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Post by : グッチ 店舗 on 14 August 2012 13:08:22[ ]
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Post by : グッチ 店舗 on 14 August 2012 13:08:18[ ]
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Post by : coach bags on 02 August 2012 06:08:28[ ]
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Post by : コーチ バッグ on 11 July 2012 08:07:13[ ]
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Post by : antirattus on 01 September 2011 15:09:04[ ]
Homepage : http://囗蜩疣蝌篑.痿/

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Post by : Sophia on 14 November 2010 20:11:18[ ]

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hi Corey,
I was checking out your art on the gallery, and i really liked your piece with the boy daydreaming and the castle in the sky. I was wondering how much you charged to paint an interpretation of a photograph (i saw on your blog that you were comissioned for the wine bottle painting) as well as how long it would take for a medium sized painting to be done.
Thank you,

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Post by : Michael L. Clark on 07 January 2010 14:01:15[ ]

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Corey your website is looking nice! ;o)
-Michael L. Clark

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Post by : Victor on 27 December 2009 01:12:42[ ]

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Totally awesome! i am very intrigued by your style.

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Post by : raimo on 01 December 2009 18:12:03[ ]
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Amazing art ! Found your site via the IFX forum and took a peek.
See you around !

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Post by : Rocky on 05 August 2009 21:08:40[ ]
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Peepn them graff skillz.... sick! Keep going! :)

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Post by : Rocky Loera on 28 June 2009 23:06:40[ ]
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Sickness!!! You da Man! Keep RockN!

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Post by : Tyler Johnson on 19 June 2009 07:06:19[ ]
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Whoa, Corey? You live? Almost forgot about you until Pui sent me a link to that competition you won. Congrats on the updates. Well man, keep in touch someday. Assuming you remember me from back in the schaumburg days. Later.

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Post by : Tanja Bungardt-Price on 29 May 2009 14:05:06[ ]

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hope to see you at Graduation and/or at the Alumni Party!

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Post by : Tanja Bungardt-Price on 29 May 2009 14:05:05[ ]
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Detail :

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Post by : AMBER on 07 April 2009 01:04:37[ ]

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THAT IS VERYgood WORK KEEP IT UP Oh AN YOU SIS JEN and airec told me to come look at your pg

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Post by : Ray Brown on 16 March 2009 02:03:56[ ]
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Fantastic site Corey! Many blessings to you and yours. I love the 3D. Keep it up and keep in touch.

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Post by : Ben on 19 February 2008 04:36:20[ ]

Detail :

Are you still interested in working with animation? You appear to have some natural talent for it.

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Post by : Chris (Antigen) on 20 December 2007 04:20:18[ ]

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Hi Corey, I enjoyed looking at your work. Nice stuff. Hope to see you around in UT land. Chris (Antigen)

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Post by : Guy (AKA Juic3) on 20 December 2007 04:01:16[ ]

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Hey Corey, Juic3 from UT2K4 of JuicyFrags! Nice work my friend! Keep it up, very impressive!

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Post by : terilyn on 25 November 2007 00:34:46[ ]

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hey corey, it´s teri. not sure if ya remember me from high school but i saw that you have your own website and I am amazed. Everything looks incredible and i hope things are going well for ya. Cheers!


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Post by : Ray Brown on 09 September 2007 19:37:50[ ]

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Hey Core,
Continuously amazing, sir! I remember how amazing your artwork was back in elementary school. Your ability then was extraordinary and you are only getting better. God has something in mind for you. I don´t know what, but He does. And maybe you do too. I´m just sitting back and enjoying the show. Keep it up.

Much Respect

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Post by : Andrew Dell on 21 August 2007 18:44:25[ ]
Homepage : http://tbd

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Hey man.. quoted you on im under my AGWD Allias.. You certaintly got talent for animation and most def your drawings... My best advice is that you get everything you´ve done and get your ass out researching and putting yourself out there!!

