from the minster club keeps bringing your cd ´saturday night´ any way great web site keep on rockin

Post by : dj mooncrest

Post on : 28 May 2007 06:35:50[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a superb evening at Heath & Reach on 26th May,the place was buzzing and your two sets were fantastic,

Post by : Steve

Post on : 17 April 2007 11:14:27[ ]

Detail : sorry to hear about dave.
glad to see you are continuing to honour your gigs.
keep rockin, you can bet dave is jammin with the best.

Post by : mark, (big bopper)

Post on : 13 April 2007 20:09:34[ ]

Detail : just a terrible tragic waste.i am so pleased that i saw them 3 weeks on the trot.i feel so lucky that i had a nice chat with dave and gabriel at horsham .i am saving all my pennies for the forthcoming box set of the greatest hits.

Post by : mike

Post on : 31 March 2007 11:20:50[ ]

Detail : Cool,what a day,and one ill never forget.

Pete the Tshirt.

Post by : peter emmens

Post on : 30 March 2007 18:21:01[ ]

Detail : We were so sorry to hear the very sad news and wanted to let you know that we were thinking about all of you.

Post by : Beryl and Bill Godfrey

Post on : 30 March 2007 08:00:33[ ]
Homepage : http://Jerry

Detail : It was an honour to attend the funeral of Dave and hear all the great stories told about him. What a great character who will be sadly missed. Thanks for the great jam session back at the Carshalton club it´s just what Dave would have liked.

Post by : Jerry

Post on : 29 March 2007 10:19:13[ ]

Detail : Very sorry to hear the sad news about Dave; long time since we last met. Sincere condolences to Tilley, Gabriel and all Dave´s many friends.

Post by : Brian

Post on : 29 March 2007 10:16:55[ ]

Detail : It is with great sadness to hear of Dave´s passing. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with him at KCIL for many years. I will miss seeing his cheerful face as he cycled into to Kingston ane he will be very much missed by his friends and colleages at KCIL.
Sleep peacefully Dave

Post by : Jan Stow

Post on : 26 March 2007 10:19:31[ ]

Detail : Very sorry to hear the sad news,our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Post by : Jim Plummer

Post on : 25 March 2007 10:46:03[ ]

Detail : To Gabriel & Felix
Really sorry to hear about your Dad. We are thinking of you.
Helen, Richard and Sarah (your cousins)

Post by : Sarah Jones (Tilbrook)

Post on : 24 March 2007 13:48:22[ ]

Detail : Hi lads, So sorry to hear the sad news about Dave.
A lovely man who will be sadly missed.
Our loss is Rock´n´Roll Heavens gain.
Pam,Paul,Lynne & Tony (Redditch Rowdies)

Post by : Redditch Rowdies

Post on : 22 March 2007 19:54:27[ ]
Homepage : http://htp//www.myspace,com/lucasandthedynamos

Detail : sorry for your loss,in time keep on rockin

Post by : keith & tracey (lucas & the dynamos)

Post on : 22 March 2007 16:27:41[ ]

Detail : So sorry to hear the sad news about Dave. Our condolences to Gabs and the rest of you boys from everyone at Rock-Ola Rock´N´Roll Club Canvey Island

Post by : Della Savin

Post on : 22 March 2007 14:40:03[ ]

Detail : Very sorry to hear your sad news> Dave was an exceptional player and will be a big loss to the group>

Post by : Marilyn Young

Post on : 22 March 2007 14:27:28[ ]

Detail : Sorry to hear about Dave, regards

Post by : Frank & Marlene Cleary (3rs)

Post on : 22 March 2007 14:10:47[ ]

Detail : So sorry to hear about Dave a great musician and a real character he will be greatly missed our sympathy and thoughts are with his family from everyone at bournemouth south coast rock n roll club.

Post by : Del Pollard

Post on : 22 March 2007 13:01:53[ ]

Detail : Very sorry to hear the sad news about Dave. We were at the ´Shake Rattle & Roll´ weekender, looking forward to another cracking performance by yourselves when the sad news was broken. We have seen you perform on many occasions - a few times at our local club in Basingstoke!!! Our thoughts are with you, and Dave, if your´e looking down at this message - ´Keep Rockin on Heavens Door´

Post by : Chris, Gill & Alastair

Post on : 21 March 2007 08:14:05[ ]

Detail : Dear Gabriel and guys

we have all just returned from yarmouth and heard about Dave, we would like to all from carshalton club send you our sincere condolences, for your loss.
bernie woods played a wonderful tribute to you all your were sadley missed.

jacqui steve glenda ivana ken denise john carol phil marilyn lyn gerry brenda mick brenda keith sandy mick del chris ray sue

Post by : jacqui steve carshalton club

Post on : 21 March 2007 08:07:15[ ]

Detail : We where so shocked and very sad to hear about Dave.
He will be missed. His rocking with all the greats now.
Please give our love and sympathy to Gabriel and family.

