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Post by : Scottie Austin on 23 June 2011 11:06:23[ ]

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Howdy Curly,

Enjoyed your site

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Post by : TANGYAO on 15 December 2010 15:12:50[ ]

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Post by : Scouse Brough on 17 November 2010 03:11:48[ ]
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Doing the tank was better than any fair ground ride, would love to do it one more time but probably over the hill !!

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Post by : steve stephens on 28 July 2010 21:07:53[ ]

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sett instructor in the days off gordon blackmoore as senior instructor,kieth bricknell my mentor can still feel his grip around my ancle,good days had by all

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Post by : Dave Webster on 21 January 2010 11:01:14[ ]

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Enjoyed the reunion last year it was great to meet up with so many old friends i hope there will be many more in the future and that i will still be around to attend were can i get hold of some of the photos that were taken i believe it was PIXIE CALDERS son who took them

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Post by : Paul Pawlicki on 26 August 2009 15:08:02[ ]

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I went through the tank in New London in either 1966 or 1967. It was a blast. I am not sure if the tank is still there in New London. I spent 4 years on SSBN602 Abraham Lincoln and had a blast. I will never forget my escape training

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Post by : Ginge mullett on 13 August 2009 18:08:34[ ]

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Hi! Shipmates, I stumbled on this site today, and I am absoloutley gutted to have missed the reunion that you had . I served in the tank in76-78, along with Dave Webster, Stue Skipsey, Blacky (Gordon) Blackmore, (remember youre dressing gown/towell ending up in the fridge Blacky),Bob Flemming (who trained me up) Ollie Burton&loads more. I hope you will be having another reunion. It would be great to meet up again with every body, I have a Staff Photo, somewhere if you are interested. I think a SETT STAFF ASSOCIATION is great idea . If you have Dave Websters E-Mail would you please forward mine to him, the last I heard, was that he was taxi driving in Hull. as I live in Bradford,it would be great to meet up if he wanted to.Thanks for all youre hard work setting up this Site Good Luck & BEST WISHES for the Future Ginge Mullett

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Post by : clive dunn on 12 July 2009 19:07:39[ ]

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Hi guys, gutted to miss the reunion but out at sea on a new DSV with chambers big enough to party in. nearly as big as an O boat. Miss you all but not the Navy! have great time and have one for me as we are dry!!!!

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Post by : Dave Jones on 01 May 2009 11:05:37[ ]

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SETT maintainer 1997 - 1999, hey Ken and Kev how are you? Tanzi bomber queen shipmate still there today, thats what I heard from Brian today. To all ex colleagues who knew me, regards to all you professionals. meet you at the 55 reunion.

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Post by : Dave Webster on 01 April 2009 08:04:41[ ]

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Swim boy in tank 76/81 worked under Billy Kidd & Sterlin Hayden in the office along with Betty had a great time looking forward to meating up with everone in July GREAT SITE

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Post by : Bill Orr on 19 March 2009 23:03:37[ ]
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Great site thanks for your hard work in putting this together. Sorry to have heard the tower is closing. Enjoyed my many visits and the opportunity to have the US instructors trained at your facility.

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Post by : Bill (Jimmy) Green on 01 March 2009 05:03:32[ ]

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I served in the SETT from Sept 69 to Aug 71 as a swimboy. Reg Harris was the senior Instructor and his wife Betty worked in the office. LtCdr Todd and LtCdr Forbes were the tank commanders. In Jan 1976 I took over as Senior Base Escape Chief in Faslane ably assisted by Bob Couchman then George Fairweather and finally Paul Cripps. I left the navy in 1980 and emigrated to South Africa. In 1995 I left South Africa and emigrated to Perth in Western Australia where I currently live.

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Post by : BRIAN DOCKERILL on 06 January 2009 21:01:17[ ]

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worked in the tank 1972 - 1974 as an instructor trained by Coxn Billy Kidd. Did the Israeli Escapex 1972 with Sterling. Also did an escape from, I beleive an O Boat in a Loch in Scotland from 300 feet, if anybody remembers this excercise please jog the old memory. From the tank I went to Defiance, Guzz, as escape coxn. I think the idea of an association for SETT Staff would go down a treat.