You got the talent... but you just need to be discovered.. And thats honesty ok :)

Atleast you can show all your stuff lol.. My computer cant cope with my animations and all the stuff i do.. let alone could i put it on the net... slightly cuz i dont know how lol... but once again..... Nice stuff... :)


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Post by : Tyler Johnson on 22 July 2007 05:02:40[ ]
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Hey man,
I see you updated your site.
The new images look good, sir.
keep updating.

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Post by : Crystal on 21 July 2007 02:12:16[ ]

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Corey , I just finished checking out your whole site. It was awesome! You are very talented. I want to wish you good luck in your future. You´ll go far.

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Post by : on 19 July 2007 18:12:00[ ]

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hi corey i like your animations.. take care

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Post by : Sara Servin on 16 July 2007 14:39:17[ ]
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Hi Corey~~!

It´s been a while, eh? Kya and I see you´re still awesome as ever...don´t evolve too fast though, or I won´t be able to catch up~!! xDD (Like that´ll happen lol)

Anyways, if ur not too busy send me an email and let me know how things are going. If I ever stop being so lazy I´ll do it myself eventually...kya


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Post by : james w. on 25 May 2007 19:59:47[ ]
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that other website was wrong dis is dat right one

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Post by : robert on 22 March 2007 20:01:53[ ]
Homepage : http://none

Detail :
I just stumbled across your web site - your work is amazing and I would
like to ask to see all images of Samurai and ninja you have done please.

I´m trying to make my own web site called ´Way of The Samurai´ which will
be about Samurai history and Bushido .
I like the stuff ´Templatemonster´ do but something like that but with one
of your pictures - have you any mock up designs of a web site like what
I´m hoping to make?
How much would you charge me to make a HTML web site template?
How much to just buy one (or more) of your images.

I am only a ´normal person´ (I hope ha ha !) so I am not rich


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Post by : The Dude on 23 February 2007 16:03:42[ ]
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Just happened to come across your work over at Blue Sfear. Great work! Keep it up. If you have a MySpace, feel free to send me a friend request. If not, just stay groovy.

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Post by : Haiasi on 05 October 2006 02:38:45[ ]
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Heya Corey O:!! Ninjor here 8)

I was browsing through and realized you had a CGtalk award! Awesome! I always aimed to try and get one before I hit 20, but it´s too late now. Just came by to check out your awesome work again, and wanted to thank you for putting me in your links ^_^!!

Cya :D

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Post by : Adrienne Fullwood on 10 September 2006 15:36:32[ ]

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Hey Corey, how you been? Email me if you get a chance and tell me how´s school and everything else.

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Post by : DNAspark99 on 26 August 2006 18:06:45[ ]
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SamuraiWaterfall - very nice, serene, and profound. You can almost hear the waterfall. Keep up the excellent work.

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Post by : nanu - born 2 move on 23 August 2006 21:21:51[ ]
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Detail :
hey man i jus stopped by ur page.....u have some really sick pictures of art!...seriously tho i like ur ninja ones more as well, gd luck for the future dude, best of luck, peace

nanu - born 2 move

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Post by : Pui Che and Friends (Iffy) on 11 July 2006 17:04:50[ ]
Homepage : http://Art Institute Schaumburg

Detail :
Yo Corrrrrrrrie!, where have you been since last quarter, are u still attending Ilis in Schaumburg, if not, or u have even better plans to save the world. Atleast tell us u move or something man.

Sincerly Pui and friends from all the classes ( friend or For...wwoooooooooooo)

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Post by : Jay Blanken on 02 July 2006 21:45:53[ ]
Homepage : http://None

Detail :
Im the Professor who sent you on the wild goose chase in ayoya for leaf cats, you do good work im impressed.

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Post by : Onli on 28 June 2006 15:36:14[ ]
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Detail :
I was told to check you out be a person who is a friend of your family. I can´t recall the person now but dug your stuff. Creativity is itsown reward. It is a lifestyle.