Post by : Denise & JohnSS (Carshalton Crew)

Post on : 20 March 2007 18:48:21[ ]

Detail : It was really sad to hear of Daves death. i really enjoyed the gigs that I did with you over the past 2 or 3 years when i helped you out on occasions.
I shall never forget those ´rehearsals´ in wimbledon in his house!
He was a true one off and im proud to have played with you guys. My thoughts are with you.
Phil Hunter

Post by : phil Hunter

Post on : 20 March 2007 18:24:58[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi Guys, Really sorry to hear of the sad loss of Dave. It came as a real shock. I was only Djing with you guys last weekend at southsea and Dave was coming upto me telling me about Mickey Gilley (jerry lees cousin). Also I´ll have fond memorys of the time we spent in Cyprus and the laughs we had there. What would we have done without you on the winning quiz team Dave ?
A true gent and good friend. Tinkleing them ivorys in the sky now with a glass of red wine at your side . R.I.P Dave ......... Thoughts are with you at this difficult time Gabs

Post by : Wolfie

Post on : 20 March 2007 17:16:57[ ]

Detail : So sorry to hear about Dave...he will be greatly missed by many...a real character who I will never forget...incredible musician and a great sense of humour..
Sending our condolences to Gabs,Felix and family...

Chris,Ro and Teddy

Post by : Chris Ford

Post on : 20 March 2007 15:07:30[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi lads, so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of Dave, what a great guy and such a character! He will be sadly missed by all of us. Our thoughts go out to the band and especially Gabs at this sad time. Hope to see you all around soon.

Post by : The Spitfires

Post on : 20 March 2007 11:01:45[ ]

Detail : Very sad to hear the news about Dave at the Shake Rattle & Roll weekender.we were all devastated,he was such a lovely person,we always enjoyed his Keyboard playing,and what about that hat. he will be greatly missed.our sympathy and thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Post by : PETE

Post on : 20 March 2007 10:32:09[ ]

Detail : I´m writing on behalf of all Dave´s friends and colleagues at Kingston Centre for Independent Living to say how sad we were to hear the news! Dave helped so many people in his capacity as Information Officer, and we all appreciated the quiet humour and friendliness that characterised his approach to life. We send our heart-felt sympathy and condolences to his family and friends.

Post by : Anne Frayda

Post on : 20 March 2007 09:12:13[ ]

Detail : Realy sorry to hear the terrrible news of Daves passing!!
I always looked forward to sitting down & speaking with him
when ever we met!!
He was a lovely guy & i for one will miss him !!
Deepest Sympathy to Gabriel & family
Remember him with pride ,we are all thinking of you
Hope to see you all soon


Post on : 19 March 2007 22:51:39[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Really sorry to hear about Dave. It is such a sad loss. Our thoughts go out to you all at this time. We hope that the band will continue when you feel you are able to as this will in itself be a tribute to Dave.

Post by : Rich & Geoff (Melksham R n R)

Post on : 19 March 2007 20:47:59[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys,really sorry to hear the sad news about dave,he was a really nice bloke,we enjoyed chatting with him at the jivemania gig in feb,our condolencies to Gabriel,
From The Jive Romeros

Post by : Zac

Post on : 19 March 2007 20:30:31[ ]

Detail : Sorry to hear of your very sad news, A great loss to you and the Rock ´n´ Roll scene.

Tony ´n´ Karen

Post by : Tony ´n´ Karen

Post on : 19 March 2007 19:16:22[ ]

Detail : Absolutely gutted to hear about Dave. It was always good to hear stories of his musical life and have a laugh with him. We´ll be thinking of Gabriel especially at this sad time.

Post by : Don and Eve

Post on : 19 March 2007 17:47:34[ ]

Detail : Dave was such a talented yet modest guy who completed that ´full-blend´ ´Kingcats´ sound with his amazing keyboard dexterity. I couldn´t hear enough of his playing! He was always approachable and friendly and seemed quite surprised that anyone should appreciate his musical abilities. I´m going to miss him and his sounds. My sympathies go especially to Gabriel, his son (the lead guitarist), his family and the rest of the ´Kingcats´.

Post by : Mike Sheppy

Post on : 19 March 2007 16:48:18[ ]
Homepage : http://Yahoo

Detail : I just heard about Dave today,it´s tragic, I can´t believe he´s gone, he was a very good friend to me and the Kingcats wont be the same without him. I want to send my sympathies to all his family and to the rest of the Kingcats and you must keep rocking for his sake. I´m going to miss him

Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 19 March 2007 14:42:52[ ]

Detail : So very sorry to hear that Dave has passed away, our thoughts go to everyone associated with the Kingcats especially Gabs.

Post by : Dave & Shirley

Post on : 18 March 2007 20:55:45[ ]

Detail : Just heard the sad news about Dave your keyboard player. He will be greatly missed. Keep on rockin. See you all soon. xxx Alison, Kerren, Wally and Eric. xxx

Post by : Alison

Post on : 18 March 2007 17:46:09[ ]

Detail : Sad to hear Dave died, a nice man we´ll miss him. Terry, Eddie, and Phil The TTs

Post by : Terry Clemson, The TTs

Post on : 20 February 2007 17:25:41[ ]

Detail : Hi lads,thanks for a great night at the Austin Rover on Friday 9th Feb
A private audience with the Kingcats Fantastic !!!!
Keep on rockin´
Pam,Paul,Lynne & Tony (Redditch Rowdies)