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Post by : Gerry Rudd on 25 December 2008 09:12:45[ ]

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Worked in the tank from Jan.1960 to Sept.1963. as an assistant swim boy. Spent some time making out the diving lists and filling in the time sheets for the extra 2d/min. diving money. Was a 2nd. Coxn in the other life.

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Post by : Dickie Pennell on 10 November 2008 13:11:22[ ]
Homepage : http://bt yahoo

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Came across the website surffing BritSub web site cracking website.First time doing S.E.T.T.was way back in 1970 doing S/M.traing .Came back to a Stoker P.O.swimboy,was trained as a swimboy by PHIL HODDS who made sure you knew your stuff,always told me you would run out of excuses before you run out of water.

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Post by : Mrs. M.L. Payne on 10 September 2008 06:09:35[ ]

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I came across this page by accident, and I am married to the grandson of Philip Ruck Keene.
Can anyone help me with any more info or pictures of the man himself at or around this time. Thank you

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Post by : Sam Hopkins on 06 March 2008 10:02:13[ ]

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Hi Curly - I think your idea of a SETT Instructors Association is a brilliant one. You could also use this as part of a Register for future international training??

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Post by : stu skipsey on 17 February 2008 17:49:52[ ]

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I came across this site by happy accident whilst working in germany. I served in the tank as a skimmer(poma) and of course as spag team member. After joining revenge (stbd) I became the only medical branch person to transfer to coxn. I wonder if coxn blackmore remembers the escapex he had to bail out of in scotland due to a tricky shoulder. If you read this blackie remember sub men are super but i did it deeper

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Post by : Jed Selby on 04 January 2008 04:24:32[ ]

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Keep up the good work lads, i miss my free bath everyday, That was the beast draft pusser ever gave me. Jed
now living in Perth Western Australia.

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Post by : Tim Arnold on 03 January 2008 21:22:33[ ]

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Nice to see some familar names here.

Reso - 1981 - 1983 (with Martin Isle - See below)
Including Reso Refit, sharing a gaff with Rhino Jubb and Martin Isle.
Sovereign - 1983 - 1989 (Long sting - TG Tiff to NCOW)
CFM - 1989 - 1992
Triumph - 1992 - 1995
SFM - 1995 - 1999
Turbulent - 1999 - 2000
Promoted WO1
Inboard Scrote till left in 2005. Now a safety consultant working on MoD, Civil Nuke and other projects....

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Post by : Test on 14 December 2007 20:34:02[ ]

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Test for Guestbook

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Post by : Ian (Curly) Callow on 31 August 2007 19:27:39[ ]

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I am considering forming a SETT Instructors association, any X instructors visiting the website that would be interested in joining an association, please contact me and i will begin to formulate a list. Please provide your name, rank and dates you worked at SETT and any contact information. All the best, Curly.........

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Post by : Jan Trenoweth on 12 August 2007 15:37:40[ ]

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An excellent and very informative website!!

Are there any ex or serving subariners who would be interested in meeting once a month for a chat and a drink in mid-Cornwall? It will be a chance to keep in touch and have a laugh with others who have served in and are proud to be submariners.
The idea is to re-establish a Cornish branch of the Submariners Association. I already know of a few who are interested but the more the merrier!!
You are welcome to contact me by E-mail:[email protected] or by phone on 01209 219314.

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Post by : Sam Hopkins on 19 June 2007 10:55:43[ ]
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Hi Ian
Just to let you know that we think your site is inspirational! Really easy to use and full of all the stuff we need to see.
Thanks from Sam at Sonistics

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Post by : Les Catlin on 29 March 2007 09:19:39[ ]
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Hi Ian,

Nice site. We have a link to your web site on the web site of the Gosport Submariners Association Branch
I wonder if you would consider posting a link on you web site to the web site of the Gosport Branch of the Submariners Association please? The URL for the Gosport Branch Web Site is
Many thanks and keep the bubble level.