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Post by : Stoic on 14 June 2006 17:08:35[ ]
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Hi Corey,

Thank you for being a true inspiration. I realize there are not shortcuts to greatness and from your thoughts page, i gather you practise hard to achieve what you are now. Of course, having talent and enrollment in a arts institution helps, but practice and determination are still the key.

Hope to attain your standard someday. Take care, and God bless.

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Post by : Barley on 22 May 2006 20:09:57[ ]

Detail :
Just want to thank you for your tutorial.
I´m drawing a bit in my spare time and i never pull a final piece together... But tutorials motivate me :)
Going to paint my Warcraft - dota-allstars theme now.

Thanks again

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Post by : Andrea C on 14 May 2006 17:06:05[ ]

Detail :
darn you corey. you need to update your email address. we both know that you don´t use your comcast account. me with your real email...

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Post by : Danielle Coleman on 08 May 2006 02:20:00[ ]

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Corey, you are truly amazing!!! We love you and we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work

Love your sister

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Post by : Adrienne on 28 March 2006 02:30:58[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey. How are you? I see your work is still as wonderful as eva. You got a special gift. Don´t eva forget that.

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Post by : Michael Ballard on 13 March 2006 19:12:29[ ]

Detail :
Hey Cory. This is the guy you met @ school in the parking lot. I´m the one the gave you the business card. I checked out your work. Give me a call so we can talk

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Post by : Hus on 12 March 2006 10:35:20[ ]

Detail :
Hey bro nice work man... i want in! TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW PLEASE!

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Post by : amy on 09 March 2006 22:24:08[ ]
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Detail :
great work! i am jealous, i could never produce something like that no matter how hard i tried. keep it up, you are very creative.

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Post by : andy on 14 February 2006 07:26:43[ ]

Detail :
wow!! your work is awasome! the colours are very cool indeed!

what did you do you painting in?

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Post by : Ryan Ribot on 13 February 2006 21:45:54[ ]
Homepage : http://None... yet

Detail :
Corey you dont even understand how incredible you are... Pete was right to say that your better than he is. You are more a fine artist than him, and you will continue to move forward... I dont think I will ever catch up to you... It really is kind of depressing. I am trying so hard to get to your skill level, i mean forget having your style or anything like that, I just want to get closer to your level... I feel inferior in so many ways, but all I can do is try, I guess... Anyway, great job man, keep it up, I know you will go far, very far.

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Post by : Avis on 12 February 2006 16:57:26[ ]
Homepage : http://don´t have one yet

Detail :
Wowzers dude like yeah you are like only 18 i presume and are like way good at all your goodness.Blah I´m like looking up to you because you started at a young age and yeah i´m 16 and i´m like trying to get into this kind of art work but i have a slow computer(kinda) and like only photoshop that I really dont know how to use.Um.........yeah.Heh well keep up all the good work.


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Post by : Yusuf Osman on 08 February 2006 18:54:36[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hey there, I saw your website from ... I must say your work is great, Ive always wanted to do the sort of stuff you do, but my pencil skills just arent so great. Im into digital painting tho, and I like to draw and paint cars, so can check them out on my deviant art page!

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Post by : Tanya W. Cook on 30 January 2006 02:29:26[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
I can translate your drawings into
action anime figures or even write stories
for you creations and characters.

Write soon!
Tanya Cook

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Post by : Tanya W. Cook on 30 January 2006 02:18:15[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Bless you.
If you ever want to collaborate on anything I am all yours!!

You are one of God´s miracles.
Ask and it is yours. Consider me to be a great resource.

I have a B.A. in graphic design and a Masters in
Art, Entertainment and Media Management.

Don´t be shy to approach Pixar NOW. They just
teamed up with Disney for 7 billion dollars, some of that is yours!!!!!


Guest No : 74 of 124
Post by : Jamine Anyasor on 19 January 2006 00:17:34[ ]

Detail :
Hey, whats good? I don´t know if you remeber me ( I was always up in ms. roach´s class first period with jocelyn) but just wanted to say keep up the good work!