Post by : pam,paul,lynne & tony (redditch rowdies)

Post on : 04 February 2007 20:49:06[ ]

Detail : well david....blast from past...heard from tilly recently who told me about your band.........great that you are still rocking away..............which one is your son because your website doesnt name the guys.........

good luck

lynda from scotland x

Post by : lynda

Post on : 04 February 2007 17:58:38[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : A great pleasure playing on the same bill as you guys,One of the Best Rockin bands on the scene today,also a special thankyou for the Drummer for lending us his kit,
Looking forward to the next one
Regards Zac

Post by : Zac

Post on : 02 February 2007 09:38:22[ ]

Detail : We thought the band were amazing on saturday,and bill´s voice is just superb,a voice you could never get fed up off.I think it was one off there best performances, you guys just get better and better,we didnt no that was bills daughter on stage with him,intill i read the last message,could´nt belive my ears, such a little girl with such a beautiful voice.
One great show

Post by :

Post on : 01 February 2007 10:37:40[ ]

Detail : Thank you for a great saturday night at the commrades club,you looked like you all enjoyed it as well,the place was packed out.It was worth the journey.Just like to say what a beautiful voice youre daughter has got bill,you looked so proud off her and so you should be.
See you all soon
Keep rocking.

Post by :

Post on : 28 January 2007 22:42:09[ ]

Detail : Hello.
I just want to ask if you guys have been working with the swedish group The Refreshments at any time? Cause I find the voices simular to eachother. So I got a bit confused when my friend sended over your song "big black Cadillac" It sounded just like them to me.

Anyway, I really do love your work.
Big hugs from Elin in Sweden.

Post by : Elin

Post on : 27 January 2007 18:22:23[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hello!
Greetings from Germany send Uta and Olaf. You have a very good site. For 2007
all the best. Please take a minute and sign our guestbook. Our url.

Post by : Uta and Olaf

Post on : 13 January 2007 13:48:44[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hello!
Greetings from Bremen in Germany send Uta and Olaf . You have a very good site.
For 2007 all the best. Please take a minute and sign our guestbook.Our

Post by : Uta and Olaf

Post on : 30 December 2006 21:18:37[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great night at the trouville hotel sandown Bill you and the boys were on fire 2 fantastic sets all the best for 2007

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 27 October 2006 20:21:03[ ]


Post by : pete the tee shirt ] ] ]

Post on : 08 September 2006 18:48:52[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great night at Bournemouth rock n roll club the atmosphere was fantastic everyone had a great time. Bill hope to see you and the lads again very soon ( keep on Rockin),

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 25 August 2006 11:18:22[ ]

Detail : Get well soon, Bill and Dave. We are missing you and your fantastic performances!

Post by : Mike Sheppy

Post on : 23 August 2006 19:28:56[ ]

Detail : Get well soon Dave....
Hope you´re ok and taking it easy,might have to lay off the JD for a while!
Best wishes from Edward Cadabra and family

Post by :

Post on : 23 August 2006 17:20:19[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi Kingcats I saw you at Carshalton last Sunday and you were really great even without your great piano player Dave, really sorry to hear is in hospital and so unwell, but I wish him well and look forward to seeing you all together again.
I really enjoyed the evening and Bill your daughter has such a great voice, just like you, I bet you are proud of her, I would be keep on rocking what you all do best

Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 22 August 2006 18:21:56[ ]

Detail : hope you get well soon dave best wishes dave+shirley

Post by : dave+shirley

Post on : 21 August 2006 22:48:34[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Sorry to hear about Dave being unwell. We wish him a speedy recovery, and hope to see you all again soon.

Keep Rockin´ The TTs : Terry Clemson, Eddie McManus, and Phil Hunter.

Post by : The TTs

Post on : 18 July 2006 18:15:56[ ]

Detail : great weekend of kingcats hershan and horsham

Post by : dave= shirley

Post on : 15 July 2006 23:55:23[ ]

Detail : Hi.. Girl from northern Sweden here.. I was at a Status Quo/Smokie- concert 060615, and on the back of one of their instruments was a sticker who read "kingcats", so I had to look it up.. (I also have an american mailfriend here in sweden who has a band called "Kingrats") This is what I found.. Keep on rocking!! // Love Thess

Post by : Thess, the Swede.. :)

Post on : 06 July 2006 14:52:59[ ]

Detail : who is this evian person and where are the T SHIRTS

Post by : ainsworth lane

Post on : 04 July 2006 16:47:46[ ]

Detail : Eric Graviou organiser of THE WORLD FAMOUS EVIAN ROCK´N´ROLL SHOW, is listening your music and very pleased. My friend Rockin´ Lee Hugman in England sujjested me to listen your music, good job men, good job!!!

Post by : Graviou Eric

Post on : 28 June 2006 11:16:58[ ]

Detail : Just about the best band on the circuit at the moment, keep on rockin´.......Maybe see you at the wildest cats weekender

Post by : Noel & Jan Bobbin

Post on : 21 June 2006 19:51:34[ ]

Detail : Great music, great voice, love the band, Keep on rocking.

