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Post by : tubal reversals on 31 December 2012 06:12:12[ ]
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Don’t provide me guidance, give me money.

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Post by : pranie dywanów warszawa on 20 August 2012 10:08:13[ ]
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great site, congrats

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Post by : William Ligon on 03 July 2011 08:07:56[ ]

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Hope to purchase DVD or book of The Geometry of the piano and Symetry of the hands.

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Post by : Magpie Music on 27 April 2011 02:04:36[ ]
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Hi Margret.
Your compositions are totally amazing.
Well done - The Magpie Music Team -

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Post by : Alex Smythe on 16 September 2010 00:09:54[ ]

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I took lessons with you many years ago in Glebe. Am now in Canberra and looking to take up Piano again,...anybody in Canberra teaching using your method ?

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Post by : REALNAME on 23 March 2010 23:03:32[ ]
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Post by : REALNAME on 22 March 2010 22:03:41[ ]
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Post by : Samuel Cottell on 13 February 2009 04:02:21[ ]
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Dear Margaret,
Wow! Your compositions and your music is totally amazing! Rarely do you find a composer who has the ability to create such sublime and wonderfus music!
Your music creates within the listener, a sense of calmness, and a true feeling of well being,and at the same time, it provides rhythmic energy and joy! Rarely do we find this in contemporary music! You are to be congratulated on composing such wonderful music, which will stay with me forever!
Thank you for being a wonderful educator and mentor to myself and others! You have pioneerd the contemporary piano method to make teaching piano, fun, creative, and most of all enjoyable! I look forward to playing \"When Spirits Soar\" at your concert, as well as giving the Sydney performance of \"Binna Burra\" later in the year!
Thank you for being a great educator, composer, and an inspiration in general.
Best Wishes,
Samuel Cottell

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Post by : Jess & Leanne on 17 August 2008 04:08:51[ ]
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Dear Margaret,

It was lovely to meet you today when you dropped in to our store in Brisbane. Thankyou for all the excellent information about the books - It will be a big help in assisting our customers!

have a safe trip home,
Jess & Leanne
Allans Print Music Brisbane

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Post by : Samuel Cottell on 15 July 2008 22:07:45[ ]

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Hi Margaret,
I love your music and your textbooks. As an up and coming pianist/composer/educator it is great to get inspiration from people like you along the way.
All the very best,
Samuel Cottell

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Post by : bob mazzo on 05 May 2008 16:05:27[ ]
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As I was reading about your teaching method I noticed two links on your website are not working. They are \"Sign the guestbook\" and the \"Click here to read the interview\".
I was able to sign this guesbook by first viewing it.
Have a great day.

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Post by : Jo Mulholland on 14 February 2008 02:48:58[ ]
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Gosh, Margaret, after more than eleven years of internet addiction, I wonder why this is the first time that I have come across these pages on the www showing your achievements.
I cannot drive between Anzac Parade and Bunnerong Road, without thinking of a house/studio, one street away, where I learnt to play the piano accordion, which proved so useful, during 37 years of teaching primary school. We´re both a little older now. My only recent public playing has been in the two Dutch retirement villages, for the visits of Sinterklaas (St Nicholas). But, at home, it still relaxes me and takes me back, all those years, playing on an accordion bought from your mum, causing me to usually explain that I´m playing on a ´woman´s accordion´, because Mrs Brandman told me so. :)
Best wishes!! (Was Joop/Joe Mul)

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Post by : Ken Rodgers on 18 July 2007 23:32:35[ ]

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Hi Margaret,
It was good to meet you this morning outside 27, Laura Street. Your website looks very impressive. I passed your details to my German friend (friend of a friend really).

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Post by : Natelle on 23 May 2007 06:09:26[ ]

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Hi Margaret,

Sitting at work, longing to get home and play.

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Post by : Dawn Heffernan on 23 January 2007 13:01:05[ ]

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I always wanted to play piano and at the age of 42 I started. That was three years ago. I have passed gade 4 and am working on grade 5 theory.Your method has saved me from disappearing down some awful cul-de-sac..The problem with the grade system is it can paralyize you so you become too rigid in your playing and thinking. I was drawn to the piano because of a love of music and a desire to be more musical. I wanted to play for friends and family, have everybody gathered round a piano singing along! I think it would be possible to plough through the grades and completely miss the point of playing musically and enjoying the experience. You might master three pieces for the exam brillantly, but given something else to play and you could freeze up as if you´d never been near a keyboard.Your books dart the learner from formal practise of scales to improvisation to aural work and so you don´t get bored or stuck. I think you bring so many vital elements together and you also make it clear that without putting in the basics you will not move on. There is no quick fix for over-night success. The theory is beginning to make sense to me in a way it never did and my teacher is delighted with the work Iam now producing. I want to play classical pieces but I also want to play jazz/blues/ and improvise when I hear something I like. I think your method makes that possible. So keep up the good work and I shall keep playing! Thanks

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Post by : Carolyn Nelson on 18 September 2006 15:40:07[ ]

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looking for a newer way to teach students. Am frustrated with Alfred, Bastein, and all the others out there that keep us too "bound" to the book and dont allow kids/students to be playing music sooner...which is what they want. I am hoping this is what I´m looking for

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Post by : Keith Harris on 28 August 2006 08:49:27[ ]

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Dear Margaret,

bout time we caught up like this (this time is London and Marburg)! Let´s do it again soon somewhere on the planet!

Lots of love-and good luck...


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Post by : Andrew Noble on 03 August 2006 12:47:54[ ]
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hey margaret!!!! good to see you after all these years! thanks to your imput im now living and working as a jazz pianist in london!

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Post by : Famille Leboeuf on 17 July 2006 21:25:18[ ]

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superbe soirée à Sannois, wonderfull undulations album dvd listen in the middle of the parisien summer garden.

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Post by : brian rawnsley on 22 February 2006 02:14:34[ ]

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What can 1 say,wish 1 could say....IT.

Maybe just WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!.


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Post by : Christina Ulrich-Jones on 30 December 2005 18:15:51[ ]

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I am beginning to teach using your methods! Thank you!

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Post by : Linda Schiller-Hanna on 29 December 2005 00:50:44[ ]
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I just joined Pianoworld and Ted told me
to check out your site. I am a clairvoyant
and channel music...using right brain, meditation etc.
If you feel like corresponding some time
I´d enjoy it. Will look deeper into your site.
Looks fascinating! Thanks....

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Post by : Nick Brandman on 11 October 2005 19:05:33[ ]

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It´s neat to see other Brandman´s who know music, it runs in our blood!

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Post by : emily edwards on 20 August 2005 02:40:14[ ]

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Thankyou so much for your help with my music project, this website has given me some great infomation!

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