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Post by : Al on 11 January 2006 16:58:21[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
All I can say is wow. I saw your Samurai Waterfall on a art site and fell in love with your art. Many congrats on all of your work and I love the chronology of your art on your site. Keep it up man!

Guest No : 72 of 124
Post by : Ryan Parsons on 04 January 2006 19:29:05[ ]

Detail :
Hey man, i was cruising through and saw your samurai waterfall piece, it was really good. I had a question though, what school do you go to.

Guest No : 71 of 124
Post by : Adrienne Fullwood on 04 January 2006 14:02:23[ ]

Detail :
Corey man what´s up???? Your work is still sooooooooo amazing. Keep up the great work.

Guest No : 70 of 124
Post by : celine on 04 January 2006 12:56:47[ ]

Detail :
hi, i like lloking at your art! you ar every multitalented. I liked looking at your progression aswell. Im about the same age as you and I have just got into digital colouring, youre very inspiring! thank you ^_^
ps- you also have good taste hehe =D

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Post by : randy valiente on 04 January 2006 05:07:22[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
just came across your site...your art rocks!!!! i like the tutorial section, very simple instructions yet ver inspiring!!!! more power, man!

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Post by : jaime on 23 December 2005 20:13:40[ ]
Homepage : http://n/a

Detail :
what´s up guys i don´t know how often you check your page but i really liked when will you make your first cartoon on cartoon network?

well keep up the good work! oh and if your ever in texas...look me up

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Post by : Nathan A.K.A Rabbit on 31 October 2005 15:41:34[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hi Corey, u dont know me but i saw a link to your site in the OZZU forum and had a peek at your site, im currently learning to make websites and needed some inspiration. Could you make me a banner for my site? and what software do you use to produce animations? drop me an email if you can.

many thanks, Nathan

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Post by : Dustie on 06 October 2005 15:06:02[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey Your new site is really good. The school still has your money winning copy up! I knew you could do it! Great Job Buddy!

Guest No : 65 of 124
Post by : Heather on 16 September 2005 16:33:20[ ]

Detail :
WOW! you´re so great!!!! *0* you are going to make it far in Animation X3 I´m glad we go to the same school. Maybe you can give me some tips?

Keep it up, someday it would be cool to work with someone as good as you~ =^^=

Guest No : 64 of 124
Post by : michael see on 08 September 2005 09:01:03[ ]

Detail :
hie corey,gone through ur website and looks fabulous,seen some of ur artworks in cgtalk ,love most of i wish u luck with the challenge:)

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Post by : Atinuke on 08 September 2005 03:58:11[ ]

Detail :
corey i love ur site. i am so proud o u and ur wonderful art work. u need to keep in touch with me tho


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Post by : Justin/ KHCloud/pixeldragoon on 07 September 2005 00:16:07[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Yo dude... I dig the new site- Incredible. Great, great stuff. NOW CONTACT ME.

Pixeldragoon on AIM... please dude!

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Post by : Rodney Mcgary II on 26 August 2005 20:55:46[ ]

Detail :
You didn´t contact me all summer, take it that you´re enjoying life and making more great art works. Contact me you bitch!!!!!!!!

Guest No : 60 of 124
Post by : Babel on 16 August 2005 00:20:40[ ]

Detail :
Come on now dude, you need to be showin me some of this stuff in class. This is some sick ass shit bud, much props. Honestly, I had some idea you were good, but wow cuz. Seeya in class. Late.

Guest No : 59 of 124
Post by : SEE on 28 July 2005 13:38:36[ ]

Detail :
young brothers, DO IT! DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!, every chance you get! dont worry about making anything but your minds up, money, history, etc., will come. i got your backs! happy to SEE it.