Post by : Jan & Noel Bobbin

Post on : 20 June 2006 11:12:02[ ]

Detail : Saw you guy´s at mychett on friday for the first time, just moved over form canada WOOOOOOW what a band , what a sound , what a voice can´t wait to see you again
Keep it up

Post by : jimmy

Post on : 29 May 2006 15:51:38[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : check this out....

miss you guys...
Bill,we left a message for you the other day,did you get it?
we´ve had to change our wedding date to the 4th August-hope you ain´t playing then.....

Edward Cadabra

Post by : Edward Cadabra

Post on : 09 May 2006 09:17:04[ ]

Detail : Terrific performance, as usual, at the super BAWA club, Bristol. Well worth the 175 mile round trip. A really great evening. Thanks.

Post by : Bert

Post on : 08 May 2006 19:38:54[ ]

Detail : Thanks for a great night Bill at Hersham comrades club you and the lads sounded terrific.

Post by : Del

Post on : 03 May 2006 13:49:12[ ]

Detail : Really enjoyed your gig at the Holiday Rock club in Heath & Reach on Saturday. Had a few dances. Keep rockin´

Post by :

Post on : 19 April 2006 16:47:14[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : hi guys thanks for a great gig at stafford last month hope to see you all again. dont forget to check out our web site as you are the main feature for march on gig photo page.

Post by : michael

Post on : 03 April 2006 19:21:26[ ]

Detail : hello son, hows it going,love the website loads of info etc.
if your passing pop in for a coffee or something take care Paul Richie xxxx

Post by : Paul Richie ELVIS + ROCKETTES

Post on : 01 April 2006 18:38:01[ ]

Detail : Hiya Dave mate...How´s thing with you...I´ve got another motorhome now..I´ll come in to the centre soon to have a chat..Meanwhile, keep on rocking and a rolling..
By the way..When and where is your next gig?...Best wishes.Louis

Post by : Louis

Post on : 21 March 2006 14:59:32[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys, top show at the shake rattle and roll, new cd is great cant wait to see you again..
Mant thanks

Post by : ian and jill

Post on : 16 March 2006 20:36:56[ ]

Detail : Hi Bill and gang, just wanted to say thank you for a really great night at cadbury heath bristol on wednesday march 15th 2006,everyone loved you guys and cant wait to see you again,im glad the hard work paid off for you,many thanks will.

Post by : will, bristol & cadbury heath jive club

Post on : 12 March 2006 14:36:16[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi guys.
Great band, great sound. Keep up the good work

Post by : Spinning Rock Boogie

Post on : 06 March 2006 11:47:16[ ]

Detail : Fab band guys seen you with my daughter she´s nine we both think your great. best wishes Josephine and cassie xx

Post by : Josephine

Post on : 27 February 2006 16:42:54[ ]

Detail : Hi..
You boys ,done the bizz saturday , a real treat to see it keep up the good work.
All the best

Post by : jez

Post on : 16 February 2006 08:44:06[ ]

Detail : Got youre cd saturdaynight didnt stop playing it
Brought your new cd double 50´s ( brilliant brilliant brilliant)
the more you play it the better it gets, thought your own songs are fantastic,
Thanks to you and your hard hitting rock and roll, rock and roll is still a pleasure.
Many Thanks Again For All The Great Nights Weve Had Watching You And Listening To You.

Post by : Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay

Post on : 30 January 2006 09:12:01[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys...
Top Class show on friday at loudwater, got the new cd that night it is the biz, can´t wait to see you again.
Keep up the good work
Jim and Bev....

Post by : Jim And Bev

Post on : 08 January 2006 19:51:49[ ]


Post by : ROCK & ROLL

Post on : 29 December 2005 09:39:21[ ]

Detail : Thank you very much for a wonderfull evening on christmas eve,you played three great sets.I hope you werent to tied on christmas day to enjoy it,many thanks again hope to see you at guildford r&r.

Post by : jane

Post on : 19 December 2005 09:05:23[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi Kingcats, Just want to say I saw you last night at Carshalton you were great, it seems the more I see you the better you´re getting if that is possible, your the best band around. wishing you all a very happy christmas and all the very best for 2006 . Keep on rocking !!!

Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 17 December 2005 16:18:15[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hello!
Merry christmas and a happy new year from Bremen in Germany
send Uta. For the future all the best.
You have a very good site.Here in Bremen we have a very good rockabillyband :The Wild BlackJets, which are the backing band of
Alvin Stardust.
Please take a moment and sign our guestbook. Thanks

Post by : Uta Liemann

Post on : 12 December 2005 14:57:49[ ]

Detail : Hi Bill
If i dont manage to get to Shepwell as i promised at Gloucester on Saturday,could you please Email me when New CD is available.
Best Band in the last 30yrs
I am going on the road in the new year as DJ only hope i
can make as big an impact as you have
If i dont see you before have a great Christmas & even Better New Year


Post on : 07 December 2005 11:43:41[ ]

Detail : You always put on a great show, looking forward to you playing at Loudwater in Jan 06

Post by : Jamie Dunkley

Post on : 16 November 2005 17:51:21[ ]

Detail : Thought you were brilliant on the isle of wight hope to see you there again soon,the singer has a fantastic voice and the band are very talented loved every minute of it.