Mant thanks and ´keep the bubble level´
Les Catlin

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Post by : Martin Isle on 22 March 2007 19:37:34[ ]

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Well done, a great website that brings back fond memories. I served in RN from 1976 - 2000, submarines from 1980. Was a tiff (spit). Left as a CCMEA and now working for Shell (contracting). Miss the good friends I had in the service. Remember ´Blackie´ well, and his organ, at least he had the decency to wear earphones most of the time he practised in the mess. I served with him on Repulse in the mid to late 80´s, remember the boys nicknaming him Cox´n Moregold (due the copious amount of gold adorning his body). To his credit he took it in good spirit/humour. He was proud to be a member of the SPAG and never stopped telling us of his exploits.

I remember the SETT training well and the professionalism of all who worked there. There was a medical officer that tried to convince me I did not need to undertake the pressuried run when I was over 35 yrs old. I insisted on doing it, wasn´t going to miss out on the best part!

Best wishes and keep up the good work!

Martin Isle
[email protected]

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Post by : Bob Nunn on 22 March 2007 08:49:16[ ]

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My condolences, along with all of the London Branch of the Submariners Association, for those involved & their families in the accident on Tirless.

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Post by : lawrence clarke on 31 January 2007 03:40:03[ ]
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Great Site. Work as a volunteer guide onboard the now retired HMAS Onslow. I can talk for 10min about Submarine escape training to the public, they dont have a clue. Show them some of your photo´s they are amazed. Keep up the good work. My father also did his escape training in 54.

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Post by : Bob Simpson on 28 December 2006 17:14:56[ ]

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Was the LMA with Bobby Calder and Andy Burns from 84 - 86. Returned as the POMA in 89 - 91. Enjoyed all my time whilst their and lots of fond memories. Even Blackie learning to play his ORGAN in the small ckassroom as it was then. Still meet a few on my travels as still serving in Gib.

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Post by : emmy ezeoru on 13 December 2006 18:56:39[ ]
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i love this site keep it up is nice and good manga manmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Post by : Ian Weller on 26 November 2006 19:22:11[ ]

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New address
10 Milfoil Lane
PE12 6XF

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Post by : frances hall(nee Daley) on 18 June 2006 18:24:51[ ]

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hi would like to send a thankyou to Sterling Hayden who replied to my message back in Feb that i have only just read to do with my late father Brian Daley..
It would be good to hear from you with anything you can tell me about dad and what he was like in his naval days.Please contact me on [email protected]

Thankyou so much


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Post by : dave griffiths on 04 May 2006 22:48:48[ ]

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further to my last msg, severd in the tank 58-60, 70-77 member of the first spag team. rn 50-77, ran 77-94

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Post by : griffiths dave on 04 May 2006 22:43:06[ ]

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is there an association of ex instrutors (sett)?

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Post by : Gordon Blackmore on 30 April 2006 08:43:30[ ]

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Swim Boy 1975 - 78
Instructor 1979 - 82
Instructor 1984 - 86
Senior Instructor 1988- 91

I believe I was the first ´greenie´ to become a swim boy and then onto Cox´n. A proud honour for me . Without doubt, my time in the tank was the best in the RN and all the happy memories will last me the rest of my days. Some great mates. Above all, my mentor,Stirling Hayden, Tansy Lee who trained me as an instructor, Phil Simpson, Brian Wood, Hamish Sneddon, Ollie Burton and Frank Alderson, to name a few of many. Great website ´Curly´.

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Post by : Pete on 28 April 2006 07:58:03[ ]

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As a matter of curiosity just how tall is the SETT in Dolphin? From the top of the roof to the ground (in feet) - I know how deep the water is inside (how many gallons as well). I´ve often wondered whilst looking up at it on my many visits to Dolphin for courses but never followed the thought up.

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Post by : Darren Waters on 27 March 2006 01:57:44[ ]

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I did the tank in 1980 at dolphin and had a ball, also fell in love with a lass by the name of claire darcy who´s parents owned one of the pubs in gosport

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Post by : Pete Williams on 05 March 2006 09:04:06[ ]

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I remember whilst doing requal in the late seventies one of the swimboys was an Aussie. In the 9m airlock the bloke would say the usual "take a good deep breath" to which we all shouted out "blue". Such a relaxed atmosphere and an enjoyable time and laughing all the way. Was I really that young?