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Post by : Pixelated on 21 July 2005 20:13:38[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
It´s me, AGAIN, and I wanted you to contact me on IM somehow if you have time, just want to get the 411 on what´s up with ya. How did you do in the Master/Servant Competition? And where are you going to school now?

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Post by : Kumarie on 19 July 2005 16:52:24[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey,

I´m too am an artist but I seem to have lost my way. You inspire me to get back on track. I forgot how liberating it is to let myself go on the drawing board. Congrats on the scholarship. The sky is the limit.....

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Post by : Mrs. Hatch on 15 July 2005 21:41:35[ ]

Detail :
I received "The Message" for residents of Rich Township High School. I read about you in the Summer O5 edition. Your web site was listed and I just checked out your art work. Wow! I want to begin collecting original art and I am interested in your work. Please contact me.

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Post by : mika on 01 July 2005 22:01:15[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hello there! I dont know if you do link exchanges. If you do..that great. if you dont..well...come and check out my site anyway! ^^ i already added your banner to my site! ^__^

thanx in advance!

-mika ^^

Guest No : 54 of 124
Post by : DJ on 18 June 2005 02:15:02[ ]

Detail :
Wow, the art on this site is amazing! What up Ray!!

Guest No : 53 of 124
Post by : Justin on 01 June 2005 20:17:08[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Yeah, don´t know waht that one guy was talking aobut. Do listen to the pros! They know best. Unless they are purpousely being a jerk. Then yeah, screw em. But listen to critisizm, like I´m sure you have been, and maybe, who knows, you might be better than even me someday! (Haha, not.) And congrats on the artist feature dude! Looking forward to it, because we get the lowdown. *Score!* See ya!

^ That was a joke, in case people don´t know what sarcasm is.

Guest No : 52 of 124
Post by : Nathan Henry on 25 May 2005 12:28:23[ ]

Detail :
This is an awesome site, you are very good. Tell your grandma her brother said hi. Also say hi to your MOM and Sister. May God bless you with many opportunities.

Guest No : 51 of 124
Post by : Greg on 18 April 2005 21:10:33[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey. just looked at the site. great work. Ray! remeber me. Used to be in the same lunch freshmen year. good stuff...

Guest No : 50 of 124
Post by : Nukie on 11 April 2005 00:47:43[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey,
I luved ur site, ur paintings and anmiation were WOW. I mean u got skills. Plus I thought it was cute what u wrote in ur likes profile. Also, I didn´t know u skateboard too.

Guest No : 49 of 124
Post by : John on 05 April 2005 02:30:12[ ]

Detail :
What´s up dude just wanted to tell u your website is the shit. and ur the best artist i know, and forget what the "pro artist" say ur better

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Post by : Zar on 30 March 2005 16:47:57[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
cool site, I don´t know know if when I would ever have the time to make one for myself like this. Cool animations

Guest No : 47 of 124
Post by : Karina on 29 March 2005 06:00:54[ ]

Detail :
hey .. well i really love this website and the art (ofcourse) . The crew is very talented. =^.^=

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Post by : Ninjor on 23 February 2005 03:32:48[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Saw your post at, and loved it. I was intrigued enough to go to your website, only to find out you´re younger than me :p (by a year).

I always try to tell other people that I´m not that great, and that there are other artists that are better and younger than I, and you prove it.

Not only is your work better, your site is much cooler.

Guest No : 45 of 124
Post by : niciy on 17 January 2005 17:31:20[ ]

Detail :
hey corey, this is your cousin niciy(your uncle Jerry´s daughter) i just wanted to tell you that your work is wonderful. the sky is the limit for you, keep up the great work. hope to see you when i get back to chicago in june.

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Post by : Justin on 06 November 2004 19:54:15[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hey Corey, it´s me again. Just wanted to tell you that I still check up on your site every so often. We haven´t talked in a while, and you ahven´t updated- It must be hard, but isn´t the praise worth it? Yeah... Well, if you see this, I miss ya and your stuff. Later~

KHCloud- A.K.A. The Pixeldragoon

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Post by : -[DnZ]- on 28 August 2004 10:38:17[ ]

Detail :
Wow...simply incredible, Corey....beautiful artwork, Ray...brialliant composition of poetry...simple´s like a small mesuem in here....but the music´s cool me the title of the song pls...