Post by : Amy

Post on : 11 November 2005 17:54:26[ ]

Detail : first time to see you in Dover 5th november ..brilliant !!!!!! best rock and roll group by far , hope next time we see you you have cd for sale ...KEEP ROCKING !!!!!

Post by : steve

Post on : 01 November 2005 12:07:05[ ]

Detail : what´s all this about cancelling Carshalton on 27th November this is outrageous and a disgrace and not too near the other gig- in fact the following night would not be too near.

Post by : maestro

Post on : 31 October 2005 12:34:50[ ]

Detail : Hiya! Hope the rest of you enjoyed the IoW - what a great weekend - and a brilliant set by you guys once more. It was so good to catch up again, and give you some GBH of the earholes about the long overdue 2nd CD! Gabriel/Dave - trust your return journey was uneventful??!! Bill - please hang on to those patches for us and we´ll see you really soon - promise! Best wishes to you all, Eve x

Post by : Survivors, Isle of Wight 2005

Post on : 17 October 2005 08:27:27[ ]

Detail : Saw Dave´s link to the web site on Friends Reunited. If you´re interested, Dave, send me an e-mail. I´m at Swasea University at the moment studying Egyptology. It should have been Harvey Andrews, not me!
All the best,


Post by : Jim Ashton

Post on : 11 October 2005 19:14:38[ ]
Homepage : http://none

Detail : hello

keep rockin´

Post by : felix allen

Post on : 07 October 2005 15:24:51[ ]

Detail : Bill thanks for a great night at Bournemouth the best band for a long time you and the boys were brilliant. ( great sound ) (great beat ) ( great to dance to ). Hope to see you again soon.

Post by : Del & Angie

Post on : 17 September 2005 20:49:22[ ]

Detail : Hi again - hope to see Nick soon so will try and get him along to the Oct 15 gig. If not I´ll keep checking - hope to see (n hear) you soon.


Post by : Martin at Chelsea school etc

Post on : 11 September 2005 16:27:24[ ]

Detail : Bill thanks for a fantastic night at Hamble you and the boys were brilliant the dance floor was packed all evening see you soon at Bournemouth Keep on Rockin.

Post by : Del &Angie

Post on : 31 August 2005 12:07:19[ ]

Detail : if you have a n email adress for Martin posted 30 August on guest book I would loke to point out thay we are doing Carshalton West Street on 4 September and Winning Post on 15 October and that Martin and that young toad Nick Hallum should get along.

Post by :

Post on : 31 August 2005 07:54:21[ ]

Detail : Thought you were great at the bawa club on sunday, best night we have had there for a long time cant wait to see you again...........

Post by : little jim

Post on : 30 August 2005 08:51:45[ ]

Detail : Long time no see Kelvin/Dave. Little Nick passed on the link, and glad to see that you are still doing something, but Dave get your hair cut and stop wearing sandals...... Will try and get along to see you if you play anywhere in or near London. In the meantime good luck.

Post by : Martin-ex Chelsea school rehearsal rooms n Enemies

Post on : 25 August 2005 13:10:43[ ]

Detail : Exellent gig at the spa complex, first time we have seen the band, you had the dance floor full for the whole of your set
Keep it up cant wait to see you at brig house.
Keep rocki´n

Post by : stu

Post on : 11 August 2005 10:27:11[ ]

Detail : Please contact me on 01268 515 694 or 07980 162 011 if you are free to do a gig in Harlow Essex on 15/10/2005

Post by : Ray Boyling Diplomat Entertainment

Post on : 08 August 2005 12:45:21[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys
Saw you last night at the football club best gig i have been to for years , keep rockin see you soon
Jeff and sue.

Post by : jeff

Post on : 11 July 2005 19:11:54[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Bill
Sorry forgot to put my email address and to say your band is the greatest, people don´t know what their missing till they´ve heard the Kingcats

Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 11 July 2005 19:04:09[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Bill
Can you confirm for me that you and the band will be at the ex-service men´s club at Carshalton on the 17th of July 05, because I like to be there


Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 05 June 2005 20:00:34[ ]

Detail : Saw you at Folkestone Rock n Roll Club last night. Fantastic gig, thanks...

Bought your CD too.

Keep rockin´


Post by : Gary Pullen

Post on : 27 May 2005 10:25:43[ ]

Detail : Want to ask the same question as steve whens the NEW ALBUM OUT and weres the patches? I HAVENT SEEN THEM.Whats going on dont you want us to buy them.

Post by : Dan

Post on : 27 May 2005 10:20:01[ ]

Detail : Cant wait to see you at the jive jive jive on sunday 29th.Will you have the new album ready or are you going to keep us waiting just a little bit longer (hope not ).I have heared you have some patches for sale if it´s true how do i get hold of them cause you dont seem to have them on your website, i would like to order some t shirts if you have any.Please could you let us no at reading i no there is a few of us that would like to buy some,thanks.

Steve and viv

Post by : steve and viv

Post on : 17 May 2005 07:03:33[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Dave , contrary to popular belief we play day or night (if the moneys right !!!!!!!!!!!!) we´ve finished a new record which should be out soon and had a minor personelle change our acoustic guitar player left and moved to Ireland so we replaced him with a pedal steel player.Thanks for the email and well talk to you soon , Teddy Fury.