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Post by : Nick on 28 February 2006 13:47:53[ ]

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Did the tank back in 1977 and was cacking myself for the first 30 footer but after that it was a great experiance never to be forgotten.

Revenge(Port) 1978-1980

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Post by : Graham "Doc" Bridger on 19 February 2006 14:34:42[ ]

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Served on submarines 1974 until 1992 (Conqueror, Churchill, Courageous, Valiant, Resolution & Otter). I was the tank LMA 1979 / 80 and trained as a swimboy, Andy Burns was the Chief Doc. Have fond memories of my time as a member of theTank Staff. Best regards to all who remember me.

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Post by : Pete Williams on 18 February 2006 11:43:32[ ]

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I have a fond memory of doing a SETT requal in the early eighties(?) and bumping into Hamish Sneddon on my way up. He was laughing his head off!!!!!!

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Post by : Sterling Hayden on 10 February 2006 07:08:27[ ]

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Fran I knew your father very well,I was coxn of Walrus 65-67 and again 69-71. He was also in the tank with me as an lmem and again as a swim boy

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Post by : Frances Hall (nee Daley) on 07 February 2006 11:57:55[ ]

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My dad left from Hms Dolphin in 1974 after 26yrs service,he served on HmsRorqual and Walrus late 60,s and early 70,s.His name was Brian Daley known as Dan and he was a CPO when he finished up.I had many days out at Dolphin and veiwed the Tank when I was young and am very proud to be a submariners daughter and i wear my dolphins with pride,sadly dad passed away aged 67yrs in Nov 2002.I would love to hear from anyone who served with him throughout his naval career.
All the very best to you all


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Post by : Sterling Hayden on 04 February 2006 09:58:46[ ]

Detail :
Israeli escapex 1972 Haifa
i/c ex cdr bo forbes r n med off surg cdr mckay
r n instr myself & cpo coxn b dockerill
12 man escape chamber situated in fin. we were the first 2 to operationally use the mk6 half hooded suit at sea to 100ft

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Post by : Nick Carter on 30 January 2006 05:54:16[ ]

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Great Web Site. I did my initial training in the 15 ft Tank with a DSEA suit in June 1954 and then did the 100ft Tank on my return from the Med in 1957,and again after my return from Australia in 1960. From 1960 to 1962 I was a Swimboy and had the Mug presented to me on leaving. I don´t think there were many Bunting Tossers who made Swimboy, and if there was I was the last , as all Signalmen and GL2´s returned to General Service in 1962 as per AFO.
Geordie Crossman was Chief of the Tank in my time, and I remember the following Coxn´s Soapy Watson, Nobby Clark, Granny Cox and George Tinker. Swimboys - Tommy Handley, Alec Gingell, Geoff Marshall and Taff Gough.All my best to those at the SETT.
Nick Carter ex Leading Signalman.

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Post by : Norman (Brigham) Young on 28 January 2006 06:08:02[ ]

Detail :
S/M Cox´n Instructor DSEA Tank & SETT 1956
Escape Cox´n HMS Forth (Malta) 1958

Instructor SETT 1964
Deep Trials Team 480ft off Malta 1966
Senior Instructor SETT 1966 to1968

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Post by : Curly on 25 January 2006 17:16:55[ ]

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Test message from website

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Post by : Gary Hoppy Hopkins on 23 January 2006 13:14:27[ ]
Homepage : http://Eastlink,ca

Detail :
Did tank in 63 ad 83 in Dolphin, also did the one in New London in 67. Preferred the one in
Dolphin because you didn´t make a big deal of being hungover like the Yanks. haha. Good site.

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Post by : Lee Bond (Bondy) on 16 January 2006 08:53:29[ ]

Detail :
Served in Australian O boats in the 80īs. One of the last Aussies to do escape training at HMS Dolphin, before our tank was set up here in Oz. Your site floods plenty of memories back of great training coarse with good people and a great jolley.