Guest No : 42 of 124
Post by : Eric on 26 May 2004 16:54:07[ ]

Detail :
Corey, good shit man. You got talent keep working hard, and keep being successful. Dont ever look back

Guest No : 41 of 124
Post by : Meechi on 18 May 2004 19:45:33[ ]

Detail :
Corey, you have a gift from GOD, Don´t ever let anyone tell you differently! I am trully blessed to have known you and seen your talent with my own two Eyez, becuz otherwise I would have thought that someone computer proffessional genius guy created the images. But you will soon join their ranks, becuz your genius is blessed and unique. You made my senior year sparkle. Don´t 4 get me-

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Post by : chris perry on 10 May 2004 14:20:00[ ]

Detail :
decent site sir is this my hand or by computer tell me know. but good art good.

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Post by : James on 10 May 2004 12:47:24[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
i´ll write another soon....

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Post by : Solomon (omegashadow) on 01 May 2004 02:08:04[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey, my friend Justin recomended this site to me for the realy awesome art work you have. I fliped through some of you paintings and i think they are amazing. They have lots of detail and color. I guess i like it alot because i like all of the stuff you paint about, like dragons and that "endure pain" one was cool. I lkie Knights and all that cool stuff so your painting/ drawings realy came out as just well... FRAKING AWESOME. Sorry had toget thatone out. Any ways hope to talk to you later,

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Post by : Ben Faught on 26 April 2004 22:50:54[ ]

Detail :
hey corey.....dude this website is awsome......e-mail me sometime

Guest No : 36 of 124
Post by : Justin on 20 April 2004 20:59:27[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hey Corey, you probably don´t know me, I am from GGZ, since about August. I like to draw and stuff, but I have never tried painting/painter. You work is an inspiration to me, and I like how well the music blends in with EVERYTHING, even the animations. You wouldn´t mind if I borrowed some of you designs would you? Oh, and F.Y.I., my name on the forums is KHCloud. Hope I can talk to you sometime!

Guest No : 35 of 124
Post by : Mary Shields on Thu Apr 8 17:22:32[ ]

Detail :
Corey and Ray....Hi guys, I work with Ray´s Mom, Felicia. I looked over your website and wanted to offer you two some words of encouragment, Corey, your art is perfection. I dont know WHEN I have see so much talent . The detail is awesom. Ray, keep writing poetry, you write beautifully. I sense a sadness in you though. I hope your writing helps you to deal with it. You guys are really special.

Guest No : 34 of 124
Post by : Tsoi on Wed Apr 7 04:37:57[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey, I was just browsing through the web, and came upon your site and I was like o.O Really awesome, you make me jealous =P Keep up the superb work, you´re gonna be big someday ^^


Guest No : 33 of 124
Post by : Brandy on Tue Apr 6 21:06:26[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey I love your art work I might let you draw me one day before I leave. I miss ya and haven´t seen you in a while but anyway I enjoyed looking through all of your pictures and everything on the website is amazing!!!!
Keep up with your work you are so successful now and I can´t wait to see how big you get. You are definitly on your way to bigger and better things.

Guest No : 32 of 124
Post by : Christina Caldwell on Mon Mar 29 17:04:26[ ]
Homepage : http://don´t have one yet

Detail :
Wow,I have lost my mind when I rated your website an 8.You deserve a 10.

Guest No : 31 of 124
Post by : Shekina Glory on Mon Mar 22 21:29:44[ ]

Detail :
Hey Corey! All the way from the ATL...e-mail me at [email protected] or call Ray. I need some help with my web site. Also, a couple of my friends what to hire you too! They are in Chicago!!!!