Post by : TEDDY FURY

Post on : 12 May 2005 10:03:18[ ]

Detail : Every time i come out to see you, you get better, and better.I had a rocking night on saturday at the walton club.
Thanks alot for all the great nights out. See you at the sunbury club this saturday.One night when i come out to see you im hoping to just sit down and watch you´re show but it´s very hard to do that when you are so good...Keep it up....keep rock & roll alive.
All the best to you all.

Post by :

Post on : 03 May 2005 19:10:08[ ]

Detail : looking forward to seeing you on the ISLE OF WIGHT

Post by : jan allen

Post on : 23 April 2005 16:00:57[ ]

Detail : Looking forward to seeing you play in Blackpool in june.
This will be our first Weekender as we have only recently taken up Jive.

Post by : Mark, Mandy & Faye Tainton

Post on : 21 April 2005 10:04:27[ ]

Detail : Good to see you all again i hope you are all well. I thought you were exellant at Great yarmouth,one of you´re best performances.See you all soon

Post by : Jerry

Post on : 19 April 2005 18:55:42[ ]

Detail : Thought you were the best band on friday night ,cant wait to see you again next year.
I thought i was back in the fiftys.
Thank you very much.

Post by :

Post on : 19 April 2005 11:57:44[ ]

Detail : Hi Bill and Co
Just got back from the "Shake Rattle And Roll" weekend, we had a great time. Everybody I spoke to said you we´re the top act , I agree and think it´s the best I´ve seen you do.
Keep up the good work and the best ofluck for the future.

Steve(the shaven headed bassplayer from the Carshalton "x" )

Post by : Steve Humphrey

Post on : 12 April 2005 06:49:01[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys
Thought you were the dogs nuts in devon on friday, you boys shure know how to get the blood pumping cant wait to see you again .

Post by : jeff scott

Post on : 30 March 2005 17:23:22[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi guys! I have read about lots of good things of your band in They seem to be right! Bop On!!

Post by : Markku/ Rave On

Post on : 30 March 2005 15:21:28[ ]

Detail : when are you guys playing up north ?

Post by : james from Manchester

Post on : 30 March 2005 14:17:01[ ]

Detail : I would like to thank Bill for repairing my wing mirror on Sunday night in the enchanted city. As regards the gig I ´m sorry I was so pleased about the mirror that I forgot to listen to the music sic.

Post by : dave allen

Post on : 27 March 2005 13:59:27[ ]

Detail : Thought you were brillant last night at the 3 rs, brought youre album saturday night played it all the way home.What a sound - now i no what people mean when thay say (you have got to go and see the Kingcats)thanks for a great night.......If you havent seen this band go and see them thay put on a great show.keep rocking.

Post by : Dave

Post on : 27 March 2005 10:56:25[ ]

Detail : Hi boys...
Great rockin set last night at reading cant wait to see you again, when is the new album coming out cant wait for that.
Keep it up

Post by : Jim the ted

Post on : 21 March 2005 23:13:22[ ]

Detail : Keep up that great sound - we think you are the best band on this R´n´R circuit. Quite a unigue sound - those vocals and that piano! Wow! DON´T EVER CHANGE THAT SOUND. When´s CD number 2 out???


Post on : 20 March 2005 16:29:36[ ]

Detail : Hi Gabriel & Guys
Nice to Meet You Last Night at tha Square & Compass Gig,
Thoughroughly Enjoyed the Evening And thanks for the Advice........Rock On

Post by : John Davies

Post on : 16 March 2005 12:36:55[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys....
Thanks for a smashing nite on saturday it´s been a long time since i heard rocknroll sound like that , took me straight back to 58. Thankyou very much
Terry and Lisa.

Post by : Terry and lisa chapman

Post on : 01 March 2005 12:11:45[ ]

Detail : Great site Phil?

Post by : tony turner

Post on : 24 February 2005 18:10:36[ ]

Detail : Keep up the good work ! It´s nice to see you´re doing so well! Let me know when you´re touring Sweden, we´be there!

Post by : pethra ,anna o robyn palmunger crittenden

Post on : 13 February 2005 12:07:52[ ]

Detail : Hi Guys...
First time i have seen the band, heard loads about the kingcats, could not believe what i heard and saw on the isle of wight ,as i said to you at the time you guys are the best band we have at the hotel in 8 years, keep it up and please dont change a thing everyone loved it ( keep rockin )

Post by : steve smith

Post on : 09 February 2005 22:29:47[ ]

Detail : Hey, you guys, hurry back to the 3R´s - fantastic music for rockin´ n rollin´ - sox off to ya!

Post by : [email protected]

Post on : 06 February 2005 12:00:44[ ]

Detail : top notch night at molesey con club rock and roll as it should be played best i have heard since the 70s all the best redneck

Post by : [email protected]

Post on : 05 February 2005 08:02:56[ ]

Detail : hi

Post by :

Post on : 31 January 2005 11:30:09[ ]

Detail : hey boys how you doing?????? bill please check your dates for march the 12......i think you got double booking .....1 in southsea and 1 some where else but cann´t remember but i´ll check

Post by : sharon (holly tree)

Post on : 29 January 2005 09:45:01[ ]

Detail : Just had to say...really, really enjoyed your gig at the Austin-Rover last night - 28 January - fantastic. what a beat................. as I said, I wanted to dance my socks off, and I did!!! so good was your playing...... my friend sandra and I didn´t sit down at all while you were on, except for the slow numbers.