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Post by : Rick Rothwell on 14 January 2006 10:28:25[ ]

Detail :
Enjoyed many SETT runs between 63/84, but most enjoyable of all was Exit and Re-entry training in the warm water before braving Loch Long or Arran Trench in mid winter.

Great Ste BZ

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Post by : Dusty Miller on 10 January 2006 19:00:41[ ]

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Cheers Easy Pusser!!!!!!!

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Post by : Chas Cooke on 09 January 2006 19:21:53[ ]
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Great site. I trained in SETT 1975 and right through to demob in 1987. Great fun doing it, loved every run after the first!
Would you object if I link to your web site from mine? I have a tour of the boat including a bit on escape but your site is comprehensive and deserves visitors.

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Post by : Ronnie (jock) McAlpine on 09 January 2006 15:40:05[ ]

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First did the "tank" in 1962,then served on,Andrew,Aeneas,Oberon and Otter,loved every minute at the tank,great instructors,good time

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Post by : Chris ´Jonny Bravo´ Dello on 09 January 2006 14:43:58[ ]

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Brilliant ! Best job in the Navy/World !!!! x

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Post by : John (Buster) Keating on 08 January 2006 22:15:02[ ]

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Served as a ´swim boy´ from 78 - 81; trained under Jim ´the grass´ Hugman. Enjoyed every moment of my time there & have many fond memories. Best memory that springs to mind, being in the rest room when Paul Cripp´s opened a parcel from VALIANT; it was his mirror from the SR´s bathroom!

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Post by : K(G.Goose)Largue on 08 January 2006 07:24:12[ ]

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Great site,first did the tank in ´59, last job in boats s/m escape at Faslane with Spud Murphy as coxn.carried out all the preliminary escapes in the Gareloch trench(140ft) prior to the first deep escape ib´69.

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Post by : Paul Dann on 08 January 2006 00:46:16[ ]

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Served in Australian O boats 80´s - 90´s. The escape training at Dolphin scared the #*^! out of me but after the first ascent we just wanted to do it again! Great site with plenty of memories!

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Post by : D.H. "Buster" Brown on 07 January 2006 16:23:14[ ]

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Great site and great memories Curly. My first run at the tank was in 1963, in of course, Mk.5 S.E.I.E. On the way back from Singers´ in 1965 aboard Alliance at Malta, Orpheus (from Pompey?)came alongside us with a crowd of "swim boys" on board. They were doing escape trials but never knew to what extent or purpose. Can anybody enlighten me?
mind yer bubble,
Buster Brown (RCN ret´d)

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Post by : Ken King on 05 January 2006 15:58:18[ ]

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I served British and Canadian submarines in the ´60s. Itrained at the tank in HMS Dolphin at Fort Blockhouse many times during my career in submarines. I must say I was scepticle during my first escape,but from that time on,mainly due to the very compitent instructors I used to look forward to escape training. Your site brings back many memories and is very interesting. keep up the good work. Ken King,Kincardine,Ontario,Canada.

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Post by : Taff Davies LRO(G)(SM) on 03 January 2006 20:34:34[ ]

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late of Resolution (Stbd), Valiant and Cachalot. Left RN in 1976. Nice to refresh memory of escape methods just in case I need it in the future.

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Post by : Mike Inshaw on 03 January 2006 17:52:47[ ]
Homepage : http//

Detail :
Great web site brings back good memories as
the escape training was the best part always enjoyed going back

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Post by : Brian Thomas on 03 January 2006 16:08:31[ ]

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I thought working in coal mines was bad. You would never get me into a sub.

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Post by : dave stonehouse on 03 January 2006 09:48:03[ ]

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my father was a trainer in the tank for many years i will show him this web sight but i am sure he will fine this interesting

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Post by : sterling hayden on 03 January 2006 09:11:43[ ]

Detail :
great idea suggest history of live escapes eg deep trials about1964 and israeli escape exa
deep trialstill around ivor jones trevor castle and more

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Post by : Ian Callow on 30 December 2005 06:52:59[ ]
Homepage :

Detail :
I am the developer of this website and would welcome any views / comments you may have.

Are you involved with Submarine Escape Training, have you worked or trained at SETT, or are you just curious, your views / comments are appreciated. Thankyou.......

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