Guest No : 30 of 124
Post by : HU_Miharu on Sun Feb 29 06:30:09[ ]

Detail :
O.O wow the song´s very addicting... I made an mp3 version of it and now i listen to it everyday for hours to annoy my friends and because I am so in love with it :X

Guest No : 29 of 124
Post by : Jeff (Opulous) on Sun Feb 22 17:10:21[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Your work never ceases to amaze me. I´ve been creating art for nearly 24 years now and I´ve never come close to your level of skill. Hopefully I´ll continue to see you around GGZ.

Guest No : 28 of 124
Post by : Ellion on Thu Feb 5 04:57:41[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
WOW! New updates it´s a great!
Corey, sorry about my words about Anime. Now I now, it´s not true...

Guest No : 27 of 124
Post by : Ellion on Wed Jan 7 05:40:11[ ]

Detail :
And maybe I chang design of my site ;)

Guest No : 26 of 124
Post by : Ellion on Wed Jan 7 05:38:54[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hallow Corey! It´s me, remember? I´m from Russia. Did you get my banner? I like this website! It´s co-ol! I like your animations too. :) You can write me letters on two addreses - [email protected] or [email protected]
I won´t ask you something. When you started to draw? You draw on tablet or use mouse? So, I will happy see you in my site.

Guest No : 25 of 124
Post by : Jonathan (2100) on Tue Dec 23 09:13:43[ ]

Detail :
Hey there. Followed you here from Go-Gaia. I still hate you for beeing so good, lol. I can´t draw from dynamic angles if my life depended on it. Anyway I´d like to get to know you... If you have MSN, please add me!

Guest No : 24 of 124
Post by : Brittany i. on Mon Dec 22 05:21:43[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Heya! Wow, your site´s awesome man! =D I´m really into drawing too. Your drawings are really cool and your layouts incredible!! ^_^b Keep it all up.

Guest No : 23 of 124
Post by : Annu-chan on Sun Dec 7 23:18:55[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hi, this is a wonderful site. It´s really amazing. You drawings are great and I love the animations that you did. They are soooo cool. Nice Job! Keep it up! ^_^

Guest No : 22 of 124
Post by : mel on Mon Dec 1 01:20:33[ ]

Detail :
hey corey, love your work - we are really proud of you........

Guest No : 21 of 124
Post by : Sumen on Wed Nov 26 00:03:22[ ]
Homepage : http://hostisdown

Detail :
like the layout...
but like spkrman, i stay away from flash and java as well >: )
nice drawing man.
GL w/ stuff

Guest No : 20 of 124
Post by : andrea on Sun Nov 16 03:46:41[ ]

Detail :
The site is amazing. Truly beautiful art. Your work has improved greatly over the years, and I wish you the best of luck. Gawd, don´t forget about us little people! *tear*

Guest No : 19 of 124
Post by : Lily on Sat Nov 15 00:12:51[ ]

Detail :
Hey! It´s a great site and I LOVE all of your work. I really hope you have a fantastic life! ^_^
Good luck to ya!

Guest No : 18 of 124
Post by : Tino on Tue Oct 28 00:11:15[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Yo man how´s life.. great site.. I don´t know if you remember me but if so great job. I didn´t know you were that good.. nice colors.If you don´t remember me I´m Cris´s cuz.. the evil eyes guy.

Guest No : 17 of 124
Post by : Matt "Reilly" Herms on Wed Oct 22 00:33:58[ ]
Homepage : http://NA

Detail :
Hey hey! Holy crap dude - was SO not expecting to see a snazzy new layout when I typed in the URL t´day. ^_^ Very sleek dude, the whole things got this badass flavor to it. Saw you posted up some new stuff, too, that I hadn´t see ´fore, like the Bout Street pages and some study stuff. Tight as usual my friend. The new layout´s got a great feel to it. Anyhow, see ya´ ´round dude. Laters.