.... I came to speak to you at the end of the show - lady in pink jacket and black sunray pleated skirt and 50s specs - bought your CD.... playing now as I write!!!!!

Am just learning about rocknroll ..... my bro was the rocker..... I was rolling stones era..... but met new friend whos into it... she´s been going to RnR for years couldn´t be there last nyt...... I listen to Mark Lamar.... love rockabilly but hard also RnR.... memphis.... atlantic.......

Love to dance.... have got better.... and fitter!! I like bopping!!!..... stroll as well as rock n rolling.....

Got into wearing clothes as well......but not rockabilly clothes........ like teddy girl......50s originals..... wasn´t wearing those last cotton dresses.... working class and posher one as well... high heeled shoes..........also.... like the London 50s clubland look too....

Post by : rockgirlcat

Post on : 14 January 2005 18:27:34[ ]

Detail : Just heard of you. been into Psychobilly for 20 odd, very odd years, just getting into the more rokin stuff will definately c u at shoreham on the 19 of feb, will try to get a crowd.

Post by : Iain

Post on : 10 January 2005 18:10:32[ ]

Detail : Brilliant set you done in blackpool,please come back soon

Post by : V + C

Post on : 09 January 2005 22:02:59[ ]

Detail : Saw you guys at blackpool for the first time , there is only one thing i can say and that is ( OUT OF THIS WORLD )..

Post by : Jean and John from wigan

Post on : 09 January 2005 17:09:19[ ]
Homepage : http://[email protected]


Post by : SANDY

Post on : 09 January 2005 16:35:10[ ]

Detail : I love you I love you I love you
You´re the best

Post by : From the groupys

Post on : 04 January 2005 21:25:43[ ]

Detail : Best christmas eve i had thanks to you boys,I think you are the best,keep doing what you´re doing,don´t change a thing.

Post by : lynn

Post on : 04 January 2005 09:12:37[ ]



Post on : 29 December 2004 09:58:54[ ]

Detail : Thanks for making some good nights out GREAT you guys. Still haven´t had enough of you yet! Bet you were glad to see some different faces in B´ham and Devon! Take good care of yourselves (keep gargling, Bill!) coz there´s a lotta rockin in 2005 and we can´t wait. Best wishes to you all. Happy New Year! xXx

Post by : Eve

Post on : 27 December 2004 10:51:01[ ]

Detail : Brilliant night at Bagster house Xmas eve and just as good as always at Carshalton on 26th Boxing night, Look forward to seeing you all again in the New year

Post by : Dave & Shirley

Post on : 20 December 2004 13:11:42[ ]

Detail : merry chrimbas everybody!!!

Post by : edward cadabra

Post on : 20 December 2004 09:53:51[ ]
Homepage : http://[email protected]

Detail : My husband and Myself are contacting you about the gig your band played last night at Wild Cat Pete´s Xmas show (19/12/04). We thought it was deplorable that certain band members showed such gluttony as regards the large tin of quality street available at the entrance door. We feel such greedy band members would do better to pay more attention tio their scales than to feeding their stomachs.

Post by : Gladys and Roger Cadbury

Post on : 11 December 2004 16:30:57[ ]

Detail : hi
i have heard that you are good and i cants wait to see you at your next gig!
like your website!
see you soon

Post by :

Post on : 23 November 2004 09:09:55[ ]

Detail : Saw you on saturday, you guy´s r the best rock n roll band i have see and heard in the last 15 years please keep it up and dont change a thing............

Post by : rockin jay

Post on : 10 November 2004 17:33:13[ ]

Detail : hiya Bill, how r u? thought you was gonna pay us a visit! giv us a ring when u get the chance.........pete...

Post by : wildcat pete (addlestone0

Post on : 18 October 2004 17:26:02[ ]

Detail : Just to say a big thankyou Bill to you and the boys on a brilliant night at gosport the dance floor was rocking all evening you boys have one of the best sounds around.Hope to see on the I.O.W in febuary all the best.DEL & ANGIE,

Post by : Angie & Derek Pollard

Post on : 18 October 2004 10:07:45[ ]

Detail : mid to late 50´s!!

Post by : bopper

Post on : 30 July 2004 08:57:43[ ]

Detail : Thank you Kingcats for playing at my party. You were all brilliant as usual.

All the staff at Cochlear Europe Ltd thought you were amazing and can´t wait to see you perform again.

Can´t wait to hear the second CD.....

Post by : Zoe

Post on : 27 July 2004 11:52:33[ ]

Detail : hope y´all ready for album number two.....coming soon!