Guest No : 16 of 124
Post by : Blu Yeknom on Thu Oct 16 03:40:17[ ]

Detail :
Hey Core! Finally got to see your site. Not bad at all. Good luck with you and the crew´s game! DO as I told you. Try to have a company pulish it. You all will get tons of money. I know a few people who would buy it.

Guest No : 15 of 124
Post by : Teh FaZ on Wed Oct 8 07:08:10[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
man, i love your work bro.
i´ll talk to ya later.
keep up the good work, and damn that poster design is lookin good so far!

Guest No : 14 of 124
Post by : Tohren on Sun Sep 28 04:54:55[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Found you through Gaia, and am glad I checked out your site... very VERY nice work. You are getting a top spot on my links directory. Keep up the good work!

Guest No : 13 of 124
Post by : mycarkey0 on Sun Sep 21 04:06:58[ ]
Homepage : http://oh, i think you know...

Detail :
hey man, these drawings are sweet. i wish i could do those... and maybe i shall!... in a couple of years... it seems like you know what you´re doin´, keep drawing.

Guest No : 12 of 124
Post by : gnd on Wed Sep 10 15:47:06[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Hello! Wow, you guys are makinga game? I´m downloading the teaser now hehe. Well, thanks for visiting my page and emailing me! I´ll link your website on the next update then :) Babai~

Guest No : 11 of 124
Post by : GERI on Sat Sep 6 02:16:34[ ]

Detail :
VERY NICE>>>>>>>

Guest No : 10 of 124
Post by : Mark on Mon Sep 1 04:39:16[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
AH! Apache server all the way man :D I told you to go this route a year ago..hehe you have stepped up in the world! Apache gives you alot more options...enjoy :) and do it yourself. OPEN SOURCE FOREVER! =D Dont forget the mozilla browser ( and if you feel like doing some work, linux is always good ( for lots of info). Bah to paying for anything except hardware!
oh btw, decent site, i never liked it but ah well...stupid frames get on my nerves. I´m a table man myself...and i like to stay away from java and flash. You are the complete opposite, therefore you are completely wrong....hehe.
gl with the art thing man, i doubt you´ll have a problem with it. gotta say some of it has been good...some has been ugh.
I´ll plug the store, but im not buying a dam thing.. ;)

Guest No : 9 of 124
Post by : Michael Ikezoe on Wed Aug 13 05:48:08[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
um, yeah, u see the light? Well to bad! Never give up on ur dreams, and nothin is impossible.

Guest No : 8 of 124
Post by : Happiness on Mon Aug 11 22:49:45[ ]

Detail :
Keep up the vision. Never give up your dreams and do not forget about us when you are rich and famous.... by the way you have to take my daughter to the prom!!!

Mrs. Brown

Guest No : 7 of 124
Post by : jason aka jay on Sun Aug 10 22:20:30[ ]

Detail :
I think that you did a good job. yo this is really cool

Guest No : 6 of 124
Post by : Matt on Tue Aug 5 22:34:38[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
hey Corey,
you´re a genius. keep up the awesome work and you´ll be at Disney as soon as you know it.......genius.

Guest No : 5 of 124
Post by : ljg on Wed Jul 30 03:45:15[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
yeah corey and the lod fam keep doing big things

Guest No : 4 of 124
Post by : Brandy on Tue Jul 29 03:21:09[ ]

Detail :
I really like the website and hi Corey you did a wonderful job!!!

Guest No : 3 of 124
Post by : Ray Aka Draco on Mon Jul 28 01:35:19[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
Yo Corey and LOD Family, It´s Ray aka the dragon. Going to ATL won´t break the bonds. And the LOD community should be expecting alot more things. BIG things! Aight
Keep it live!!!

Guest No : 2 of 124
Post by : Aj-Striker on Sun Jul 27 21:35:07[ ]

Detail :
Waz up Corey keep up the work.. and keep up the freestylin.

Guest No : 1 of 124
Post by : Corey on Sun Jul 27 05:31:07[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
This is just a test

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