Post by : chris kingcat

Post on : 15 July 2004 18:03:56[ ]

Detail : H i Dave and co...I´ve just listen to some of your songs on here...I must tell you that I do like your sounds...I really am going to try and get to see you at one of your gigs..Whats the nearest train station to your next gig?...Please let me know as soon as possible...Meanwhile keep up the good sounds...Really rocking´n´rolling here..ha ha ...Regards Louis

Post by : Louis Boyce

Post on : 13 July 2004 19:49:33[ ]

Detail : I have seen you guys before and every time i´ve seen you i can´t believe what i am hearing,I was there on Saturday night at Guilford that place was packed with people.Everybody that i spoke to enjoyed you´re performance.
If you haven´t already seen this band then go to there next gig what is The Winning Post and you won´t be dissapointed!

Post by : You´re biggest fan!!

Post on : 13 July 2004 07:50:33[ ]

Detail : Guildford Hot 50´s - 10th July
Fanx for a great night! Yet again, you rocked the joint. When´s the next CD Bill? And when you gonna get yer dancing shoes on, Gabriel?!
See you all soon xXx

Post by : EVE

Post on : 11 July 2004 14:25:23[ ]

Detail : thanks for a bloody good night everyone enjoyed the gig speak to you soon bill

Post by : keith hotfiftys

Post on : 29 June 2004 14:07:50[ ]

Detail : is it true that dave has lost his confederate army cap? will this affect the music? are plans being made by the band to buy a new one?

Post by : rastus pilbeam

Post on : 27 June 2004 19:44:26[ ]

Detail : Your the best and brilliant !!!!

Post by : abbie

Post on : 27 June 2004 17:37:37[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Hi Guys,

Thanks for a great night at the Austin-Rover club last Friday. Great gig. Hope to see you again soon, in the meantime, your CD will be staying in the CD-player.


Lin and John

Post by : Lin and John in Cheltenham

Post on : 17 June 2004 14:04:09[ ]

Detail : Sorry someone´s not well - have to make-do with your CD tomorrow - hope you´re all fighting fit for Saturday at Cobham. Looking forward to seeing y´all. x

Post by : Ivana

Post on : 13 June 2004 09:30:18[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Thanks for a great set at Jive Jive Jive this year
I hope you will be back next year

Post by : Bill 3R´s president

Post on : 08 June 2004 16:23:46[ ]

Detail : keep it up boys

Post by : sharon

Post on : 16 May 2004 10:32:32[ ]

Detail : seeya at reading stay cool

Post by : dipper

Post on : 14 May 2004 18:20:30[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Order your Kingcats C.D s @ 10.00 inc p+p

Post by : Gypsy Rose Records

Post on : 09 May 2004 08:53:40[ ]

Detail : Hi
Just the other day I got to hear about Kingcats I love your kind of music and like to know more of you and hear some of your CD´s
Best wishes

Post by : Kay Trujillo

Post on : 26 April 2004 13:59:36[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : Double 60s Double Bop

Post by : The Lads

Post on : 26 April 2004 13:56:39[ ]
Homepage :

Detail : oo´pss

Post by : Mick Wigfall

Post on : 26 April 2004 13:52:46[ ]
Homepage : http://htt://

Detail : How do lads looks Like ua bizzy boy. keep it Up

Post by : Mick Wigfall

Post on : 20 April 2004 11:50:00[ ]

Detail : Were have you been hiding.If you havent already seen this band perform you just have to go and see them. I saw them at the 3r´s reading for the first time and belive me, it wont be the last. The whole band are approachable,which is nice,one thing i regret is not buying there CD will do next time,sorry guys.

Post by : Dav.

Post on : 16 April 2004 16:31:50[ ]

Detail : Saw you at portsmouth,thought you´re set was great,you have created some sound the five of you.Had a brilliant night danced with the wife all through you´re set.,shame you werent on longer.Best band on the rocking seen at the minute(my opinion).
Catch you around

Post by : Matt.Crawley

Post on : Wed Apr 14 11:55:48[ ]

Detail : Five men who are so talented,You have to go and see them to appreciate them,(thay are not just another rock and roll band)
Keep rocking guys.
see you soon

Post by : Jane

Post on : Tue Apr 13 12:52:22[ ]

Detail : Loved your set on sunday first class........

Post by : Dave from kent

Post on : Tue Apr 13 11:46:25[ ]


Post by : A.C

Post on : Sun Apr 11 11:41:08[ ]

Detail : You were brilliant last night at Walton. See you soon.

Post by : Jenny

Post on : Thu Apr 8 10:17:59[ ]

Detail : Hi guys.....
I saw your show in devon over the weekend and was blown away , picked up a copy of the new album the same weekend can´t wait to see you again.

Post by : Ian

Post on : Tue Apr 6 21:07:04[ ]

Detail : Aint cought ya yet but will be on with ya at Eddie weekender. Keep on ROCKIN!!!

Post by : PAGAN. Lead singer THE WANDERERS

Post on : Mon Apr 5 20:38:32[ ]

Detail : THE BEST Rock ´n´ Roll band around (in my ´umble opinion). These talented musicians, with a superb lead singer, produce a ´wall of sound´ that ´knocks ´em dead´. Great to listen to AND wonderful for jiving - a rare combination. Bet you can´t keep still!

Post by : Mike Sheppy

Post on : Fri Apr 2 15:51:27[ ]

Detail : Double 50s

Post by : Billy

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